What Is Libertarianism?
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What Is Libertarianism?

In the US, we seem to only talk about two
political parties. Don’t like taxes? Republican. Want more social programs? Democrat. But the
fact is, there are more political philosophies and affiliations than you might think. One
of these is “libertarianism”, and it has grown increasingly popular over the past few
elections. Never heard of it? That’s fine, a recent poll found that even amongst self-described
libertarians, nearly a quarter had no idea what the word meant. So what exactly is libertarianism? Well, the most well known version is the one
that grew out of the 1960s counterculture movement in the US. In short, the libertarian
philosophy says that everybody should have absolute freedom to live their lives how they
see fit, as long as they respect everybody else’s right to do the same. This generally
means that most libertarians advocate for minimalist government on the basis that it
should have no say whatsoever in the decisions a person makes about his or her life. This
is a pretty Republican leaning ideal. At the same time, libertarians stress social freedoms,
like the right to gay marriage and abortion. In a nutshell, Libertarianism appeals to people
because it combines both political worlds. That may be why the Libertarian party has
been called the third largest party by both membership and popular vote in the US. But Libertarianism is unique in it’s own
way. It tends to support what is called a “night-watchman state”, where the only
function of a government is to protect it’s citizens from being injured or defrauded.
Thus, government should only consist of a military, a police force, and a court system.
Additionally, some libertarians think agencies like the FDA are intrusive, because they try
to regulate what you can and can’t ingest. Safety laws, like seatbelt or helmet requirements,
are also considered to be violations of freedom. Libertarians also tend to lean towards drug
legalization, getting rid of welfare, and supporting gun rights. However some tenets of libertarianism have
glaring problems in the real world. One real world example of limited government and a
free market occurred in post-Communist Russia. Without government support, Russia’s roads
and banks collapsed, inflation skyrocketed, and many old and jobless people were left
helpless. Libertarianism sounds like a good idea, but
like a number of other political philosophies, it may be a bit too idealistic to actually
work. Still, if lower taxes, legalized marijuana, and the freedom to do whatever you reasonably
want sounds good in theory, it just might be the party for you. There’s a fine line between libertarianism
and anarchy in the world of political philosophy. To learn more about what anarchy is all about,
take a look at our video here. That video can also be found in the description below.
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  • giuseppe3010

    Libertarianism does NOT work in a capitalistic country; and America is capitalistic ! Period!! Furthermore, in other countries where they tried Libertarianism, it failed and the country became CAOTIC!!

  • Vuk11

    Libertarians can trace their lineage back through Classical Liberalism and the Enlightenment values of the West. Even as far back as people like Lao Tzu.

  • michaelaaronw

    Why does no one ever talk about left-libertarianism. She even mentions that the current definition/philosophy came out of the 1960’s. What about what before that? Libertarianism had a much more left leaning philosophy which, by the way, is still the current definition in the majority of the world.


    How did this get so many likes when it's full of lies and strawman arguments?
    Geez, people really are dumb. Smh

  • meme king

    Lol and no point in time was Russia or post-communist Russia libertarian, they still voted for a leader. I would expect now this to say something of how it doesn't work concerned that there are very biased left-leaning POS

  • KENNEDY the Cosmetologist

    I like it! I always knew I had mostly Conservative views but I also didn't care what people did with thier children, their bodies, and who they married. Those things do not affect my life so… I like it!

  • Денис Булатов

    Lol , libertarianism in 90-th Russia ? Very funny joke , because the government controlled all economy and taxes be very high . And this you named a libertarianism ?

  • MrSharko12

    The problem in Russia was that liberalisation off society happened too fast, most libertarians agree that we should get in the direction of classical liberalism slow, and the government is still playing a huge role in those reforms.

  • X Man

    libertarians are nothing but millennial rejects who want to start their own SJW movement. libertarians make no sense! their policies are misconstrued and ignorant! they think roads will repair themselves 😭😭

  • Joseph Svennson

    Libns dont want a revolution. We just want capitalism and democracy to naturally evolve. The last stage we want is Marxism.

  • Bane

    The roads and banks going under had nothing to do with capitalism. They're both owned by the government, which makes them socialist; certainly not a libertarian view. Hyper inflation is due to government intervention. They printed out so much money.

  • Natureboy7200

    You didn’t mention that all businesses are not supported by the government. Banks may have collapsed there cause the government wasn’t there to support them. If the bank was private the bank would have at least a hiccup

  • islanti

    God dammit it's like impossible to get a definition on political ideologies without the person contaminating the definition with their own bias and ignorance.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    what the f** are you talking about bloody f*****g ussr has nothing to do with libertarianism , libertarianism is the exact opposite of communism or socialism . it is an american ideology , it is libertarian ideas that made america rich and gave all the freedom and liberties to american citizens . libertarianism = republicans – religious view in them . libertarians are mostly atheist

  • organic Bunny June

    people are too stupid and awful to let do whatever they want,,people can be amazing or really really awful..question is do you want your young child at the mercy of someone doing whatever they want!

  • Hating Mirror

    It's not like we say that suggestion of fasten your seatbelt is a violation of rights, it's more of government asks you 'Please wear it', but there's no punishment not to do so. I don't think a lot of countries even have a law to always wear seatbelts, but it's a common knowledge that, you know, seatbelts are helpful

  • whistling wind

    According to Condoleezza Rice and her latest book Democracy, the reason post-USSR Russia was a mess was because they tried to become a democracy faster than their infrastructure could handle. Democracy is not something that can be built in a year or even ten years. Many countries have struggled with democratic ambitions for a hundred years or more. Blaming the failures of post-USSR Russia on Libertarianism or any ideology at all is completely false. The establishment of democracy is messy and takes time.

