What Is The Constitution Attended To Do?
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What Is The Constitution Attended To Do?

me politicians are constantly talking
about the cost of living is close to show what
is a constitutional with politicians saying uh… whether it’s ron paul’s saying
that social security is unconstitutional for a new usually formal rules refusing to pay attention to our country
for the articles in the amendments and all that stuff unless the preamble that i was a great
we had to memorize the preamble for artistic last and it says that we have people united
states pretty good so far in order to form a more perfect union establish justice insure domestic tranquility madeline
kahn defense promote the general welfare unskilled buses of liberty to ourselves
and our posterity your day have established discusses united states of
america that’s an awful i think uh… very few people seem to pay attention to then this so called up
with what it says and they don’t seem to pay
as much attention to what it is intended to do and ideals apollo kennedy’s solution do something about increase at about the
uh… national anthem that his all about defending ideals instead of the ideals themselves and
uh… i think this is an old problem we have way or the constitution


  • Kurzula5150

    You have not answered the question you were attempting to pose in your title, that is, inform us as to the constitution's function. You needn't have actually stated the preamble, but if you are going to cite it then try not to ramble through it as though it's boring, since this undermines your goal of stating it's importance. Ultimately, you end up talking about the national anthem and have said nothing other than 'someone' should do something about informing people.

  • Kurzula5150

    [Continued] Since you are the one posting the vid, perhaps you should be the 'someone' to do something about educating people. Is TYTnation allowing just anyone to post stuff on here, or is there some kind of editorial process to at least insure a video submitter is making a coherent point.

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