What Is The Patriot Act?
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What Is The Patriot Act?

On May 7th, 2015, the Federal Court of Appeals
in New York ruled that the National Security Agency’s collection of American phone records
in bulk is illegal.  Specifically, they ruled that the practice did not fall under the scope
of the USA Patriot Act, which allows wiretapping of individuals to detect and prevent terrorism.
So, what is the USA Patriot Act? Well, the USA Patriot Act is a 10-letter acronym
for the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to
Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. It was passed swiftly by congress following
the terrorist attacks of September 11th, and signed into law by George W. Bush in 2001.
Later, when it was set to expire in 2011, Barack Obama renewed the law for another 4
years. The Patriot Act has been the subject of intense
controversy. Although it was intended to prevent terrorist attacks, it has been accused of
infringing on basic American civil liberties. It allows ANY law enforcement officials to
skirt a US citizen’s fourth amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure. The
Patriot Act grants agencies like the FBI sweeping surveillance power over cell phone data, internet
search histories, medical histories, library records, and “any tangible thing” for
suspected terrorists. Critics note that because intelligence can
be gathered secretly, with little oversight, officials can easily abuse their power and
falsely charge innocent people. The Patriot Act also allows for the indefinite detention
of anyone, even non-US citizens, without probable cause. The New York Court recently ruled against
the NSA’s mass phone surveillance program because the judges said it “would be an
unprecedented contraction of the privacy expectations of all Americans”. Yet, they also made it
clear that if they wanted, Congress would absolutely be able to legalize the NSA’s
actions by passing new laws to that effect. However they would not be able to use the
Patriot act, in its current form, to continue justifying the mass surveillance. The USA Patriot Act is set to expire in June
2015, and congress is already discussing its renewal. Despite massive opposition from numerous
public figures, including senators, celebrities, and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, President
Obama has continued his support for the program. He maintains that there is suitable oversight
to potential privacy abuses, and the program has had proven results against terrorist violence.
NSA surveillance will continue to be a greatly divisive issue as the population continues
to increase its digital footprint. If you’re curious to dive deeper into why
the NSA became the closest thing to big brother that the world’s ever seen, check out our
video here. Don’t forget to subscribe, and thanks as always for watching! We’ll see
you tomorrow!


  • max radke

    "those who are willing to give up essentual liberty for temporary safety, will get neither liberty nor safety" -ben franklin.

  • James Taylor

    My biggest fear of the patriot act is how easy it is for the government to take some of our rights way without us knowing it. They could easily take a step forward to take rights away and we wouldn't know it until something like 10 steps later. That's my fear. Just the potential of the government of stealing more rights from us.

  • Trevor Lindgren

    Let it expire! We dont need this tereible law which takes away our freedoms. Make the government go through proper channels before spying on anyone to ensure probable cause.

  • Zarli Win

    The Patriot Act should be called the Nationalist Act. We need to restore the integrity of the bill of rights.


    The moment when Obama extended the Patriot Act is when I started to hate hime even more than Bush. The reason? Obama ran for president under the promise of change. Instead he extended this unconstitutional law. He betrayed this nation.

  • PepepanchoPerales

    Benjamin Franklin said " the people that give up there freedom for security will not get ther securityand deserve nither,Freedom or Security" my humble two cents:)

  • tramsgar

    of course it has proven results. If you could indiscriminently monitor everyone for everything there'd be no unsolved crime. the only interesting question is "what did it cost to gain what?". maybe the freedom and integrity of a nation, or rather a world, is not balanced against even a few terrorist attacks. or else, the terrorists already won. because this is their goal – permanent fear.

  • Tyler

    The Patriot Act is by far one of the worst, in a fairly comprehensive list, of US governmental mistakes in the last 15 years.

  • Eduardo Rivera

    Snowden was an American Hero, 20 years from now if we're either controlled by corporations or the people fight back. Who will write his name and how. That depends. But I'll tell you this, Your government was forged to protect you from other governments. Now they treat us as targets, each to contained and exterminated if we speak too loudly.

  • TeamMastaPr2

    Security vs Freedom… Maybe we sometimes have to sacrifice our liberties for safety. I wouldn't mind being monitored by the NSA or something – I have nothing to hide.

  • Tyler K.

    PATRIOT Act is a massive insult to American freedom, and needs to be repealed entirely. There's no good reason the government should have access to EVERYONE's private information unless there is specific and tangible probably causes as stated in the Constitution. The Framers wrote in those rights for a reason. We should be able to use them.

  • Abidal Sh

    it's all bullshit, they'll do whatever they want, whenever they want, they just want to make you think it's under a law,

  • Be like that sometimes

    911 being an inside job and this act also being forced upon people as protection from "terrorism". You can add two and two together and figure out what USA want, to control your life and to know what you are doing in any given moment. If you think they care about your safety you are wrong

  • undeadpresident

    Patriot Act means the government doesn't need a warrant and you have no privacy and they can monitor all your phone calls, read your emails, look at everything you buy, listen to your private conversations, look at your medical records, sneak in your house while you are away and snoop through your shit, etc.  It means you have no security from government intrusion.

