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We Had The Most Epic Day At Universal Studios • Ladylike

– I love theme parks. They are magical, beautiful places that are really good at shutting out all the garbage from the real world. The one downside is that it’s never possible to do everything you want in one day. (horn percussion)
Or is it? Go! (scream-laughing) No, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen! How are you supposed to drink this? (excited screams) (laughter) – Wait, I’m nervous. – It’s fine. It’s the ladylike show, and I’m challenging the girls to do as many things as possible in one day at Universal Studios Hollywood. (blam) (energized music) – I’ve done a theme park in one day, but none of the other people have. I’m going to be there to help guide them, but I am not going to be giving them any major hints about the order in which they should probably do things. The reason why this is my bucket list thing is ’cause I want to share my love of theme parks with the girls, and see if they can experience the joy that is completing a theme park in one day. – You don’t know when I’m gonna get hungry. – I get snack-y. – I want a shrimp scampi pizza. – Will we have fanny packs? – Ooh, yeah! – I have four children. (laughter) I don’t know if any of them enjoy feeling rushed, to be honest. This might actually be a day that no one enjoys, except for me. (Kristin laughs) – Hey – All right, I have… – Presents! – Some presents. (clapping) – This is so cute. – Everyone gets a hat and a fanny pack. Here’s the deal. You guys are gonna be split into two teams. You will have an alphabetical list of things you have to accomplish. You will have until the park closes to get through as many things on the list as possible. – What do we win? – That is a surprise. Do you want me to tell you who the teams are? – Yeah! – Actually, it’s funny. The way that you’re sitting are the teams. – Oh, really? – Yeah! (laughter) – Woo woo woo! – What’s up, Freddie? – I brought snacks in my franny pack for you. – What do you guys know about Universal Studios? What cool things do you know that are fun to do there? – Harry Potter World, roller coasters. – I love the tram ride and Jurassic Park. – Okay. (Record scratch) – Oh my God! – I don’t love crowds. Don’t love theme parks, like I really have to be in the mood. I will say, I do like to win. – We’re gonna have fun. It’s gonna be great. Freddie, it’s gonna be fine. – It’s gonna be fine. – We’re gonna get coffee. – I’m ready to do this. – [Everyone] Yeah. – Let’s do this. (happy music) (clapping and cheering) – We’re here!
– Yay Kristin! – We made it! – What’s your team name? – So, in the morning, we’re gonna be Chevin, and then, in the evening, we’re gonna be Devtel. – We should be steak. – Yeah, we should be steak. – Steak? – Team Steak? – Team Steak! – We’re about to go into the park. I’m gonna give you guys your checklists for the day. Not necessarily in the order that you should actually do these things. – Gotcha. – The first half of the day, I’m gonna be with Team Steak. And the second half of the day, I’m gonna be with Team what is your name the second half? – Well, the second half of the day, it’ll be Devtel, so… – Devtel. – There is a prize for the team who gets through this list first. The prize for the winning team ^is they both get $50 spa gift certificates. – Luxury! – Oh! – Oh my goodness!
– Wow. – You know how much we love spas. The stakes are now high. Also, we will all be meeting together at The Three Broomsticks for lunch. Should we bump fanny packs? – Bump fanny packs! – All right.
– All right. – One, two, three.
– Woo! – Okay guys, here are your lists. Take a look. – This is a full day. Oh my gosh. – How do you think you’re gonna do? – I think we’re gonna do pretty well. I think, also, we’re both pretty food-driven. – Yeah. – So, the quicker we can get to the snacks, the better. Should we do snacks first? – No. – I just immediately went to the food and beverages section. – Eight rides.
– Eight rides. – Three shows. Four Experiences. Five food and beverage options. And then, we have to take photos with the photo booth, a minion, the motorcycle (from Inglourious Basterds), a police car, a view of the Valley, a Simpsons character, and a Transformer. – What’s your strategy? – We’re gonna access our mom vibes, hard. – We have our tennis shoes. – Yep. – I have foot insoles in these, too, to make me last all day long.