  • soy anarco-capitalista

    The Soviet collapse has nothing to do with libertarianism and in Russia there has never been a free market. Russia is currently governed by an oligarchy that controls the political media.

  • RedArmedBandit

    Libertarianism is flawed because people need government! Also only the government people should have guns so they can keep people safe. If humans have guns they might commit drug abuse. People will revolt if they’re have guns so BAN them. Also fat people can become libertarian so it’s unhealthy

  • JBangcastle

    So, you're part of the 25% you described that don't understand what libertarianism means? That's what I gathered from your hand gestured chat. It might also be good to note that your body language suggests deception. The very hands you move around, say a whole lot.

  • gman

    This video is garbage. Comparing communist Russia to libertarianism… Some people truly can't think clearly, please read more!
    To the people that bash libertarianism, ponder this with a good knowledge of history: People given freedom will always want equality, and people given equality will always want freedom. Which situation requires a revolution to gain the upper-hand? God bless America!
    plays Freedom by George Micheal

  • Arthur Q

    Libertarianism rejects the power of the government, but recognizes the power of the capital (money).
    Wich means that oligarchs and corporations would have an opportunity to exploit the people without any limits and control from the government.

    While the exploited people would have an opportunity to dress like they want, got wasted on drugs, buttfuck each other and kill their own children because they can't afford them.

  • FunLobbyDE

    "sounds good in theory, doesn't work" – Source, please? The NAP and goodness of the majority will work it out, as the free market manages things well.

  • CelticConfederate

    Whoever wrote the script to this and put that poor girl in front of the camera just made you and her, both, look blatantly ignorant in a humorous way.

  • Alessandro Di Piazza

    Libertarians are “extremist” liberals, like liberals they advocate individual freedom but the second ones want more goverment intervention.
    Both conservatives, libertarians and liberals substain free market capitalism but everypne of them explain how to help it in various ways

  • Antenna2heaven

    The idea that we should put our lives in the hands of incompetent polticians with agendas has never sat well with me.

  • RandomFin

    Liberalism is a practice where a certain people speaks about freedom and protecting it with a balls smaller than an atom.

  • Yuri Orloff

    Libertarianism is the religion of former hippies who want to smoke pot and pay nothing in taxes from their accounting business.

  • Assweed

    This definition is even too generalized just because you associate with a party doesnt mean you have to agree with everything it wants

  • FutureLaugh

    this video explains what Libertarianism is, and then just before the viewer can agree this is a great philosophy- at 0:57 the real bias of NOWTHIS starts to propagate its own poison by associating libertarianism with "republican leaning ideal". Using an example of real world libertarianism inside a "post communist collapse of russia" is the most asinine comparison ive ever heard in my life. "too idealistic" sounds like what the country needs

  • Michael J. Long on the issues podcast

    Sounds more like she's bad mouthing us libertarians. Tipicult liberals and conservitives that have no idea how libertarianism works and the only example of if not working is when the soviet union calapses? Yeah go clang to your big government bs why don't you tipicult

  • TheLaneSplitter MC

    If anyone here wants to learn in a much better way of what libertarians believe in, read Liberty Defined by Ron Paul. It explains 50 topics A to Z what a typical libertarian believes, usually in the context of American politics.

  • SirYeshSir

    Libertarianism is too idealistic but socialism isn't? I guess that's why Nobel peace prize winner Milton Friedman hated Libertarianism so much.

  • Max Duvall

    as a libertarian, I haven't even watched the video yet and just by her tone I can tell she's already about to blame libertarianism for everything.

  • Max Duvall

    "this is a pretty republican leaning ideal" 
    any libertarian ever: "LMAOOOOOOO"
    its funny how dems think republicans are super right leaning when they're basically just democrats but pro war instead of pro social programs. they hate eachother not because off whose spending more money but because what they spend money on, libertarians are the only consistent people and they are nothing like republicans.

  • Jacob Rane

    How tf can you compare post Soviet Russia to the United States of America?
    Especially modern day America!?

    A free market system, in theory could and would most likely be a successful feat for America! With all of the establishments that aren’t under governmental financial control would then have the access to name their own prices based upon their competitors…. which we can see is not always a bad thing, by looking at multiple gas stations at the same intersection, all competing for the lowest prices for the same product, which would give the customer(American Citizens) the best deal, which would put money back into the American people’s pockets!

    Also, a free market system is NOT a communist ideal, it is not everybody sharing everything, it is not the opposite of a monopoly, essentially it IS however an opportunity for people to compete with one another for the best product and/or price for the consumer. Which the average consumer would make up the MAJORITY of this nations population…….

    Tell me again how Libertarianism would not work?

  • Микита dad

    Most stupid idea to equling Russian 1991 and free market.All of businessmans of thet period made mony only by governmen(i meen real mony, 20 trillion dollars was stolen by aligarh s for 20 years)

  • D Mal

    Okay so you're argument against Libertarianism is post communist Russia ? They went from a state controlled nation to fend for themselves. Of course they will have problems. If you went from going to the grocery store to having to hunt, catch, and slaughter your own food then it's going to be problems at first. Duh!

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