  • TLydon008

    "it allows any law enforcement official to skirt a US citizen's fourth amendment protections"

    For the first video I get when searching for "patriot act", I was really hoping for something more unbiased and descript. While I don't support it for several reasons, sweeping statements like this trigger my BS meter.

  • 1701spacecadet

    When will Americans realise the Patriot Act is just an enabling act to allow the government to do anything it wants?

    Historical fact: Nazi Germany. The Reichstag building was destroyed in (what would be called today) an act of terrorism. This allowed Hitler to bring in an enabling act with the support of the German people. The act suspended civil freedom & protected the government from prosecution, no matter what they did.

    America, modern day. An act of terror allowed Bush (with the support of the people) to bring in the Patriot Act. An act that cuts civil freedom and allows the government to do whatever it wants.

    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Tomasz Kucharski

    The cyberwar in my phone number and my my mom phone numbers is done in this morning.
    Thomas Kucharski's
    Warsaw P.O. box number 02-683
    Bartlomieja 5 st. home number 9
    Polish Eagle

  • Xavier Thorn

    Lets not forget, it was a republican President and a republican Congress that passed this. So for those on the right that cry about government over reach and the "big brother" police state, it was you guys that did this, not the left.

  • Saint Levy

    Sorry if I assert this, but I always felt 9/11 was simply an excuse to bring out these new programs as the NSA and Homeland Security, I don't want to assert this because i do not have enough info, or solid evidence to prove me right. but their actions leave me believe that these are strategic methods to push their agenda of martial law.

  • kwang-won Chung

    LOL, what did they expect when they passed the Patriot Act? That it was all going to be colors and rainbows? Of course they expected it was going to infringe upon people's rights but they obviously thought it was worth it

  • Janett

    They’re watching us, so let’s watch back!

    I just launched an IndieGogo campaign for my short film P.A.T.R.I.O.T. inspired by the USA PATRIOT Act that deals with privacy, power, and uniting the people. I would love if you took two seconds to check it out and share!



  • Mohammed Shafiq

    The P.A.T.R.I.O.T ACT, actually means ,
    Providing Advanced Technologies to Receive and Intercept Operational Terrorism .

    Means a lot different to what most Americans think it means.

    Blessings to you all.

  • Rango

    Wow and how many times has the stupid act caught a terrorist before they committed their attack? Cause as far as I can tell it's been 0. Just a bunch of spying on the American people…

  • edward ranno

    I have been placed on the patriot act for just owning a 30 round mag purchased in 1984
    with my permit, the clip was in my room for 30 years only used a few time in 1985,
    because the police had about nothing on me they went for the mag that was outlawed
    in 1994 by the governor of NJ, after I spent 40,000 in legal fees we were not even aware
    that I was going to be put on the patriot act it just happened after my court date.

  • Bird Up

    Apparently democrats were originally against this, which I find strange considering how much they love spying on people and big government.

    Especially under that scumbag Obama.

  • Tom k.williams

    They were doing it anyway but now they have there back covered if anything comes out about spying and gives them more power in other countries

  • Ollie Rocksteady

    can this channel update the subscribers on the status of this legislation / other similar NSA/FBI infringements upon American citizens?

  • Peng Fu

    Which government does not want to grasp every intention of their citizens? Hello, we spy on foreign dignitaries such as Angela Merkel!

  • The Black Hole

    The best way to create an all-out police-state is to get people on board with it. You don't rule with an iron fist like Hitler but generate acceptance of the iron fist like Stalin. America is under an Orwellian environment placated into agreement of it by the MSM.

  • Ronnie Bishop

    This is a very dangerous act and they knew it when they passed it. But anyone could be thought to be a terrorist Long enough to get all information they wanted. And then say oh we're sorry.

  • The Dracobirthstonian

    So it is just the government trying to keep things in check? Well…for my credit card to be stolen…this could be an alright thing.

  • TheNatSecWonk

    Please ignore this video, as it contains a LOT of FAKE NEWS!
    Please read the Obama Admin's white paper on 'Bulk collection of Telephony metadata under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act'. Further, please read, 'National Security Investigations and Prosecutions', 2d by David Kris & Douglas J. Wilson
    That will clear everything up for you. This video got most of its sources from fake news outlets like ACLU, EFF, and tabloids written by non-experts.

  • Richard Fernandez

    So,criminals within the U.S. government committed a false flag attack on U.S. soil and then immediately passed the Patriot Act in 2001.
    The true reason for the passing of the Patriot Act are yet to be seen.

  • Jack Larson

    little by little Big Brother is invading our lives everywhere.
    but they gotta do it slowly…, get people acclimatized and comfortable to every little transgression. children born after 9/11 will/are going to grow up never knowing the true freedoms that older peeps, (those of the baby boom and even Gen X), experienced pre 9/11
    people dont realize just how drastically freedoms have been incrementally stripped from us in those 17 years since the attacks.
    complacency on their part will lead to a world where there will be no cash, tracking of everyone's every move, and RFI chips becoming a mandatory procedure at birth.
    and dont think "going off the grid" will completely exempt you from this invasion either… no one actually owns property.. the 'guv can take your property anytime it wants under the guise of eminent domain. sure, an off-grid lifestyle will give you more control over your day to day life, but just try not paying your property taxes and see what happens.

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