– Oh, wow. – You’re with me, first. – Okay. – While I am with you, I am your tour guide. – Nice.
– Excellent. – So you actually don’t have to make any choices yet. – This is great. – Well that is… – Unless you wanna make choices. – So things will get real in the afternoon. – Let’s do this. – Good luck team! – We’ll see you in the afternoon. – We’ll see you in the afternoon. – Yeah.
– Kris… – Are you ready.
– We’re ready. – All right, cool On your mark. Get set. Go! (“Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsakov) No running. – No running? I’m gonna fuckin’ run, am I right? – We forgot to grab a map, so we’re just gonna have to kinda… – Oh, damn it! – Improvise. – Can I steal a map from a child? – No, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen. – So are we allowed to run later? – No, you’re… – Can we scream? – No one’s allowed to run at all! – We love to scream and run! – I don’t care. (Freddie laughs) – Despicable Me opens at 10. A lot of these rides open at 10 o’ clock. – What time is it now? – Um.. – I forgot my watch! – Don’t panic! – You’re right. We’ll stay calm, we have sons. – Oh, it’s 9:56. – Ooh, I wonder if we should go to one of the… Maybe not. – You try to maximize the amount of walking you’re doing. – Right. – So, you don’t wanna walk too much. So you do everything in one area first… – Then move onto the next one. – Then you go to the next one.
Yes. – There’s a Shrek. Do we did to take a picture with a Shrek? – No. – All right.
(Bleep) Shrek then. ^Let’s go into Hogwarts, now. ^- Okay, let’s get this done. ^- Let’s do it. – Harry Potter, here we go. ^- I forget how fast I walk at theme parks. ^Like I literally leave Brian in the dirt. – If he falls behind, he gets left behind. It’s like, rules of the jungle. I get it.
– Keep up, Brian. – If he dies, he dies. – So we’re about to enter Ollivander’s. Now I’m saying it weird. Ol, olli… – Olli-van, Olli… We’re getting wands. – Okay, we’re getting… – Right now. We had to skip the experience, for the sake of time, because this is a competition and we intend to win. I’m still gonna try to let the wand choose me. We’ll see what happens. – Yeah, we’ll see. Let’s do this. – Here we go. ^It’s Professor McGonal…
– McGonag… (laughs) ^- We are moms. ^We’re starting to pronounce everything wrong. I think it’s good that we came to the Harry Potter World first, ’cause I think it’s definitely their busiest side of the park. So that that way, we can, like, get this over with before the crowds really come in. Thinkin’ like a smart mom. – First thing we’re gonna do, you always wanna get the big rides out of the way. So we’re gonna go do the Harry Potter ride first. – Which I love.
– Which is the big one. – Ready?
– Yeah. – Let’s do it.
– The picture’s move! – Whoa.
Hello. (British accent) Hello Harry Potter. I mean Dumbledore. – [Ride Voice] Ah!
Gryffindor! – I love it when people yell at me. (laughs) – We did it. – Freddie’s literally already on to the next thing. I know, we were walking out, and Fred’s just like, okay, what’s goin’. – Is there anything else?
What’s next? Let’s do it. – Time to go cast a spell. – Alohomora. ^(ding)
Yay! I’m a wizard, I’m a wizard. ^- Alohomora.
(ding) ^- Well done. ^- Yeah! ^- Yes. ^I’m so happy that we’re not muggles. – Wands. – Yes. – And then Flight of the Hippogriff is what I’m thinking after that. – Yeah, definitely. – Yeah?
– Yes. – Okay.
– You are thinking correctly. – Excellent. – How can I get in there? – So, you are gonna help us get some wands. – Excellent, excellent. – Let’s do three at a time. Maximize our time. – Excellent. Sounds good. – Oh, okay.
