What’s Next For The Historic Gun Legislation That Passed This Week? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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What’s Next For The Historic Gun Legislation That Passed This Week? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  • brian woodward

    So the extremist Islamists can have illegal guns to terrorise us just like the cartels can terrorise the Latino community?

  • Freddie Kruger

    Nothing wrong with stricter gun policy. Too many idiots with guns out in society. The only ones who benefit are the ones selling the guns. Republicans will probably strike it down since they are owned by NRA

  • Akela DeWolf

    You know what has killed more American children, than the guns in Viet Nam, both gulf Wars, afghanistan, and every murder in the US since it was founded?

    Planned Parenthood

  • She's my President

    MSNBCannibals want to take the guns so they can EAT YOUR CHILDREN without you being able to defend them! #StopMSNBCannibalism #BuyaGUN

  • Iridescent ink

    Thomas Jefferson was right. The constitution should have been updated consecutively every 20 years. The second amendment goes with 18th century thinking. It's archaic.

  • bellamoon

    Trump isn't encroaching on the responsibilities of Congress. He is usurping the POWERS of Congress. Please be accurate.

  • Trumpocalypse

    Background checks don't limit the 2nd Amendment, at all. Only a fool thinks that everyone and anyone should have unrestricted access to firearms.

  • Bucky Pinata

    Gun legislation did not get passed. when did that happen? I saw that Rights suppression bills did, however…..

  • Jay Gibson

    During the mid terms they promised you universal health care, this is what they meant.
    It is DOA, but it dont matter, they are in office now.

  • Gooey 911

    And while MSNBC was busy covering the fake hate crime of Jussie Smollett to fan the flames of racial division against the US President, 70 more people got shot in Chicago in a gun-free city. Too bad the police were busy trying to solve a fake crime perpetrated by the democrat race-baiters. Why don't criminals respect these strict gun restrictions democrats force on the citizens? It's almost like the democrats put illegals/criminals first over the citizens that elected them.

  • Richard Culley

    Until the unfathomable 2nd amendment is removed the only way to save lives is to make it harder to purchase, own and use guns. To my eyes what the House has passed is barely anything and yet, Senate Republicans are so base they won't vote for it. Yet more evidence, if it were needed, that the Republicans put power above everything.

  • timber_beast

    LETS BE HONEST – the GOP LOVES school massacres.
    The gun money flows in like Christmas! (except there are a bunch of slaughtered children who aren't voters.)

  • V

    Nothing will change. I've carried legally for decades to protect myself from right wing idiots. Any trumpturd threatening me gets its head blown off and I'll smile while doing it.

  • Thomas L

    Unfortunately this will be blocked by the republican traitors in the Senate, but now this legistration is out and it WILL be passed in 2021 ! as Democrats will have the House, the Senate and the White House in 2021!

  • jerry henrie

    The globalist commy DNC knows it cant bring down the hammer of communism, where it kills millions of white race people until it gets the guns away from us. The constitution and God almighty gives us the right to bare arms, and it doesn't matter what you communist baby killing scum hypocrites have to say about it, by the way, there is only TWO GENDERS you sexual deviants.

  • MVVpro

    So it appears that 5 parents are shot by their offspring every week. Talk about guns being necessary for protection.

  • ruth depew

    Now I want a gun license just like a car license that includes a knowledge test and a skills test. Without the license, you do not have the authority to touch a gun outside of a licensed gun training facility.

  • ابو حيدر آل شاهين

    You only hurting the law abiding citizens. criminals don't purchase a firearm legally from the gun store you morons!! Do you think your background check will detect the criminal intention?? It's one more step back words you sick idiots.

  • 000i 0006

    It took more than 100,000 deaths before americans react…WOW..really alert guys, the kind to react to a fire when the house is in ashes

  • timber_beast

    Australia did a CRAZY thing and enacted intelligent gun regulations. Now gun deaths have nearly disappeared.
    But we Americans need to be armed and ready so we can shoot at our imagined enemies that we see on television shows, FOX news stories and action movies.
    Too bad about all our dead school kids – but ITS WORTH IT! MAGA!!!!

