Welcome to Universal Studio + La Jolla Beach  | 유니버설 스튜디오 & 라호야 비치 여행브이로그
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Welcome to Universal Studio + La Jolla Beach | 유니버설 스튜디오 & 라호야 비치 여행브이로그

Guess where it is? It’s Universal Studios movie lovers love! starting from exciting 4D rides Waterworld show with great action scenes photo time with swaggy transformers they are hot LOL Last but not least we went on a bus tour to look around some of the actual movie sets! Amy and I prepared a surprise prank for mom since it was her 1st time in Universal.. but after seeing all the water flood in the set.. Mom was actually very happy about it LOL We ended our tour with satisfactory smile on our face.. Now let’s change the mood and move onto San Diego~! Happiest moment omg so dizzy.. why is water so cold in July;; we were just lying on the warm sandy beach and reading a book we suddenly decided to get wet though… now too excited to just put our legs in water LOL arrived at cute, cozy hotel!! Dance Time!! we are going to the pool~ looks like we are aerobic class LOL We then enjoyed swimming hehe My lovely friend who lives in San Diego recommended us a good brunch restaurant! It’s Cody’s in La Jolla! First of all, love its interior design good to be here on weekdays. very relaxing. You must get this one!!! so damn good! It is the famous kissing statue. Are they really sea lions in front of my eyes?! Water slap LOL So freaking cute… cuteness overload T.T DO NOT ABUSE ANIMALS! Animals need to be protected. DON’T EVER ABUSE ANIMALS AGAIN.. Poor baby sea lion T.T Screen adjustment time for uncomfortable scene.. We are back to LA Americana, renowned shopping center in Glendale Here, we walked in Urban Outfitters! UO is very popular retail store among college students. I want to buy everything every time i come here LOL We also did shopping at Buffalo known for hipster thrift store. The grove When you come to the Grove, you should go to cheese cake factory! yum! Very satisfying Yup. we gotta retouch our makeup at Sephora. This is Ms. Piglet who got her first parking violation ticket! Congratulations! This woman…her birtday is July 31st.. You don’t like our gift, huh? LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyways


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