WEALTH, FAME, POWER explained by Hans Wilhelm
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WEALTH, FAME, POWER explained by Hans Wilhelm

Hi I am Hans Wilhelm. Today I would like to
show you the spiritual dynamic behind our passion for fame, power and riches. This video
is especially addressed to the young audience because they are most seriously endangered
to be manipulated and exploited. And they usually have no idea why this is done and
by whom. In my video The Luciferian Doctrine I have
briefly mentioned that there are souls in this world who have turned demonic and want
us to fall for the lure of money, fame and fortune. And the reason for this is always
energy. It is a fierce battle for energy and survival. As I mentioned many times before, we come
here to Earth for several reasons – but mainly to grow and to undo our past karmic
burdens. But as a child of God we are also here to be like God, which means to express
the unlimited, unconditional and selfless LOVE of God. That is our true nature and also
our purpose in this life time. So, when it comes to our future, our career,
or our work, our innate choice is to find a field where we can serve others in one way
or another. It does not need to be a grand thing like saving mankind or finding medical
cures for millions. It can be a very humble activity like being there for our family or
just for one person, or even an animal. The main thing is that our goal in life is not
just the comfort and safety of our own bloated ego – the ME, ME, ME! – but for something
that is larger than ourselves and serves others. That is the selfless LOVE which we are made
of in action. And that is also where happiness can be found. Some of you may know the famous words by the
Nobel Peace prize laureate Albert Schweitzer when he addressed a class of young students.
He said, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among
you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” This does not mean that making lots of money,
having fame and power cannot make one happy. They can – but only if they come as an unintended
by-product and are not our main goal in life. So why is our society so obsessed with the
rich and famous if that is not the goal for our soul? As I have outlined in my videos of “The
Luciferian Doctrine”, “Evil” and “Spirit Possession” there is a powerful army of
rebellious souls, or negative astral entities, who need energy to survive. These fallen souls
have totally exhausted their own energy potential and have since developed many schemes to steal
these life energies from us humans. And one of their favorite targets are young people
because of their vulnerability. Here is a typical example. Their first step is to influence the feeling
and thinking of a young person. They do this through the law of attraction and find someone
who already has some form of low self-esteem’. They then inject reinforcing thoughts into
their mind. A typical thought is “I am not enough!” This thought gets intensified every
time this young teenager now compares himself with his siblings, his friends, his community
or tv or internet porn sites where he sees others who seem to be better off than he is,
they are looking better, are thinner, more fashionable, more popular and so on. In addition,
he is manipulated by the number of likes on Facebook and other internet social networks.
This vicious thought circle closes around this teenager tighter and tighter until he
loses all his self-esteem, becomes totally self-absorbed, anxious, depressed, hopeless
and even suicidal. Typical symptoms are the variety of eating disorders and in some cases
self-mutilation like cutting or tearing out their hair. As we know everything is vibration. And the
suffering that this young person is going through is oozing out a powerful vibration
that these negative astral beings feed off. So, the more he suffers the more attractive
he becomes to these entities. This is a very cruel scenario. But that is only the first step. The next step is that this young person feels
like having a big emotional hole in himself that desperately needs filling. This is where
often recreational drugs come in as they are giving the temporary feeling of empowerment,
escape or relaxation. His intense craving for approval can also lead to promiscuity
and other vices. All of this is vibrational food for the unseen negative entities, the
rebellious souls. As this young person with his extremely low
self-esteem watches the celebrities in the media he may also come to the conclusion that
if he would have lots of money, or fame or power, he no longer would be unhappy because
he would then be admired by all the people whose approval he craves. He hopes his inner
emotional hole would finally be filled, and he would be happy ever after. That is exactly what these negative entities
want him to believe. Because now he has left his original divine calling of coming here
to Earth to love and to serve. From now on it is all about becoming rich, or famous or
super powerful as fast as possible. For this young person it now is all about wealth and
celebrity to win the love and respect of others with bling and buzz. Being bombarded with
images of the super-rich, the super-powerful, the Kardashians and the like he is now determined
to become like them. Because he is still driven by the same original message: “I am not
enough!” But as we know, for most young – and even
older – persons this is an unattainable dream. Sooner or later the sobering reality
sets in and when that happens the person feels like a complete FAILURE. The “I have failed”
together with self-loathing and self-hating is exactly what the negative entities want
him to feel. Again, these vibrations are energy food for them. And the longer he will stay
in this state of despair and self-pity the better for them. It is all manipulated. This
feeling of failure was pre-planned by them. But not everybody fails. There are quite a
few people who are very determined and actually achieve the outlandish riches, the fame and
power. How is that possible? Again, in many cases this is purposely forstered by these
demonic forces. They cleverly and constructively assist these high achievers to reach their
goals. They make it happen for them to meet the right people, the perfect environment
and so on. But nothing is for free. It is a ‘Faustian Bargain’, a ‘pact with the
devil’ because eventually these demonic entities will demand compensation for their
services. And that usually means servitude for their souls in the afterlife. But sooner or later these high achievers will
realize that all their riches, their fame and their power does not fill their inner
hole. So, they hope that more of it might do it. But it is never enough. If 1 million
is not enough, neither will be 10 million or hundred million. So, they are driven by
unbridled greed, which is MORE, MORE, MORE. But nothing fills that inner bottomless pit.
And the eventual result is total burn-out or collapse. Again, it is the feeling of complete
failure as the old message, “I am not enough” has been pushing them all the time. All of
this is carefully planned and manipulated by those who now keep on feeding on these
juicy energies of defeat and self-loathing. This is the typical life of any addict. The
only escape out of this vicious circle is to stop and remember that these negative forces
are defenseless against the Source of all Life, against God or Christ. They are the
abundance, the fullness of life and the only medicine to heal the inner hole. Nothing is
stronger than that. And once we make the decision and ask for help and truly surrender to these
divine powers of heavens then help will be given to us to restore us back to sanity if
we do our steps like asking for forgiveness and making amends. That is what the members
of any AA program learn as they are encouraged to recognize this Higher Power, to listen
to that Higher Power, and allow God or Christ to inspire them in their journey of recovery. This the path to Freedom. Back Home, Back
to LOVE. If you are interested to see how our young
generation is purposely corrupted with the false ideals of wealth, fame and power you
may find the documentary “Generation Wealth” on amazon very informative. In my video I have outline the problem with
a very broad brush-stroke. I am fully aware that there are exceptions. There are wealthy
powerful and famous people who are using their resources for the good and benefit of others.
Money, fame and power in themselves are not the problem. It is our addiction to them that
can destroy us. A soul that is addicted to the privileges
that power, fame and riches bring often arrives after death in the spiritual world as an impoverished
soul who will have great difficulties to adjust in a world where these aspects have no meaning
at all. Thank you for watching.


