What Harry Potter Means to Me | ft Universal Orlando Resort
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What Harry Potter Means to Me | ft Universal Orlando Resort

This video is sponsored
by Universal Orlando Resort. I really hope you will enjoy it. People often ask me: Why? Why do I love Harry Potter so much? So… I thought that I would
try to answer that today. When I was younger, I basically never read. Not by choice, but… Because I thought I would never
be able to get through a book. I was that kind of kid who would read
a single page over and over again… …without processing the words
right before my eyes. Reading has always been difficult for me. And it was not until I was
introduced to Harry Potter… …that I realised,
I can lose myself in a story. It just has to be the correct one. I think what I love most about
Harry Potter… …is that anyone can enjoy it. Regardless of age, gender or
where you are at in life. There is always a lesson to be learned. There are lessons of love… …of friendship… …discovering your strengths. And maybe that’s why
I connected with Harry so much. Because as he was
discovering his powers… …I was learning about my own.


  • Maria D

    "As he was discovering his powers, I was learning about my own" I really felt that. 🖤⚡️ another amazing magical video, wouldn't expect less from you!

    Well my story with HP is not as magical as yours, as any 90s/early2000 kid I was a big fan of the movies since it was released, but it wasn't until I was 13/14 that I started voluntary reading books, so in 2010 (just before the deathly hallows pt 1 movie came out) I decided to only read the Deathly Hallows (even tho I had the 3 first books at home) because I thought "what's the point of reading the previous ones, if I already know what happens? " (so silly i know) but after watching the last 2 movies I realized that the books are always better, so I thought I should read the whole saga, but i don't know why i never ended up doing it.
    The years passed and I found your channel, Tessa's channel, and my love for HP started to grow again, so after a while of wanting to read the whole saga and now that I graduated from college and have more time, I finally started to read it and I'm currently about to start with the second one 🙂

  • Ronni Choi

    This video is everything. I love how personal it is and it got to me emotionally. Love you Lana! 💕You are who inspired me to read Harry Potter and it's the best decision ever! You are amazing!

  • jacki

    I felt completely in love with this video, it makes me really happy see you happy💛. Thank you for sharing this with us💛.

  • Kookie Army

    Wow! I don't know why I love Harry Potter, I only know that I grew up with the films and I love all of them 💜 I'm obsessed with the history💜

  • taekook novios

    I love Harry Potter because he makes me believe that everything is possible, that magic exists and that I will always find a home in books💕 greetings from Argentina

  • Deprise L

    i was late getting into hp. the stories came to me when i needed them the most. i was a sophomore in high school, things were changing and i was/ am still trying to find myself.. hp brings out the best in me and for that i will always be thankful <3

  • Rayna Mata

    I can kind of relate to you because when i was younger i could never really read and it never sank it. But right when i touched harry potter i fell in love and i couldnt stop reading. Harry potter has given me an identity and shown me who i truly am. Now i have a loving passion for this franchise and i know it is something that will stay close to my heart forever ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leslie Nieves

    Really loved this. That last line.. I felt that ❤️ Harry Potter really does inspire us to be our best selves

  • Castora Magic

    Lana… this literally brought me to tears it was so beautiful. It’s always been nearly impossible for me to explain to others what Harry Potter means to me and why I connect with it so much… but this.. wow. This is EXACTLY what happened to me. 🖤 Thank you for sharing this

  • Ingnite 96

    That was short but very beautiful, and full of your true emotions regarding this literally magical story. I don´t have a Harry Potter Story I don´t have the books yet (in any shape or form, I apologize) but I can tell you that what I share with you is that we only need that correct one story to bring out our "powers". I´ve learned some great things about myself by reading some great stories, and right now some are helping me to continue with some aspects in my life. This is a great video Lana, absolutely beautiful. Hugs from the distance 😀 <3

  • Dani Gonzalez

    Its just such a strong feeling that I cannot put it into words, and I'm sure it was difficult for you as well but I loved it. By the way Lana, I saw that you met J. K ROWLING! Can you please make a video about it? Love you ❤️

