Welcome to the 2nd Amendment Activist Channel!
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Welcome to the 2nd Amendment Activist Channel!

Are you a supporter of the 2nd Amendment? Are you tired of gun grabbers telling you how you can carry, when you can carry, or what you can carry for self-defense? Are you tired of gun grabbers telling you that the 2nd Amendment is about hunting? If you answered yes to all those questions, then the 2nd Amendment Activist Channel is the place for you. We expose the lies and the ignorance of the gun control advocates. We educate the citizens on the truth about the 2nd Amendment. We are actively engaged each and every day in the political process. So if you are a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and you want to stand with us and fight back, and help restore the 2nd Amendment for generations to come, then hit that red “Subscribe” button today. Thank you!


  • Nathan Robinson

    I just found you on another channel. I was wondering what if any 2A rights groups at the state level in Pa would be good to ally with. Thanks for helping us keep our 2A rights at all levels.

  • Ingrid Bonner

    Would you be interested in sharing this petition? It was creates by a MT gunsmith – worth a read. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-micro-management-and-bureaucratic-overreach-besieging-gunsmithing-profession-united-states

  • Dirk Pitt the Great

    Yes just subbed. Just watched a Rachel Malone vid GOA from egtube? You guys need to get this stuff out there somehow. Strong 2nd amendment supporter here…she got me out to vote/early with an email thru GOA as I will NOT be here for the election. Thanks … GOA/NRA proud Texan.

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