Wayne Foster: Advocating for Comprehensive Audiology Legislation
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Wayne Foster: Advocating for Comprehensive Audiology Legislation

Currently under Medicare, audiologists are
reimbursed only for diagnostic services. Under the Comprehensive Audiology Legislation, audiologists
will be reimbursed for both diagnostic and rehabilitative services. These are services
that are currently being provided by other health care professionals. So no new programs
will need to be added to Medicare. The Comprehensive Audiology Legislation will
benefit the profession of audiology. Audiologists will be recognized and reimbursed for the
provision of diagnostic and treatment services to Medicare beneficiaries. Audiologists will
become part of medical treatment teams and take their rightful place in the rapidly changing
health care landscape. In addition, as reimbursement moves towards patient outcomes, the provision
of treatment services will ensure that audiologists are part of the new Medicare health payment
system. The comprehensive audiology legislation will
help patients. Currently, Medicare beneficiaries must pay out of pocket for rehabilitative
services provided by audiologists. The Comprehensive Audiology Legislation will provide increased
access to rehabilitative services provided by audiologists for both hearing and balance
disorders. You can learn more about the Comprehensive
Audiology Legislation by going to www.asha.org and click on the advocacy tab at the top and
scroll down to federal issues. You can also follows ASHA Advocacy on the social media
network, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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