We still like to fly helicopter | Vlog 31³
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We still like to fly helicopter | Vlog 31³

A new week is here we’re starting off the week with an upgrade nothing is better than an upgrade we have done an upgrade we have been driving the electric scooter Bydue 2.0 for a long time and we have now upgraded to Bydue 3.0 we have driven the electric scooter 0.000 kilometers I am not sure if it’s a car or if it’s an electric scooter it’s insane I am able to lock it and if someone tries to steal it the back wheel is not moving forward and it’s impossible to steal it you have to unlock it then it stops this is a car we have done an upgrade we’ll put the link in the description yes for those who live or stay in Trondheim Bydue is opening a store very soon you can go there and buy your own that’s where we bought ours this is cool should I turn on the lights? are the lights on? you can use the turn signal lights as well no one can hear us from here there are no people here we can place them outside there’s no problem this is the beginning of the week just an upgrade it’s Tuesday tomorrow as you may have noticed, I am wearing the same clothes as the last vlog because we have just filmed the 100,000 subscribers special as you hopefully have seen if you haven’t, go and check it out I am leaving for a ski camp tomorrow I am going to Steinkjer and do some training that’s basically my plan let’s move on to Steinkjer and see if I have filmed anything I’m sorry if it’s bad quality we have to find out what we are going to do with the camera Ola had bought a Ronin and it’s really complicated and heavy I will make it easier for you I am just kidding we’ll see I will try to film some clips see you at Steinkjer tomorrow let this week be a good training week here I am with my Ipad watching a lot of different things I am watching some series and movies soon we’re going training two hours skate we were running for three hours this morning my thigs are getting tired tomorrow we are going to have an interval it will be exciting I just wanted to tell you being on a ski camp is like being on vacation I have been doing things all the time since we bought the house all I do is wake up, train, eat and sleep I am sharing a double bed with Sjur, but he is not here this is what we do all-day believe it or not it’s pretty boring I think it’s chill but it gets boring sometimes I just wanted to tell you that the new Hoka shoes are out for sale brand new white is the new color I can show you a picture they are out for sale Sport1 is where you can buy it they are the ones who have bought most shoes if you like them and want to buy them go to Sport1 and buy them because they are… btw I have them right here these are the shoes this is what they look like all white with a pink detail I use them all the time now you know it I am going out for my second session for today two hours skate see you later good morning ready for a new day we are going to do roller skiing for four hours poling for four hours I am not that motivated and I am not that excited not at all but that’s life I have to get out and to the job four hours with roller skiing is coming up we are going for eight miles it will be tough doing the job that’s how I like spending my Saturday living the tough life we are going out for four hours and then I’ll see you later four hours and six minutes 78 kilometers are you happy? yes I am not, because I am so tired this is the first time I have been poling for three no, I mean four hours that’s how tired I am I don’t think I have done 78 kilometeres on roller skis before what did we do on Sjusjøen? 60 kilometers or something? yes, something like that new record it’s weekend it’s Saturday you have no idea how tired I am what’s going on? I am back from the ski camp and now we are going to fly we are going to Trysil and Lillehammer to speak in front of Equinor and the heroes of tomorrow as usual I am going to speak in front of them tonight and tomorrow we are going to Trysil for a competition that will be the end of this week and probably the main part of this vlog let’s move on to Lillehammer I had a Talk for these people yesterday I went to straight to bed because I was so tired I had to get some sleep we are all gathered outside we are going to have an interval in the mire I am not going to have an interval but I will run together with them I have been warming up for some minutes and I will run together with them all the way to the start where they are going to have an interval I am excited the trainer of the National Junior team will be the one who takes the initiative I have spoken enough English Ola was impressed we are considering if we should do all of our vlogs in English just kidding 😔 4K vlogs in English I have to say something many people are asking when we are going to pick out the winners of the giveaway everybody should get the chance to participate in the competition we will announce the winner during next week Monday 19. August or something we will announce the winner on Monday 19. August we will remind you about it at the end of the vlog so you’ll know let’s begin the session let’s go mire interval which car are we driving? No, we’re not driving a car we’re flying in a helicopter Pål is with us as well every time Pål is always with us when we’re flying helicopter you are going to lay there imagine that would have been crazy can I place my backpack there? yes, if it’s not raining 29 minutes later and we’re here Niklas just started driving there are two Niklas that’s the pilot and Niklas Dyrhaug he is going to fly home in the helicopter together with us but he has been driving for three hours and we have been flying for 29 minutes Niklas can fly home together with us but we’re not sure about the weather so we may have to stop on Støren and then he has to go on roller skis home we have to get something to eat let’s get something to eat hello vlog we’re going on disco soon Gjøvik is the best place Klæbo is the best hello vlog the king of Trysil Johannes didn’t even get a chance to try it sucks but it’s ok did you break your pole? yes, it broke but that’s life it sucks the world is made like this that’s life it sucks ofc however, it’s not the worst thing that has happened it’s just a pole and it’s in Trysil I didn’t win a kettle but I have already bought one have you started working at Midtnorsk Helicopterservice? yes, suddenly it’s good Johannes is not going to fly together with us is winning in Trysil like this? he broke his pole and now he can’t fly in the helicopter with us did he end on the fifth place? yes, but it’s not good enough I got a victory, but now we’re stuck here that’s not that often you have to pretend that we are flying without Johannes and that Johannes has to drive home he has to drive home because he got on fifth place Petter lost and you won Petter and Johannes are driving home together yes that’s how it should be we are ending the vlog right here Pål Trøan Aune in a private helicopter


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