  • Toni Kemppainen

    It's what "mumin" is teaching too.

    People need to watch it more. Those characters look "mumin" too.

  • Maggie Falls

    Hello Hans,
    Can you please do a video about what various religions say about women. I watched your video about how religion is pulling people away from God and I found it to be very interesting. I know in a lot of religions they are very demeaning to women as if we are not equal in value as human beings. I would be very appreciative if you would teach me and provide your prospective. Seek and ye shall find, right?

    Thank you

  • Skellie Fishsticks

    Hans, i had a rather difficult question and i hope it doesn't sound like i'm being facetious- i'm simply having trouble trying to word this question. anyway, how is it that one group of people on this planet is given the truth while all other cultures, past and present are guided towards incorrect teachings.

  • Toddster2012

    that is why all these governments are controlled by Lucifer, who ever thought we would see everyone give up and throw in the towel by legalizing drugs, that is not the answer, all these so called ''doctors'' who now tell their patients to start ''smoking dope to get healthy'' that is just bizarre and signs we are in the final times, all these fool doctors will have to pay for huge ammounts of negative karma in the afterlife, just as they all sold their mortal souls to have all the big $$$$ for being a doctor, so sad they all perverted their medical oath to HELP others, not give them cannabis, the most evil and wicked drug of all, a very tragic tragedy, if we all only had a magic time machine to go back to 2000, for example when drugs were ILLEGAL and people had morals, now its all down the drain, for all the immoral sinners who worship drugs, here's a newsflash , there won't be any cannabis or any dumb TV propaganda hype stories singing its praises in the afterlife higher realms.

  • dr Seema Bhandari

    Very good vdo fir youngster. This is what is happening and gradually they r thrown into depression and evil ..that's what is in Bombay all good looking guys want to be actors and turn into messed up souls

  • Daniel Forrester

    Unless Hans is speaking from an enlightened perspective and Abraham isn't, it also raises the question of whether or not a soul can be impoverished upon death.