Fred! – Freddie wants to get this, we gotta keep movin’. We gotta win. – You guys more analytical thinkers, or more of a do now, ask questions later type? – Do now…
– Do now, ask questions. – I am very analytical.
(laughter) – Analytical, do now, excellent. A lot of people see this wand, and they’re like, “oh, look. It’s a stick.” That is not the case in any way, shape, or form. – You know a lot about wood. – Hey, just I’m tellin’ ya, I’m tellin’ ya, just a wand assistant tryin’ to make my way in the world. What I need you guys to do is hold both of the wands in your hands, listen to them closely, it does not matter what they feel like, does not matter what they look like. It matter what feels like in your heart. – You did emphasize creativity, which I feel like, speaks to me a lot, so I’ll do this one. – All right. – I think I’m gonna go with the ivy. – I definitely feel more connected to ash. I like the protectiveness, and I like that there’s a fire inside, I love fire. ^- (Ladies) Thank you! ^- Yeah, it feels great.
– Oh my gosh, this is fun. ^- This is great.
– Thank you so much. ^- You’re very welcome. – That actually took way longer than I thought it was gonna take and I’m a little nervous. – We are gonna go get some fuckin’ butterbeer, we are gonna ride that other ride, we are gonna move our way through this situation.
– I’ve got to move. – We bought wands, we casted spells, and now this is number three, Flight of the Hippogriff. Are you scurred? – I’m gonna hold on to my, to my cap. – Oh, oh, oh. ^- (excited yelling) – That was fast. – Yeah, that was fast. We should, uh, get this ride over with – Let’s do it
– and then we’ll take – A bathroom break. – [Chantel] Ride mode, I’m already sweating, pits are wet, let’s go. – [Devin] Let’s do this. – Avada Kedavra. – We’re jumping to the advanced spells. – Wow, yeah, you don’t even need me here. – Locomotor plate. Oh, I did it, oh! – Oh, yaaay. – Woo!
– Oh, magic. – Arresto momentum. – There it is, yay. – Yaay!
– All right! ^- Thank you.
– Wand tricks, check. (melodic croaking) – ♪ And nothing will ever be the same. ♪ ^- Who knew frogs were such good singers? – Yeah, frogs are great, I don’t like making eye contact with the boys, though. – You don’t? – Honestly, anytime anyone is singing, they look so passionate, I just don’t know what to do. – We just got done with the frog choir, – we’re having some…
– Yeah. – Issues with our microphone, so we’re having to take a little break. – I’m a little concerned. – I’m also a little concerned. – We passed the other team, and they were just flying by and it seems like they’re not having any troubles at all. – Yeah.
– We’re kind of like. – They were just powerwalking like moms – Yeah.
– And we are kinda stuck here – Because of our damn microphones. – Yeah, we’re stuck here like other moms. – (laughter)
– Yeah, like the moms. – That are stuck here.
– (laughter) – Yeah, that are stuck here – Nailed it! – Oh my god, I haven’t been in this way before! ^- (Team Chevin) Woaaah. ^- I’m feelin’ a little emotion crazy. – We made it. We’re alive. – I think I need a little fresh air, though. Oh, whoa, there’s a guy throwing up in there. – It’s butterbeer time. Um, can I have a frozen butterbeer? If you don’t get them frozen you are missing out on one of life’s true joys. ^- Okay, let’s go ride Flight of the Hippogriff. – Woo!
– Wooo. – Guys, we’re doing really good. – [Team Steak] Yeah! – We’re champions, we’re chilling, we’re relaxing. Let’s go. – Let’s go. – Let’s do it.
– Hell yeah. – Well, well, well!
– Wooooowwww. – Whoa. – If it isn’t Team Steak. – If it isn’t the Team Whose Name I Don’t Remember. ^- (laughter) ^- What’s in that butterbeer, Kristin? And actually, we have rides to ride on, so we’re leaving now.
