• gretoszka

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for all your help. I'm confused about the Q re the broker mentioning the APR in his ad but not mentioning any other financing terms. You said answer is A, it's okay under RESPA.

    The book says: "Real Estate Advertisements
    Real estate advertisements must comply with Regulation Z. If one
    financial term (such as interest rate or no money down) is men-
    tioned, all financing terms (interest rate, monthly payments, length
    of loan, and so on) must be stated in the ad. There are severe
    penalties for people who incorrectly advertise real estate loan
    terms." California Real Estate Principles Book, page 209.

    Per the above, I'd say the answer is C. Or am I missing something? Please help me understand so I can get this right at my exam. Thanks!!

  • D N

    you raise your students' level of confidence… which is what we really need! thank you. your hard work and persistence is changing people's lives!

  • Suzy Gray

    Joe!! I took my California test on June 8, 2017 (last Thursday) at 8:30am. I studied for months and months, went to Barnes and Nobles (my husband is so sweet for going with me and supporting all of my studying hours at Starbucks…etc. Even bought me cupcakes and flower the night before my test haha). Anywho, the morning of my exam, I arrived early and sat in my car re-reading some of my notes. I stopped and said…"I'm going to watch YouTube in case I missed something". This video popped up! I have to say with confidence that all of the questions regarding all of the above, I got right. I finished my exam in 2 hours and PASSED!!!!! Thanks for this video for refreshing and guaranteeing my prior knowledge about these topics! Woooohooooo!!!

  • Adrianna Pliego

    There was a question on the test that stated, "The seller is required to deliver the Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake safety to the buyer of any one-to-four unit property built prior to: A)1960 or B)1968 . The answer is A! You said to always choose 1968 no matter what lol. This is the only exception .

  • Red Road Commons Apartments

    I love how detailed you are! I swear I was hearing the same voices in my head that you spoke about in the video every time I read certain things and I feel so much better now!

  • Oh Andy Anderson

    Taking part 2 of the test tomorrow ..been watching your vids, much easier and entertaining than reading the books .. wish me luck lol

  • Lakeisha Thomas

    Joe, I have learned more from your videos than I have in the class!! Thank you so much! I will be taking my state test in a few weeks and hopefully I will knock it out the park, thanks to you! On another note, try to do the info on this video again, because the young lady was very distracting/annoying due to her breathing, sniffling, coughing, & obviously not studying.

  • R H

    Wow people will find a negative in everything! This video was very helpful & informative and all people can say in the girl was aggravating because she didn't study!???? Y'all are just so ignorant, you guys don't know that for a fact! It could've been her feeling so nervous! It could've been she had a learning disability like dyslexia or something! Plus you obviously didn't watch the entire video where she was nailing the questions at the end and was getting everything right! People will really find anything to hate or bully others about…… If this girl sees these comments you did a great job! #SpreadMorePositivity

  • R H

    THANK YOU JOE!! FINALLY PASSED MY EXAM ON THE THIRD TRY BECAUSE OF YOUR VIDEOS! After failing the first two times, I realized that I had to find a better method of learning the material. Then I found your videos! Thank God. I had to have watched only about 20 of your videos and now I've passed. You are absolutely amazing. I cannot thank you enough.

  • Chris Gallatin

    fix your answer about a white family being encouraged to sell(36:19 in video). You put legal but unethical, and then tell the audience that it is both ILLEGAL and unethical….

  • Mike Giggey

    I think this is a great video, the only trouble I had was with that women in the video. With her snorting, sucking up snot sounding like she is drunk or high. It was very hard for me to concentrate with her making all those disgusting sounds.

  • milena reina

    Joe you should help me how I focus when I study…i can't pass the exam. i know you are good at it. but the exam is pure of tricky scenarios with long similar answers

  • Katilya Ross

    Hello, I just want to say that your videos are helpful, however I’m still struggling in some areas. What other study methods I could use to enhance my knowledge to pass the RE EXAM

  • Yvonne Paddack

    Helpful but would be 10 times better without the sniffeling, snorting and just plain PAINFUL caller.   Just teach the stuff, i hate the input from the people who haven't even cracked open the book yet!  Ugh!

  • Angelica Diaz

    Get a tissue please!! Thank you for the videos, they are so helpful. I am finally grasping the vocabulary. It’s a nice change from staring at my textbook.

  • Kal Rebai

    single or married in the fair housing acts ??i am confused .i thought this is called marital status and it is not included ? and familial status is more if you have children ….??

  • Will Byrns

    Joe – I just wanted to thank you a great deal for your help. I failed the test the first time, but after I started watching your videos the helped a great deal. The second time I took the test I was much better prepared because of you and I PASSED!! THANK YOU JOE – Keep up the good work, you're a great teacher!