    Abraham said when a person dies they leave behind all resistance and become pure positive again.

    That actually makes sense and I've heard accounts from trance mediums report that those that cross over tend to be far happier.

    I also don't agree with the idea that diseases are a manifestation of karma because that also doesn't make sense.

    Diseases can occur because of tension/resistance to Universal life force. Each specific area is affected by feelings that a person holds then? I guess that would be the subconscious.

    I'm not sure how to relieve it though when life circumstances and other people are constantly bringing you down. It's excruciatingly difficult.

    And if it's true that frequencies affect matter then frequencies in your environment also can affect manifestations of diseases.

    And that makes getting this information out more difficult since that all gets regarded as pseudoscience. Then, that collective of people become annoyed/angry/etc…

    It's harsh.

  • adelaida oprea

    Thank you so much for your contribution, I value it enormously. I love listening to your videos while working, I feel more inspired andit keeps me in the state of mind I aim to be in. I am so grateful 🙏

  • Daniel Forrester

    And I'm sorry but the t.v. does not tell us what is attractive or not.

    When people go out to look for models they look for specific physical traits that are universally admired.

    Even babies recognize ugly or beautiful faces. No need to try to say some cheap, "everyone is beautiful inside" phrase to sugar coat things.

    Well it would be nice to actually see that! No one likes looking with their physical eyes at degradation and decay. They simply have to come to terms with it and 'accept' it.

    These teachings seem too religious… Seems a majority here are 'Christian' and probably unloved and falsely believe themselves to be loving as most of them do.

    Sorry to say it but I lose my patience with the ignorance of this world day by day.

  • Daniel Forrester


    Unless someone wants to tell me otherwise…

  • Om mm

    I have an important question, if soul's ultimate purpose is to serve others, why not let these negative entities feed us. Isn't it another way of service?. They too need love

  • Harry Broker

    Ain't that odd? Many told me, what is your job desription on Earth? Many don';t understand. I said is one of the dumbest choice in life, but oh so true. But what is it? Is to serve people.Yes, (Plain Serving People) . Google search, Aquablauw and Harry Broker).

  • Dorothea Jana Rotter

    30 sec. and I had to stop it, I don't like this guy and don't trust him. I feel terrible when he looks at me from screen. His eyes are not honest and there is something really dark inside him. Sorry..cant help myself. Am I alone?

  • Michael Castillo

    Hey Hans, I’ve watched every one of your videos and you touch on almost every meaningful subject but there was one that I feel is too big for you to have not talked about. NUMEROLOGY! Whether you’re an expert on it or not I’m interested in what your thoughts are on it and the role it plays in ones spiritual growth. 🙏

  • jacqueline schael

    We are programed from very young only to survive in this world. So we end up slaves of this dark system.

  • Roxanne Taylor

    Hi Hans 😀 I am so glad I found your videos. I am not a religious person but I was taught Transcendental meditation at age 9 so I was kept open if you like to the pure light energy. Life has been full of test and trials all of which I have approached/looked at lived through and learnt through (as nothing is ever a waste unless one does not learn from them 🙂 even then there is always more), and seen thing as must be karma due or owed to others. Biggest fight in life was to understand human feelings and learning to love self due to other influences within life we all have along the way. Despite all trials I always strive to return to light and this video at least answers how I am to serve without doing it wrong, although my intent is never just for the reward but to assist those who could use the learning tools 😀 Thank you for all your videos, I found them when I least expected it, but needed it as life is often like that when we surrender <3 these videos seem to be based on the principles of life I have lived, and NO I have always been human and not always the best or fastest (stubborn) student along the way. It is nice to see what I have been living within these principles have not just been my imagination 🙂 part of my lessons have been learning my voice counts. Blessed be, and yes life really is simplistic and we complicate it for ourselves and others <3 I love how you explain the complexity of it all so simplistically 🙂

  • The Storm

    I just stumbled across your content this morning. I have spent my life in search of the answers to the deepest questions of life, thru the experience of living, loving and learning, and I can say that everything I've seen in your videos is the precise truth. I hope more people find their way to your channel and comfort and direction in your words. Thank you.

  • Shag Wellington

    Wow, very good video. Not very many people can use their money, fame and power for good. Too many temptations. I really admire those who use their success to help others.

  • Bobby PvP

    Well said (done), Mr. Hans Wilhelm!!! How to change the negative patterns into positive ones shall be one of your next videos! Keep doing your great service … 🙏👍🙏! God bless.

