What is Early Intervention? Child Growth and Development delay & milestones (in MALAYALAM)
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What is Early Intervention? Child Growth and Development delay & milestones (in MALAYALAM)

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Welcome to Crystal OT Talk, This is Gaayathri We had discussed about Red Flags in the last video, as said in it, today we will talk about Early Intervention. If you havent subscribed to my channel yet, Please hit SUBSCRIBE. What is Early Intervention? Who needs it & how is it done? We will discuss today Early Interventions is a program given to children to support their development, health & their needs. From a child’s birth OR before his schooling, many developmental changes happen in a child.. The therapies give to support these changes are Early Intervention therapies. Which includes, parental councelling, parental training, occupational therapy, PhysioTherapy, speech & ABA therapy etc. are a few which comes under this. At Home, Schools, Clinics, kindergardens OR community service centers.. early intervention programs can be implemented. once a child is diagnosed OR if you feel your child has developmental delay. Consult your pediatrician or a specialist… Upon their examination & suggestion Early Intervention program can be started. Depending upon the requirement of your child, the therapist either separately with the child OR involving parent OR indulging Group sessions with other children, will start the program. Children diagnosed with developmental delay or disability, early intervention has a great impact on them. Not only to them but normal kids with any such traits or delay can be benefited with early intervention. Every child is unique and they may grow in their rates of development its fine to compare them and its fine to have differences between the development rate but if 1 in 10% difference ratio comes in their rates, they tend to have a developmental delay that is where early intervention is needed How can we identify if our children have such delay OR to check if they are meeting normal develipmental milestones? Between 1-3 months: A child should be able to slightly lift his head while lying on tummy any passing object or a shadow, they should be able to look at it OR any cloth or bedsheet covers his face whould be able to move it. We have to check if our child is able to do these. Between 3-6 months: supported by hands & balancing on his chest. a child should now be able to lift his head further up they start observing shadows & surroundings passing objects or people. If you smile they will start to smile in return specially to mother, father or to close ones they start to smile or make sounds. After 4 – 6 months: child should starts to roll over, with or without support starts to sit & they start to smile back OR stretch hands out to reach out objects. Between 8-12 months: They should start to sit and play with toys, start to hold objects or throw them. Also with support of furniture or rails or holding others hands will start to stand up. They will start to move 1 or 2 steps or fall back & sit. If you call their name or point they will start to turn their head towards you or follow your direction. Similarly will be able to utter a word or two, and will try to imitate us, clap or tap their hands & imitate our actions. By 12-18 months: They will start to walk & run on their own they will start pointing & make actions & ask for things. They will start picking up things & play with toys. After 18 months children will start to be more creative in play example: pretending to feed a teddy bear or pretend to talk on phone, such kind of pretend & plays evolve By 3 yrs of age, with or without support they start to climb down 3-4 steps and also start to pretend themselves as their favorite cartoon character like mickey mouse or tom & jerry… and play creative & imaginative simple dramas. Also they will start to ask about yesterday or tomorrow. What, Which, How, When..?? these question they will start to ask. These are some of the important milestones to be noticed in a child before 3 years age. If any of these are not met or any age appropriate growth is not seen in your child, you need to take it seriously. If you feel these milestones are not seen in your child, without any fear..without any wait.. Consult your developmental pediatrician. With their suggestion & with the help of other therapists like OT, physiotherapist or speech therapist, a proper program can be started. If you have any clarifications on this video OR OR you have any queries about your child’s development? PLease mention them in the comment box or message to my official fb page. I have linked the page in the description. If you liked my video do share it to the maximum See you on the next video


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