What is FedSoc?
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What is FedSoc?

Federalist Society is really a complement
to your legal studies. It’s been a great place to meet people, people
with whom I may disagree on some issues. It’s a great way to engage in this kind of
back and forth intellectually. But at a Federalist Society event, you get
both sides presented. There were people on each side of the aisle,
they’re questioning the speakers, uh, engaging in civil discourse, and learning what each
side had to bring to the table. I’ve been involved with the Federalist Society
almost since it’s, uh, opening days back in the 1980s and the, the most significant aspect
of the Federalist Society is it’s, um, bringing back to our nation’s law schools and the legal
culture more broadly, a real deep and abiding understanding of and appreciation for, um,
the founding documents. From the beginning to this day, the Federalist
Society has brought together people with different perspectives for debates and discussions and
it was the first modern organization in my lifetime that was designed to stimulate interest
in information about and discussion and debate about the Constitution and civil liberties. One of the great things about the Federalist
Society, in my view, is that it brings students and academics and practitioners together to
discuss challenging ideas. I can expect a serious debate, um, from all
points of view and sadly, that’s no longer true in academia, so to have a society, which
brings the diversity of viewpoints and full, full and open debate is really a delight. We’re training our students to go out into
the world and to represent people. You have to convince people who disagree with
you that yours is the correct position and the only way to do that is to engage them. I knew that I was a big believer in the rule
of law and so, the Federalist Society really stood out to me, so I got involved immediately
when I started law school and I’ve been a member ever since. The Federalist Society really gives you a
chance to, to stay up to speed on that intellectual side of being an attorney that you had readily
available to you in law school, but sometimes you miss out on when you’re practicing. When you get to go to events and hear from
judges, from academics, from practicing lawyers and really learn from what they have to say
and hear their ideas, what it does is it leaves you, uh, a more well-rounded person, a better-informed
person, and that carries over into the practice of law. But the Federalist Society brings us back
to the most important issues. The state exists to preserve freedom, the
importance of the rule of law, the importance of the Constitution. And it really informs us on what it means
to have a Constitution, have the rule of law within a society where these things are valued. I highly encourage you to come and see what
the Federalist Society is about. Uh, maybe you’re not a conservative or a Libertarian,
uh, maybe you’re on the other side of the aisle, but you’re welcome at our events. We want to hear what you believe in and
we want to share with you what we believe in.


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