  • Vanessa Odette Herrera

    As older souls I feel that we have a memory of the life after death state of concsiusness, that´s why we loose interest in the material game per se, or anything physical, its gross for us, not that we are against it, it just that its not a driving force for us.We just want to leave this dimension, clean our karma, and complete what we are here to do, and move on, we are just tired of it all. amen.

  • James Doughty

    Can you say prosperity gospel, and word of faith ? There is no better a ruse then one that infuses religious belief in its construct.

  • Valerie Pierce

    Thank you for this. God bless you….too many of us got all mixed up because of false, new age teaching, and need to wake up….

  • raym1951

    although I'm more of a dog person than a cat person, I feed and water 8 or more feral cats where I used to work. 7 days a week . at least they have food and water and shelter (old lumber yard ) but its costly on a fixed ( social security ) income. I'm hoping God will help out as they're his cats lol

  • BritIndian

    I understand your logic, and it sounds right. But your premise is wrong from the outset. Thumbs down on this one I'm afraid.

  • kidrockn4vr

    HANS I HAVE A QUESTION . If we are reincarnated and we choose the life we choose. What happens to all the famous people who sold there soul. Is it there last time here? Or do they keep recycling and at the end they are taken?

  • fickbasterd

    the brother of my wife is paranoid schitzophrenic and suffers deep pain is this also dangerous to be with him in a room and dangerous for a baby who is with him in the same room? thanks !

  • Kingdom Freedom

    They will also become aware, some long while before., that they cannot hold onto the benefits of the bargain and therefore inset realisation how fleeting time combined self-will have in essence cheated own…dissatisfaction will prevail over their minds spurning themselves a self-made fool of sorts an explicit ineptitude…

  • Dangerous Mistake

    Hmm , I wonder if it's possible these entities can appear as a ball, once I had an incredible experience where I actually saw what appeared to be a huge mass of black energy or balls , there was so many swarming around me it appeared like a dark cloud and then beyond them was two pure white ones circling around them further out , I actually ended up speaking with or feeling some entity of some kind during this and I asked this being about the darkness in the world and particularly around me I ment and it laughed histerically , it had these crazy blue fire looking eyes , like tracers when he moved and a huge massive smile absolutely just amused and loving

  • Dixie Normus

    This is whats happening today we need to protect our children!! thanks Hans I love all your videos your a great teacher!!

  • Bonnie greatorex

    We are not separate of God, God is nothing more than consciousness. We are merely consciousness experiencing what it's like to be human. We are being human, human beings get it?

  • Anastasia Walter

    Hollywood stars and rock stars are the most generous people in our society. They give to charities and “serve” more than anyone else.

  • Samantha Hardy

    Having money to be able to do good with it and help others less fortunate would be great but just having money for the sake of having money to buy material things that are not necessary is a waste. You can't take anything with you when your physical body dies. I would love to be able to help more people and to help protect the planet by buying some land and making sure nobody builds on it. I would plant trees to ensure there is more oxygen on the planet for future generations. I would pay for my daughter to attend university to get a law degree as she wants to help people get justice for crimes committed. I could do so much to help people I know who are genuinely in need of help. I try to help others where I can without using money by just being kind but I could do so much more and help more people but finances are challenging.

  • UpperLel

    Wealth, fame, power… Gold Roger, the King of the Pirates, obtained this and everything else the world had to offer and his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.

    "You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place! Now you just have to find it!"
    These words lured men to the Grand Line. In pursuit of dreams greater than they've ever dared to imagine! This is the time known as the 'Great Pirate Era'!

  • The Agent

    One of the best video on this subject. Yes, there are dark forces taking energies from the suffering of others. We are food sources. Thank you Sir. It takes a lot of courage to not be affected by ones' lack of wealth and power, but is worth it.

  • Dhananjay S

    Sir you have got Awesome and Wonderful knowledge .Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.Can we clean our Past and Present Negative Karma's..

  • LeShaun Jenkins

    Remind me of Michael Jackson! One of the most talented and influential person that ever exist. but he destroy himself, He wanted to be more European! in the end all his money and fame couldn't save his own life!!

  • Jf

    So all the souls of famous people are condemned to serf the demons? No. There is many good people, who are donanting money to good causes and are famous. And got famous because it was their karma or their destiny.
    Also I dont believe a soul gets possesed and lost forever. After all its a soul who comes from God.

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