– Yeah so excuse us. – Ooo. – Ohhh, the rides that we already did? – You mean those rides?
– Okay, have fun. – Okay, well, enjoy. – We were walking for longer than five minutes and our mics haven’t messed up yet. – Yes.
– So things are looking up. – Kind of. – Things are looking way up ’cause we’re about to go on Hippogriff! – (screaming) – I’m alone. Adventure is my friend. ‘Cause it’s not actually a person. – Wait, I’m nervous. – It’s fine. ^- (screaming) – [Freddie] Just the right amount of thrill. – I know, I feel like the older we get, the less thrill we can actually – Legally tolerate.
– Handle. – Yeah.
– Oh yeah. – You guys wanna go to Honeyduke’s next? – Yeah, let’s get some candy.
– All right. ^- Honeydicks. ^- (laughing) – That’s good. – Ooh, I like it frozen. So now we’re gonna swing around, go to Simpson’s land, get a doughnut. – Yeah. – Honeyduke’s. – So we can get anything we want? – Yeah! – Anything? – You can’t buy like, a rubber chicken. – Well, you’ll see what I can buy. – I think they’re just balls of choco. – I think those are balls of chocolate. – They’re choco balls, not chocolate balls. Choco. – All right, choco balls it is. ^- We just got our candy from Honeyduke’s, ^and now we’re gonna go on a studio tour. – Team Steak! – Woo!
– Hoo hoo hoo. – Medium rare, fries and medium well? – Always, forever hangin’. ^- [Freddie] Is this, is the Wizard of Oz a Universal movie? ^- [Kristen] I don’t know where we’re skipping to. ^- I love to nervously dance. ^- Simpsons Land! ^- Simpsons Land. – We had butterbeer and a doughnut in the span of five minutes. All right, Kristin, what else you got for us, girl. – This is our third son. ^- [Devin] Yep. ^Or fourth. ^Wow, I need to spit my gum out. (screaming) (laughter) (police sirens)
– Uh oh. – You got to, you can’t get on that. – Oops. – This is Moe’s Tavern. ^(telephone ringing) – Excuse me, hello? People just call me with insults! Hello! ^- [Devin] How are you supposed to drink this? – We can go into Krustyland and do a carnival game. Crusty, that’s how I feel every morning. (clatter of cans) ^- Ooooh, almost all of them! We did all of our experiences. We’ve knocked out a section. – Yeah! – Woo. – Oh shit. Didn’t break. – Ow. – We’re a mess. That was super fun! – It is really fun. ^I kinda forget that this is a race. – Oh no. ^- Next up, the studio tour, my favorite! ^- I’m excited that it’s 40 minutes of sitting. – All right, so now lunch. – Lunchtime.
– Now it’s time for lunch. ^- I think we were supposed to be there five minutes ago. ^- Oh, we’re supposed to be…
– We have one minute. ^- … there in one minute. ^- It’s 12:49, we gotta boo yo-yo, let’s go. ^- Book it to Harry Potter World. ^- [Jen] Three broomsticks! (cheering) – [Everyone] We’re here! – Our food is here! – [Jen] Wassup, friends. – [Freddie] We worked up quite the appetite. – So how did you guys do this morning? – Yeah. – We’ve ticked off, like 14 things on our list. – Team Steak actually had some technical difficulties this morning. – Oh no. – So we actually have only done eight things. – Oh okay, that’s not bad. – Um, because we had a little bit of a SNAFU, there’s a couple of rides that I actually wanna ride so you’ll have to do a couple of them over. – Yeah, let’s ride ’em again! Can we eat first, though? – [Devin] Yes, let’s please eat, I am hungry. – [Jen] Team Steak needs to refuel. – Yum. – So, I’m gonna be going off with team, what is your name? – Uh well now it’s the afternoon so we are ^- So we’re Devtel now. ^- Devtel. ^- Yeah, we’re Devtel. – You sound like a telecom company. – You know what? That’s okay. – You’re my telecom company. – [Everyone] Fanny pack! Fanny pack! Woooo! – We’re already having more technical difficulties. – Some issues with mic-ing. – Yeah. – Some issues with camera. – I don’t know if the curveball that Kristen is giving the other team is gonna be enough that we can catch up. ^- Your favorite ride! ^- I love it, I’m so happy. – If halfway through this we end up taking a leisurely pace, it’s because we’ve decided we wanna enjoy ourselves. – And not. – And not worry about it. ^- Worry about winning. – Jen! ^- [Freddie] Oh wait, ^is that the Inglourious Basterds motorcycle? ^We gotta take a photo. ^- Bye! – Oof, I feel dizzy though. – We have to go see the animals, we have to go right now. ^- I think they’re over here. ^- You guys are hustlers. ^- We wanted those spa gift cards. ^- This is costing us time. ^- Yeah, this is. ^- Aw, here’s a nice little shadow though. ^- It’s a nice breeze. – [Jen] They just told us to enjoy our swirl. – Yeah, silly ride.