  • Dani Gonzalez

    When I was very young, I used to go with my mom every week to the supermarket and there was a corner full of videos to rent for a week. Every single week she let me pick one to take home, and every single week I chose Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I still dont know why, I was in love. A year later, when we were learning to read in school, my teacher told every student to take our favorite book to class. I took Harry Potter, and my teacher noticed that it was too big for a little kid so she suggested me a much shorter book. But I didn't care, that was the book I have chosen. I dont regret my decision❤️

  • Alicia Matinez

    I'm so in love with this video!
    I stared to love HP like 5 years ago ( actually 22) before of that I always said "why people love that? it's too boring" but one day my sister was watching Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone and this day stared the love, I stared to read the books and actually I have a tatto like yours (the harry's scar)

  • jo mo

    Harry's books have been the firsts books i've read because I wanted to too, not because I was forced to read any at school, it happened the same to me.

  • Jennifer Taylor

    I have no words only tears! This was beautiful and resonates in my soul so much!! Thank you for making this 💗

  • Danielle Dekker

    I don't know why, but this made me cry. My Harry Potter story: I had to read a book for school and the teacher said it had to be Harry Potter. At first I didn't want to read at all, but I started anyways. In 2 chapters I fell in love with the story and I recognized myself in some characters. I read all night long and later it became an escape from the world around me. I found out that there are others who love Harry Potter as much as I do, and I'll never stop loving it.

  • Basak Celik

    So beautiful Lana!! I started reading Harry Potter at the age of 39 to connect with my 10-year old son who is a fan… and then I lost myself into magic and became even a better fan than he is 😂 you are right, these books are for everyone!

  • Alex Hough

    This is making me cry so much. I love Harry Potter with my whole heart and I love this so much. I’m literally sobbing. Harry Potter has always been something that means the world to me and I love that I found your channel because I didn’t know anyone else loved it as much as I do

  • Julia-Karolina Saj

    Oh mygosh Lana! Wow
    I never wrote a comment on your videos, I just do not write comments in general. But, no matter if you read this or not, I think you deserve it, this little bit ofeffort I can put into it and give something in reward and say thank you for this amazing video. For the beauty you've created. I loved everything about it, thestory, your calm voice, every single cut and edit, the beautiful angles and captures. Wow!
    You made my heart melt.

    And btw. what is the song's name?
    It's so pure and beautiful 🙂

  • Pramoon VN

    Well, last year, my friends tell about Harry Potter and make me curious so I ask they "What is Harry Potter". Then a friend give me "Harry Potter and the Sorceres's stone" and say "You will know if you read this book". I go home and read it. I read it passionately and then read the following volumes. Since then, because I was so passionate about Harry Potter, I became Potterhead and collected things like wands, brooms, posters, ….

    That's all!!

  • Tone Marit Vøllestad Håstul

    I loved this. Wanted it to go on forever. You could totally do a dramatic reading of one of the tales from beedle the bard 😄

  • Martin Crossinguero

    Wow Lana your history it’s amazing. Congratulations because you transmit the Harry Potter feels and your work it’s incredible. I liked this video so much 😍😍

  • Francisco Jacobo

    Por favor invintenme a su matrimonio Luzu y Ana cumplanme mi sueño realidad.Jamás había deciado un sueño realidad como ir a su boda.Please!

  • Chandrima Bhattacharjee

    This is so magical…i have been a potterhead since ages and u r right..there is a always something that we can learn from the story of Harry Potter which can help us grow in our individual lives..the overall vibe of the video was so magical..loved it..❤❤From India

  • Aastha Chaudhari

    Same about me people asks me why I love Harry Potter the most
    I always said I love the whole world of magic and new discovery and the most the friendship and care
    I loved your video 😍👍👍👍