  • Alex Hamilton

    This is a historic week. Never has a bill been passed in the House by one party with the other party holding the Senate and never allowing it to be voted on. LOL, Evidently they slept thru the Obama administration 2011 to 2016. 😀 It happened all the time 😀 Ask Harry Reid, he knows 😀

  • James Persinger

    It's nice to see Congress function as it should constitutionally. Pass laws, checks and balances, power of the purse, etc. Refreshing change of pace from the most recent past.

  • altitude illume


  • This That

    The bought and paid for GOP will do what they have been paid to do and strike it down. The only chance for change on any gun legislation is to VOTE THEM OUT.

  • Terror Cast

    What gun show loophole? Ever single gun show i go to and purchase a gun or rifle there is a background check. You dont just pay and take it home.

  • uhohhhsteven

    If this fake Trump national security crisis isn’t struck down, expect a Democrat gun violence national security within the next decade.

  • bob jenkins

    Dems are gonna have a heart attack now that the GOP wants to add to it that ICE gets notified when an illegal immigrant buys a gun

  • Nathan Montgomery

    This is ironic that this happens while less than a day ago, a man opened fire in NY where there are strict gun laws.

  • Jason R

    Death by a thousand cuts!
    This is just another attempted cut with the ultimate goal of eventually disarming the the American people!
    This will die in the senate as it should.

  • Richie Rich

    The problem is really quite simple, the 1% pigs have bought these politicians. Now, through citizens united, the 1% own and control your nation. Now bow down and take your mark, so we can finally end the reign of the filth of man. The only true question is, who's mark are you going to take?


    HAHAHA…DOA in senate.
    The dems refused to include ICE notification for illegals trying to buy a gun.
    So I guess the communists care more about illegals than safety and rule of law.

  • gibbs ncis

    I have a question for pro gun people. No disrespect intended. But I wonder how many pro gun folks were furious at NFL players, taking a knee during the National Anthem. In Peaceful protest agenst getting killed by the same government that people say the 2nd amendment says they have a right to have guns to protect themselves from? See the irony?

  • GalaxyStranger01

    The argument against background checks – is that we already HAVE background checks – at the store, gun shows AND online. THAT is why these laws don't change anything.

  • Oscar Cali

    Those Inbreds with a mental illness are grabbing there guns hoping they don't find out there incompetent of owning one… I've met a few of them while surveying land in the mountains….😂💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Eric Tang

    Hm? I don't understand. Weren't there always background checks on commercial gun sales (including gun shows and online as it states in the beginning of the vid?) Why does it say "new gun control bills"? Am I missing something…???

  • Junior Harry

    Hi Steph🐞.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Steph.👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Steph.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  • Bob W

    Doesn't matter if 100% of Americans approve of it. As long as politicians are bought and paid for by the NRA and weapons manufacturers, it won't pass. The first step is passing an amendment to make bribery illegal again. Or vote out anybody who takes money from large donors. Only then will you see a significant change on this issue.

  • rockerdude8000

    It will die in the senate because it's virtue signaling by people who know nothing about guns. Even if by some miracle it passed senate, trump will veto it. because he knows if he signs, it he's guaranteed to be s one term president.

  • James Vincent Franco

    It dies in the Senate. Buy you do it again and The left has to play Harder Ball. Instead of walking the middle path and being Measured every even semi- liberal entity Tuns Day and night ads Showing Butina at the NRA Shows the boyfriend indicted pictures of her in Prison there outing to Russia. You have to snash their whole front to pieces

  • James Vincent Franco

    This is one of the last chances they are broken. Look at the add they ran. You could take that and Have an Add showing the Old lady diving on the Dude before he got another Clip saying. An old lady wont be around all the time the best defense against a mass murder is an old lady with more balls than the NRA. Ad- NRA in brd with Russia literally…

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