• ProteinPunk11

    We need to be thinking why didn’t Obama investigate the corruption in Ukraine when he was president. O prolly cause Biden was 2 timing.

  • Sheree Starrett

    Pure Evil Wicked DemonRat Democrats!! Lie,Cheat,Greed,Steal,abuse of power, spy, corrupt, Fake dossier, Fake & bias MSM, I hope They LOSE the HOUSE come 2020 over these Pathetic false impeachment hearings,its nothing but a bunch of Boring BS and feelings from Trump haters who are Dumb as a bag of rocks!!

  • Sheree Starrett

    God Bless our Amazing President Donald J. Trump!!❤😇 President Trump 2020!!❤😇🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾

  • Sheree Starrett

    That Evil Pamela woman is Crazy!!! She sounds like she escaped from an Insane Asylum!! She Flew Straight Out of A Coo Coo's Nest!! She sounds mean,hateful and wicked!!

  • The Game of Dentistry

    Gaetz crushed it!!! 6:55:45 The only thing he left out is that perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT witness, President Zelensky, has been more than clear on multiple occasions that he never felt any pressure and does not understand why quid pro quo is even a discussion!!!

  • Sheree Starrett

    Someone Please put Duct tape over Pamela's mouth!! Yak Yak Yak Uuugh The JackAss is the Perfect Symbol for the Democrat Party!!

  • John Moonitz

    Leftist law professors are just as steeped in cognitive dissonance as the bulk of the sheep on the left! That, or they are blatant liars! So far, Jonathan Turley's testimony is the only one I've heard that is well reasoned, rational, logical, and sane.

    The left has simply lost its collective mind

  • Carmenza Perdomo

    Professor Turley simply brilliant in his clear reasoning. Also his anger and desperation free statements made him absolutely credible as opposed to the other three biased experts.

  • sikohmode 100

    I think its funny how they keep saying Trump won the election and Dems are trying to steal it…..Kinda like what happened in Florida to Gore under Jeb Bush's watch in favor of George W…. Whatever they try to say in order to throw dirt on the Impeachment process, this is simply not the case. Its about the fact that he doesn't know how to do this job properly and continuously abuses the office of the President while pleading on his own bases ignorance, and lying to the American people…..Many of his closest associates (who helped him get into office) are all in jail, and he continuously threatens Republicans in his own party (especially in the Senate) to the point where they are scared to oppose him openly….Many of the promises he has made to his voters such as the the truckers, and to the farmers haven't come to fruition. This experiment hasn't worked out well for poor Trump… I appreciate the fight. Just do it fairly and release all the documents and let everyone who is involved in all this testify to congress and to the people of the country REALLY SEE WHAT GULIANI, NUNES, POMPEO, MULVANEY AND LEV PARNAS amongst others were really up too! Stop OBSTRUCTING and lets see how PERFECT the situation REALLY IS!!! They keep saying the Mueller investigation flopped….So that somehow makes it invisible and non existent? False, it was the beginning of a long line of offenses he has committed in order to propel himself to the most powerful position in the world. And that will be his tragic flaw.

  • richard isaacs

    3:20 "some states are more important based on the electoral college maths", that says it all doesn't it, everything else aside, America is very proud of its voting system but the whole thing is built so it can be manipulated by the college how they want the outcomes to go. It has next to nothing to do with the popular vote. In other words, you don't get to choose your president. After the two-party system has dictated to you via their nomination process which two people will be in the running and after people have cast their vote, a bunch of virtually invisible electors cast their votes and choose the president for you. On top of that you have super delegates who have more power than others when voting for the nominees so with the electoral college and the super delegates together the voting system is a mirage wrapped in an election.

  • Ceasarea Eusebius

    Snorefest, I can watch alot of boring political stuff but this was so bad I cant watch it all. It's way too ugly, it's way too much. The bias is so strong everything they say is ultra cringeworthy, the OMB is such a mortal wound to the process, it's now impossible to rectify. Democrats cant be happy with this. It looks like a parade of Trump Haters getting 5 minutes of fame to participate in helping impeach Trump, I'm sure many are begging to be involved, these Witnesses won the Lottery to help impeach Trump, and they are not even trying to hide that fact, not Mr Turley but everyone else. This will live in the Democrats history forever. These people want to be a part of history against Trump and bash on him for impeachment. What they dont realize is that their reputations historically will be scrutinized forever more than any other impeachment because the internet will preserve every second and deep dive analysis on them and their testimony will be seen with 2020 looking back even 10 yrs from now. This will go down as how not to do an impeachment ever. Even if he were guilty this process would make any impeachment invalid he would win because the process was so unfair. Bad day for the Democrats, this is only for use in the 2020 election, when Dem candidates bring this impeachment up it will be obvious that they are using their impeachment to win the 2020 election, "He was impeached " all that talk should make it obvious they the Democrats dont deserve to win in 2020.

  • John Dee

    this lady is very smart very intelligent and so, by every word she has use in this whole impeachment depos to hearing sh is in fact breaking her oath therefore she can be arrested for crimes against America, taking part in a coup, and if civil war , she could be heald for war crimes

  • Roger Williams

    I am left with one confounding thought … question … as I alternate between Schiff's caricature of  a hearing and the degeneracy,  the filthy intent, the seditious deliberacy and the treasonous malice of the Mueller-weapon wielded against President Trump: Is there ANY Democrat whose heart is not corrupted … filled … with the fetid stench of deceit and ill will?

  • Paul CB

    If you send your kid to law school and Pamela S. Karlan is your kid's teacher you have essentially allowed your offspring to be brainwashed by a very angry, hateful, liberal activist. Pathetic!

  • Peggy Latona

    Does Ukraine own the utility company? Because if not, then Hunter Biden is not part of the corruption of the Ukraine government that Trump claims he wanted to investigate. Biden, a citizien of the United States, on the board of a non-governmental utility company, would not fall under the umbrella of investigating a corrupt government. Your thoughts?

  • Emily Sturgill

    Mr. Chabot talk to Mitch McConnell about all the things you spoke of. The House has passed these bills and the Senate refuses to even allow them for a vote.

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