  • Aimée Rosewood

    I was a harry Potter fan since i was little, i probably thought i was a gryffindor then. I must have been musnt i, slytherin were the bad guys and we almost never heard about ravenclaw and hufflepuff. But since I'm almost an adult now, i happened to see the houses in a new light, and theres where the problem had begun. I do have lots of love for slytherin house now, but tho i'm very ambitious this isnt everything to me, so at least i'm down to 3 houses. Hufflepuff: I'm tenacious, honest, loyal, hardworking, empathetic and just. I love love love tge common room and the earthy vibes as well, perfect or isnt it? Well i've always felt too forward, to confronting, to temperamental and hot headed for being a puff. I'm a genuine person but when you get on my wrong side (for a good reason tho)hell breaks lose. I give 2nd chances and wont hold a grudge if i think youve changed honestly, but if you really betrayed me youre dead to me (i ve cut a lot of manipulators and such out of my life). Ravenclaw: i'm creative (i write poems myself), original (dont like to be copied), imaginative, open minded, accepting(but ignorant to ignorance), insightful, reflective and very good at reading people. So ravenclaw it is? Its not that easy, tho i weight my actions carefully and tend to overthink things when deciding i often go with my guts rather than my head. I'm very emotional and therefore sometimes not the most rational, and will throw myself into a situation without thinking if it appears to be the right thing. Also ravenclaw feels a little cold to me and i really like the cozyness and warmth of gryffs and puffs. I really do pride myself on my originality and insightfulness tho these are my me traits (for my own pleasure only) gryffs and especially puffs traits are my social traits. So that leaves gryffindor, right? Gryffindor: I'm brave, determined, outspoken on my beliefes, always honest to others and true to my self, wouldnt change myself to fit in, even tho people dont like my talk aktive bubbly personality, always always always standing up for what i think is right, no matter what it costs me. (i once lost 50€ due to telling someone they cant buy my opinion and go fuck themselfes). I'm loyal to a fault and would do anytging for my friends and family, but stand up to them as well if theyre in the wrongs, i always pick my side based on who is in the rights. And a desire to prove myself. But i have anxiety and panicattacks so i cant always be brave, i'm used to be mistreated so sometimes i chose myself first (working on that, plus usually i will do what is just in my opinion, goes the other way aswell were i forget my own needs), i'm far from being spontanious and reckless (again anxiety) but i'm working on taking risks (i hate risks so much) and being more adventurous (which i like). So what are we going to do about it? Where do i belong?

  • Antea 223

    Entering a Potterhead fandom is like having a whole another family that wil ALWAYS be there for you.💚🧙🏼‍♀️

  • Lisanne Roldaan

    How were you able to make me cry in 2 minutes I have never seen your account before thank you for showing people what HP can do for you.

  • Brittany Giles

    Harry Potter means the same to me! I had the worst time trying to read when I was growing up. I struggled in school and couldn't understand why I wasn't like the others in my class. Then my teachers had me go through testing and that's when I was moved from the normal classes into special education classes for reading and writing once I went into 7th grade. Then when I was in 11th grade, I got blessed with an amazing teacher that went out of her way to change how she was teaching since I wasn't understanding it. That's when my views of reading completely changed. I went from hating even thinking of reading a book even though I loved collecting them to absolutely in love with reading. And Harry Potter was the first book I read with the love of reading. In the summer of 11th grade going into 12th, I read the entire series. I just read and read! I couldn't put the books down and didn't do much as I was so memorized. The magic and the feeling of growth within the pages filled my heart with happiness, excitement and so much emotion. I finally loved reading…..cause I was finally able to do so! The next year, I tested out of special education classes and was back in the normal classes! That was such a win and did I feel so good! Till this day, Harry Potter is my life and it will always be so special to me. Its the magic that drives me!
    Thank you for sharing your story!!!

  • mrsfantasy

    Oh my god, this is the most beautiful and emotional video I've ever seen.
    I don't even know how to put into words what Harry Potter means to me, but I'm going to try my best.
    Well, I was that type of kid who didn't fit in easily; I didn't use to have many things in common with the other children and although I never went through bullying, I did went through really tough times; not only because I felt sort of alone, but because familiar problems.
    I sheltered from it all in reading and when I first started to read Philosopher's Stone the 25th of April, 2008 I didn't know why Harry Potter was so succesful, I thought it'd be just one more book and I expected nothing but to find a bunch of words between its pages.
    But then I began to read and I couldn't understand how could it be possible to love every word a little bit more than the previous one and for the first time in forever I felt like I had found my happy place. I will never forget that the first words that I said when I finished it were: "so, this is how home feels like".
    I will be never be able to thank J.K Rowling enough for her books and for how they made me realise that there was also a little place of the world for me.

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