– Yeah. – Now, what are we gonna do? – I think we should get a photo with ^those Minion thingies. ^- [Freddie] Yeah. ^- But I don’t actually wanna kiss it. – I love aminals! – Yaaaay – Aminals! ^- Animal time! – This is ridiculous. (laughter) – I am elated. – (Chantel) Me too. – I feel amazing. – I love them. ^- This would feel like a good nightcap to end the day, ^but we still have like, probably like 15 things to do. – (belches) ^- (laughs) – Fred? It’s pretty bad-ass. ^- What if I just like, barfed. ^- Oops! I think a little kid spilled something over here. ^- I can show you the world. ^- No, that’s Disney. ^- Wrong park. ^- I was getting a little sleepy after lunch, but the animals revitalized me. ^- I can’t believe it’s four o’clock. ^- Yes.
– Yeah. – I wonder how the other team is doing? – These things are not weighted. So it’s like, even if we do do Waterworld, if they still like, manage to knock out like 10 things, and we’ve been spending 30 minutes watching Waterworld. We should just leave. – Can we cheat? – How honest do you wanna be, Freddie? ^- It’s Mummy time! – Where’d Devin go! Oh, she’s right- – I’m right here. – I couldn’t see you. – I’m like, literally over your shoulder. – So, Devin and I thought it was a virtual ride. – That was a roller coaster. – My hair is everywhere. – Yeah, I don’t know what’s happening with mine. ^It’s flat, it’s poofy, it’s doin’ everything. ^- I have to pee because of all of the beer ^I just chugged. – Brothers and sisters! (cheering) – That was cool. – That was wild. ^- Maybe I do like Waterworld. – My dad loves the Minions, so this is for him. – For dad.
– For dad! ^- Who loves the Minions. ^- Ready to go do Transformers? ^- Yay.
– Yes, let’s do it. ^- Let’s do it. ^- So we’re heading down to the Simpsons area now. ^- We’ll be able to catch up a little bit, ^because a lot of the things there is food, ^and that’s easy. That’s just paying money. ^- We got our doughnut. ^- Oh, doughnut. Jeeze I don’t mind if I do nut. – It’s cute. – Whoops, oh we gotta get this. ^- We got our Flaming Moes. ^- Smells like orange juice. – [Freddie] Yeah, like, like orange soda too. – Whoa. ^Let’s go answer the phone. – Who was it? – Bart Simpson. ^- This movie is like, outrageous, so I can only imagine ^what this ride is gonna be like. – [Kristin] No one has barfed so far. – [Chantel] Nope, no barfies. So high five us. – Yaay.
– Yeah. – You can’t have three people in a high five. – We’ll do 12 throws. – All righty then.
– Wait. – Fine then we’ll do two throws. ^- Let’s do two throws.
– Two throws. ^- We’re on a time crunch. ^- Yeah.
