Watch Nancy Pelosi Rip Up Copy Of President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Speech | NBC News
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Watch Nancy Pelosi Rip Up Copy Of President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Speech | NBC News


  • holly pocket

    Seems like y’all forget he’s the president and doesn’t have to shake anyone’s hand. I don’t support but yeah I’d expect nothing more.

  • Chris Wiley

    Just like the DSParty. What a cancer morally ethically, next thing they will do is make pedophilia as a gender right. So depraved. Just pray they repent and apologize for making the world and our nation choke on there ungodly leadership. Need to abolish Democrats from ever being in power. ANYWHERE.


    I hear she's trying to sell some of those autograph impeachment pens she has left over on eBay . Her tag is " autograph Trump impeachment pen only used once but didn't work " . I hope she keeps one she can use to fill out her next job resume , but then if history has shown us anything the tabloid drive-by media outlets doesn't care about credibility when working at any of them . If they did they would lose all their main puppets . Proof is that even T.M.Z. even beats them in ratings every time ….sorry about using facts .

  • Ramp-up

    I just saw this: "Under 18 U.S. Code § 2071. Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally Nancy Pelosi shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both for destroying government documents.”

  • Tamara Meck

    This woman will always be remember in history as a woman who brought disgrace and embarrassment to our nation's one will ever forget this day

  • Jesus 44

    I just read one of the news update notifications I get through the day. I read an update about Nancy Pelosi comments firing back at President Trump after his acquittal. Finally I get to make a comment that cannot be disputed or reported. Thank God for that. But paraphrased Nancy said that President Trump was impeached, would always be impeached and he would have to wear that stigma throughout history. Does she not understand that now that she and Adam and the rest of the unsuccessful witch hunters have made the act of impeachment a weak meaningless process after the circus they made of the process. More importantly regardless of being impeached does she not understand the the layman's definition of Aquittal? To the millions and millions of Americans and hundreds of millions around the world it simply means "WINNER" (Once again as in 2016). That means the just like any prosecutor that fails to convict, that make HER a "LOSER" and she will have to wear that badge forever just like Hillary. And since SHE is a LOSER along with her witch hunters they have successfully turned the Democratic Party into LOSERS as will be proven and etched in history forever in Nov 2020. So I ask LOSER NANCY (and Loser Hillary) and the American people, "Which legacy would you prefer to wear as a badge forever in history, That of an impeached President that overcame the lies and false allegations against him to be known as the WINNER or that of the childish immature LOSER that clearly showed her true colors by disrespecting American heroes and the office of the POTUS by ripping up an throwing away the speech honoring the heroes and the LOSER leader that single handily ruined and made LOSERS of the entire DEMOCRATIC PARTY? Without a doubt we ALL know the answer and deep inside LOSER NANCY knows but she will never admit she brought down an entire party. BTW its is a good thing looking at the fact that we can now end the division and partisan behavior. One political party is not the absolute best but she has almost made that happen. And I would like to nominate her for a Presidential Gold Medal for her contribution to the future of America at least for the next 4 years.

  • Jeff Slagle

    Practice, practice and a perfect end, now to her position and if they don’t shame on all. She broke the law, and she practiced prior to doing it, that my friend is intent. She admitted to wanting to do worse, that is a threat. Now for someone who is speaker of the house who quoted past presidents during a staged impeachment trial she should as the law states be removed by her own admissions.

  • Tommy Truth

    Pelosi knew that the fake impeachment was a lousy idea and it would backfire on her and the Democrat Party. But she was pressured into it by AOC and the Tide Pod Squad. And it indeed did backfire on Pelosi. Now she is on her way out. Pelosi, the alleged masterful politician, got played by a know nothing bartender who will now take her place and send the Democrat Party even farther down the drain.

  • Will

    Nancy Pelosi is so child like. To rip up the state of the union address just shows you, She doesn't have the wit to feed snails!!!

  • Ro Ensch

    As a European I should be against Donald Trump. He is anti the world but is real and not the fake politicians we are used to. That crazy old lady who rips the paper should be locked up. She should be extradited to some muslim country like Turkey were people are put in jail because of their opinion.

  • theminuttis M

    When the Dems keep telling America Trump is unhinged and bad for the country, and you see this lol like their any better…man they are FAR more whacked out then Trump.

  • Mike Oprisi

    This is a prime example of why the left isn’t being taken seriously. No one wants their leader displaying childish mannerisms.

