We will start to swim in the Universal Ocean☆ 無限の可能性の宇宙の海をおよぎだす 2017.12
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We will start to swim in the Universal Ocean☆ 無限の可能性の宇宙の海をおよぎだす 2017.12

It will be the dramatic transformation from now on. We will continue evolving and awakening. We will be beyond our imagination, we will beyond further and further, and be the place
we never think we can reach. We can really awaken to our true selves
remain physical. The ocean we will swim in is the Universal Ocean. We will start to swim in the Universal Ocean,
the infinite possibilities, instead of the ocean
which is in the frame of limitations we have been in. That means that we go toward our true selves,
so it will be great to learn how to swim
in the new ocean. We have been so use to be limited until now. Then, what should we do?
All we should do is to live our lives consciously. Observe yourself always. Monitor yourself in your everyday life. When you realize you feel emotions by looking at
the reality you have projected, you are absolutely
in the state of sleeping. It is not the positive stance to awaken. We have automatically been using
a negative perspective so long. It is impossible to experience the negative
frequencies without using a negative perspective. Everything happens is always neutral, but when
you think it is negative by looking at a thing
like, ”oh, this is awful”, you can directly
experience “negative”. You need to monitor yourself even what you feel,
from the high perspective. Once you have perceived that you are automatically
using a negative perspective, then you will
be able to start let go of these feelings. That is not your fault.
You are not doing anything wrong at all. Because that is what you wanted to experience here
on earth while you were sleeping.
“Negative” can remain us to stay here
by lowering our vibrations. First of all, every realty you are projecting
is not a problem at all. The problem is the action to trying fix the problem.
That will create more problems. That really makes things into problems. Actually, when you change yourself first,
everything around you will change. As soon as you say like, “oh, this happened to me,
so I have to fix this!”, then it will strongly
crystalize into reality. That is true. “The problems that exist in the world today
cannot be solved by the level of thinking that
created them”. I think you have heard of
this quote by Dr. Einstein, right? Yes. This is actually true. By inserting the frequency,
we project on a screen as a reality. When we remove the frequency and go upward,
we will find a way what to do. However,
we have never had that idea until now
because we have been sleeping. Even if we know that it is true, we cannot stop
focusing on and trying fix the problems. As you see the news, t
he more we try to fix the problems,
the more we will create the problems. Now it seems like we have the mountain
of tasks that we have to solve. If you think at the level that created the problems,
you would have no idea how to solve them. Even those problems that we have created
for centuries will dissolve when each of us return
to a true self. Your reality happens as same as that.
The more you try to fix the problems, the more
you will create the problems.
Also it looks like solid and unchangeable. You are in the dimension that you can think that way,
and that is how you exist. Now, to wake up, you need to perceive that
what frequency you are using to project
onto your realty. When you remove the frequency, you will be able to
shift from the dimension you were in
to another dimension. After you let go of the frequency you were using,
you can no longer project the same reality.
Does it make sense? This is how we experience transformation. That will be a good opportunity to look back
your way of living and how you have reacted to
realty on the earth until now. If you are separating things, for example
you are using this realty to awaken but that realty
as a problem, you are separating inside you. Separating your realities or circumstances is
like this: ”I use this reality to awaken,
but that reality is a problem!”. What happens is separating inside you. If you have decided to go out completely from
the third dimensional density, you need to quit the way of living that
sometime you use your reality to awaken
but sometime you do not. When you live your life in that way,
you must have experienced emotional ups and downs. Sometimes you get excited and sometimes depressed,
and experience ups and downs over and over. You will perceive this life style. Also, you may realize that you have not decided
to awaken yet. Come to think of it, since about 30 years ago,
I have been sharing information about awakening, and about 10 years later,
after the Bashar’s event in Japan, I was often questioned like, “why do I have
emotional ups and downs in my daily life?”.
Now I understand why. Feeling emotions, letting them go,
feeling them, and letting them go… If you sometimes use emotions to feel
and sometime let them go,
you definitely experience ups and downs. One thing I can say for sure is that
when you have decided to awaken,
you never experience emotional ups and downs. That is because we can go back to ourselves
by letting go of all emotions. We never look at things as problems. Even when earthquakes occur, we will go out
from there instead of staying there. It will be possible for us to do that. This is such a massive flow of awakening,
which it is the first time ever to experience
in this planet. It will be fun! It is so much fun not to use reality
to feel emotions but to use it in order to
wake up to your true self! Reaching to your true self, knowing your true self,
there is nothing more ecstatic than these. You are not the “you” you think you are. No matter how much you transform and experience
the expansion or abundance,
there are higher and higher levels you can reach. It has started such an upward spiral on this earth. That means that we have been provided
the great opportunity and environment to wake up. Now it has been totally opposite. Also the backup to wake up is now stronger than
the backup to fall asleep. What we see from now on, as if the uplifting
of the clouds reveals the sky,
will be very exciting and thrilling. From 2018,
it will be a new start and accelerate rapidly. It will be a great opportunity to go back
to a pure original self. When you have decided not to use your emotions
to feel, when you perceive and have decided to
quit your negative perception or judgment, you will change a lot. A big upward spiral will occur in each one of you.


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