– Two throws. Cut! Take two. ^- Ride!
– Simpsons ride! ^- Thank you so much.
– Thank you so much. ^- All right, y’all have a great one. – All right, we just knocked off two more things with the Simpson ride and got a photo with a character. – The Simpsons ride made me a little nauseous. – Motion. – Yeah, motion of the ocean.
– Motion, motion, motion. – Hi! – Oh, hello. ^- [Devin] One more off our list. – The photos are the easy ones. ^- [Devin] Easy points. ^- [Kristin] Easy, easy points. ^- Animal Act is on location, there are no more ^shows today so. ^- That one’s a wash. ^- We’ll be missing that one, yeah. – [Jen] Our only hope is that the other team, ^Kristin really slowed them down somehow. ^- [Freddie] Yes. ^- We’ve got like, 40 minutes before we have to meet with the teams. – [All] Let’s ride the Swirly Ride! ^- This ride is for children, but we are also children, ^so it’s okay. I wanted to go up and down but I could only figure out how to go up. ^This is a ride for children, and I failed it. ^I’m so tired. ^- Should we have like- OH! ^- Oh my god. ^(robot laughing) – [Freddie] I did not like him. ^- It’s 5:30, we have half an hour. ^- One more ride, here we go. ^- Let’s do this. – Excuse me?
– Yes? Do you happen to know where the police car from Public Enemy is? – The right side, right there. – Thank you. – Thank you.
– We got it. ^- There it is, oh wait. Maybe it’s not. ^I feel like I’m so stressed out right now. ^- The main tower? ^- The clock is ticking. ^- Yes. ^- Our day end is in like, one minute. ^- All right, all right, all right. ^- Steak! – Hello! – Finish line! – [All] Yaaaaay. – Y’all, we did it. – We did it. – Wow. – Yay. – All right, give up those theme park legs. – [Kristin] Yeah. – Honestly, as tired as I said I was gonna be, I could still keep going. – Yeah. – What?
– What? – No way.
– I have the adrenaline – pumping now. – [Kristin] Devin, how was your day? – My day was great. Right now I’m a little winded, but I’m feeling good. My favorite part of the day was the animal show. – Wait, you guys did Waterworld, right? – We did do Waterworld. – [Kristin] How was Waterworld? – [Freddie] It was great. – All right, so, I guess we need to figure out who is the winner. – Who won? Spa day, who gets a spa day? (tense music) Oh I feel good about our score. – The final score. How many things did you do, team Steak? – Dude, 24. – 24? – Nooooo. – What? – Yeah, we missed 3. We missed the police car, the photo booth, and the animal actors. – We didn’t make it in time. – We did 23. – Are you kidding me? – I am so mad. – Oh my god. – Because you slowed us down at the beginning of our afternoon. – We rode the Simpsons twice! – We did the same thing twice! I, we could’ve got a spa day! – Wait, you wrote one more number here. You got 15, oh wait, hold on. – [Devin] Are we tied? – No, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. Jen can count! ^- Team Steak won! ^- I’m legit mad. ^- Wait.
– By one. ^I’m mad. ^- We’re so surprised.
– Shocked. ^- That we don’t know how to react. – Well the thing is, is that I was not helpful, but I did have fun. – Any time I go to a theme park, I never do everything, but it was nice to just like, have to do it and experience it, and enjoy it. – You needed a little stakes. – I needed a little, ohh. – [Everyone] Ohhh. – Thank you, Universal, for giving us a great day. – [Freddie] Yes. – This was awesome. – And our also amazing crew who are all standing behind the cameras right now. – They are the ones who really deserve the spa day. – The ultimate day at Universal Studios. – [Everyone] Lady tested. Lady action packed. – Let’s bump packs! – Let’s bump packs. – [Everyone] Woo! – Okay, that was fun, love to bump. – Aw, man. – Okay, let’s go home, I’m tired. (upbeat techno music)


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