  • Masterr Laster

    Very childish and immature on Pelosi part if this is how she is on her best behavior in front of the entire nation. She must be a stark raving lunatic in private.

  • Bill Sr.

    Fock him… I'll show him he better shake my hand next time! Blahahahahaha This woman is so crazy! She forgot her age! Retire beach!!

  • Gabe Powers

    What if DJT is the AntiChrist and the DEMONcrats are putting on a show and throwing the election so DJT gets it again? Feel the Bern baby!


    pelosi is in MAXIMUM DAMAGE CONTROL mode after this publicity stunt backfired. acting like a petulant child on the world stage is not a good look!

  • Quoc Dao

    From Vietnam, I would like to congratulate my American friends! You guys had a great president! We also wish our country to have great leaders like your president.

  • Dylan

    Personally I don't like Trump either, but this really made me lose my respect for Pelosi (at least what was left of it anyways)…

  • pressrolls

    Grandpa always said to me, "I you try and bury somebody, you better make room for yourself". All her nastiness is backfiring on her so hard.

  • Wateringman

    Ohhhh….the "shrew" is practicing how to rip the Bill Of Rights in front of California citizens, for when she moves and runs for office in California!

  • Ed Braunhut

    Im just wondering why no one is mentioning the fact that Trump awarded Rush Limbaugh, the greatest hater and racist in the US, a medal of honor at this speech! Why?

  • Aaron Young

    Pisslocie is mad because her son is corrupt and had his filthy hands in Ukraine time is running out for the corrupt democrat party.

  • Hilbily Wanker

    So weird how democratic news sources claim this is false but haven't posted the "real" video of what happend… Strange

  • Miles Johnson

    Excellent quote and comment on Ms. Pelosi from a reader in the WSJ this morning – –

    From PJ O'Rouke:
    Pelosi’s childish behavior throughout the speech, and

    ending with her tantrum ripping up the speech, called to mind a quote
    about the Left by PJ O’Rourke that describes her perfectly:

    “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child —
    miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding,
    ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of
    sniveling brats.”

    The 3+ years temper tantrum by the Dems continues.

  • petr krejci

    Pelosi is just stupid, feminist monster that destroys an American image in the World.
    Only a brainless person can supports her. God, please protect us from people like her!!!

  • Jon M

    She is disgusting. I love Trumps video on twitter showing Nancy ripping up the speech as he praises the military and men and women of this country.
    She even tried to get twitter to take the video down but they wont. Bahahahahaha….. Joke is on you Nancy.

  • David Lam

    American politics is a war of attrition where both sides of the congress are trigger happy to open fire insults and shame against each other. Democrats impeaching Trump, Republicans acquitting Trump, political scandals acknowledged but covered up and ignored, zero accountability by both representative and senate houses due to peer pressure from political parties, no responsibility for continuing the federal budget deficit spending spree for over a decade, backstabbing and scapegoating to defame each other…even the social hierarchy of high school is more civilized than American politics. It seems that no political party is a good choice anymore in modern day western politics.

  • libertykatrkm

    Never thought anyone or anything was "scum" until Nancy did this & called it lies. When it was facts. What a has been.

  • Kowgirl Kel

    She ripped up the stories of all those wonderful people Trump was celebrating! I'm so glad I left that crazy party! I didn't like Trump in the beginning but his policies have won me over and also I see how completely devious the media and the Democrats are. They are anti-American/Post Constitution/ Open Borders Socialist party now!
    I want no part of what they are selling. TRUMP 2020

    Also, I have several friends (non white) who have left the Democrat party and are now Independents. They are all voting for Trump in 2020. They have woken up from the lie of Identify Politics. They are all successful and have worked hard to achieve their life. They don't want Socialism, open borders and all the other weird "intersectional ideology" taking over their schools (also want school choice) soooo Trump is going to win!

  • Trebor Nray

    Pelosi=embarrassment to America. Just because she is worth 120-200 million dollars does NOT give her the right to disrespect Trump and the American people and everyone who Trumps speech was about.

  • Santi Cheeks

    She isnt professional enough, nobody cares about her feelings she needs to stop that, little old hag throwing a temper tantrum bruh

  • Eman the nurse ASMR D

    I was democratic all my life. Then Realize i was blind so I voted for trump last year and i will vote for him me and all my family in November 🤗🤗🤗😍😍 4 more years trump

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