  • keith Tavares

    Hey joe i took the exam 3 times and failed. Ive been watching your videos and its very educational. hopefully i pass my next time around.

  • Kaci Condel

    My sorry but this is the same girl frm previous video. I just can't listen. Love his videos but can't concentrate her yawning is not helping.

  • Bustin Beterson

    Just wanna take a moment to thank you for helping me pass my exam 🙏🏾 You are amazing at what u do keep spreading the love

  • carrie martinez

    I know RESPA by -RESPA sounds like rest. When you rest, you "kick back." I hope this can help someone someday!

  • Becky Biggbut

    Please use people for your video that somewhat know about what you are talking about this lady you used is lost and I don’t think it helps people trying to learn!

  • Cara Foley

    Hello, I just found your channel
    I have taken the test several times and missed passing by a handful or just by one question! I’m beyond frustrated and I’m running out of time to take the test. I plan on watching/listening to your webinars. Do you know if I can ask the board if I can get an extension on my time limit to take the test?

  • Anna Jany

    The guest sounds as if her mom made get up and go to her junior high pre algerba class at 7:00 the morning. She doesnt "get it" because she is not that interested in it yet.
    But I am grateful for a compassionate real estate instructor! Thank You tube!

    Silicon valley = violating anti-trust!!!
    At least from my observation but I have yet to officially be in the business.

  • SewIsabel

    These videos are very helpful and I listen to them a lot as I am studying for the licensee test. The question towards the end of the video about discrimination where the answer is all of the above. I agree with B and C, it is illegal and contrary to public policy, but A is unenforceable. Isn't it enforceable because of monetary fines and license suspension/revocation etc?

  • Scarlett Xu

    I went to the exam I tried 4 times didn’t pass until I saw this Sherman anti law. Before I felt asleep I was watching at this video. Thank you so so much! You help me passed my exam I gotta come back and write this comment for you! I’m licensed in Hawaii now!! Oahu!!!! Amazing!!!!

  • Davian Akers

    I went to an open house wherr the agent said that if I buy and if I wanted to renovate with in the first year I had to use the agent's construction company. I thought that was strange but he was going to construct a building in the back parking lot. I know you are not a lawyer but does this sound like a violation?

  • Victoria Munoz

    I can understand how Ray might be nervous and just come off like she hasn't studied her Real Estate curriculum much. However, I was shocked that a young black woman would not know what year MLK was shot or what the 13th ammendment addressed.

  • Amber Nicole

    The girl doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are learning this information. To be successful in life judge less and focus more on your success. Good luck on your test guys.

  • Monique Marcano

    Are these questions good examples of what will be on the exam? I ask because I see some that are kind of off? Like the one at the 40 min mark about Regulation Z. And has premium of Life insurance as a possible answer. I mean that one was a no brainer for me so I was excited.

  • Maiya Rose

    I just passed my national exam! I failed the first time then discovered these videos. You are heaven sent joe!!!! Thanks for all the review and videos you provide! Now i need to pass the state exam. If you can do Nevada State exam prep i will Gladly pay and participate in a review session lol…. :))) so happy woo hoo!!! That national test is freakin hard!

  • Glitter Kitten

    Student CLEARLY hasn't studied a single thing! Why couldn't you use somebody else for this video? She's aggravating.


    ty for your videos! Im on my $%)*#^ time taking the exam, keep missing by 2 for some reason, your videos are so helping me, Fingers crossed this next test!! wishd I had found you sooner

  • Samantha H.

    Respa prevents kickbacks- but don’t people get referral fees all the time? And don’t brokerages normally work with lenders and other service providers for that reason?

    How are they not violating respa?

  • trice g

    Thank you Joe and others for posing all the questions and topics relating to the exam.. I just took the exam a few hours ago and passed 1st time!!!!!

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  • Michele Vita Cassano

    Qq: unenforceable means impossible to enforce but discrimination in the sale or rental of residential property is enforceable so shouldn’t choice A. be enforceable not unenforceable? If so then choice D. (all of the above) makes sense…

  • Vitaliy

    Your channel is awesome! my wife is listening to your stuff day and night as she is prepping for her real-estate lic! I'm doing my training on nmls though, and I am having a hard time finding someone who's equally as good, or even close! "affinity real estate & mortgage training " is great but not enough material on there! Any advise?

  • Dream Weave Hair Gallery

    Joe..I loove your channel however this video brought oup a valid fact..
    So what I have noticed is this… since I have been taking the practice exams on each section everyday as well as listening to your videos each day. I notice that most of the videos tend to be the same few concepts.

    I would love to see explanatory on each and every concept for all of the practice exams. Because you always come up with phenomenal memory tricks which have tremendously helped me.

  • Kat Vandy

    Getting prepared to take my second shot at the test and this webinar by far touched on things I needed as well as so much closer to how the questions actually are on the test!!!

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