White Privilege Accusations, Blexit & A New Silent Majority? | David Webb | POLITICS | Rubin Report
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White Privilege Accusations, Blexit & A New Silent Majority? | David Webb | POLITICS | Rubin Report

– Everything I said to her, according to the way her mindset works, told her that I had to be white, but it also said something else. If you’re Black, you can’t
achieve these things, based on the way she
thinks, which is insulting. (dramatic music) – Hey, I’m Dave Rubin, and
before we get to business today, just a quick reminder to
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notified about our videos. You know, as long as we’re doing ’em, you may as well see ’em. All right, joining me today is the host of the aptly titled David
Webb Show on Sirius XM and Reality Check on Fox Nation, and an old buddy of mine, David Webb. Finally. – [David] Hey. – It’s crazy, man. Welcome to the Rubin Report. – That’s right. Two D’s together again. – Two David’s. We’ll see what happens here. (chuckling) So it is actually, I just
said to you before we started, I’ve been doing this show now, some version of this, for five plus years. I don’t know how you have
not stepped in this studio. I’ve mentioned you often
and we’re good buddies and we go back a while, but our paths. – Yeah, I think both our
audiences are wondering who the other one is. (laughing) – Yeah. – Well, you know what it is, you touch down and I’m taking off. – Always. – Or I touch down and you’re taking off, and for everybody watching,
literally you and I have said, Where are you, I’m landing here. – I’m landing. – No, I’m at the airport going here, and this has happened so many
times, it’s not even funny. – Yeah, all right, we’ve
done plenty of that. – Well, it is kinda funny. – It is kinda funny, yeah. So we have an interesting
history together, because when we got to know each other was about seven, eight years ago, we were both on Sirius XM. You were on the Patriot
Channel, as you still are. I was on the Out Q Channel. – That’s right. – Because that’s where
they put the gay people. (chuckling) I wanted to be on a political channel. – You had to be in your box, be kept in your box. – Yes, because it’s separate
but equal, my friend. – There we go. – They had us over on an
equal channel, but separate. They had us also in the
corner, it was a little weird, but I really wanted to be on
one of the political channels and I met with all them there and I said, I’ll do the, at the time I was a lefty so I wanted to do the lefty, but I said, there was a POTUS was
sort of the non-partisan. I even said I’ll do the right channel and let me be the lefty
on the right channel. They kept me on the gay channel, so be it, but you were the first
guy there, we must have, I don’t even remember how we met, probably just in the hallway, and we started talking
politics and you knew we had some differences,
it was very obvious. – And some similarities. – And some similarities, more now. – Right. – But basically, I started doing your show every couple weeks,
and we would talk about all our differences. We never punched each other. Often we’d go out for
bourbon or a steak after. – There might have been a
bourbon or two, or three. – I think there was a bourbon or two, and you have a very high level of bourbon, but that almost feels
like another time already when people used to do that. – Yeah, and here we are today
in an environment where, yeah, it’s become more polarized, but I’ve also seen more
people move to the center, and I think that people can
focus on the polarization. They can say, okay you’re
either this or you’re that, but look around the country and talk to the people you work with. Talk to the people you interact
with, you work out with, whatever, and you find that more people are starting to drift into the center and maybe deliberately
pull others with them, saying hang on a second,
let’s pick an idea or values over a party and I like that. Look, I’m a Republican
and I tweeted this out. I was a Republican because
my parents taught me, I’m paraphrasing myself which is probably, I can’t quote myself. (laughing) – You’re loosely quoting yourself? – Loosely quoting myself,
which is no longer plagiarism, but I basically said, they
said think about your values, what fits, and make your choice. They didn’t say, this is your choice, ’cause what do we get from our parents? Typically you get a sports
team, maybe a religion, a couple key things, ’cause
that’s what you grow up with, and I wish more people had that. I made my choice and
they respected my choice, ’cause I could explain why, and I think we’re getting
back to that for many people. I think they’re just sick of the, you gotta be in your
Out Q box at that time and I gotta be in my Patriot box. I don’t know if you knew this. When we launched a Studio 54 channel and Dave Gorab was talking
about it, we were joking. – He’s one of the execs at Sirius. – One of the execs at Sirius,
and we both know, great guy, and a guy I call my boss, and he says, you can’t do Studio 54,
and it wasn’t a bad thing. He goes, ’cause everyone knows you’re on the Patriot Channel. I said, what do you think, we all were conservative
without a party side? – Right, right. – It’s just, we don’t fit,
and you and I didn’t fit. – Yeah. – I think we knew it a long time. – And not fitting is
actually the cool thing, and I think you’re right,
it is the new thing and people are sort of exhausted
by those two crazy things. So I have to ask you one
thing, which I hate to ask, but we’ll just do it for a second here. – All right. – According to this thing here,
you’re Black, is that right? – Well, that depends on who you talk to. (laughing) Is that a teaser for an upcoming? – Well, okay, because
you’re a conservative and people, they’re still, no matter how many Black
conservatives I meet, and there are so many of them obviously, and the color of your skin should have nothing to do with your political beliefs, somehow if you’re a Black conservative, they think of you as. – You’re an anomaly, you’ve
got Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve heard it all. You know, first perspective. If you go to a country that’s
a majority Black country or a Caribbean island, some
of the islands have more conservative majorities or
conservative values and thoughts. Aren’t there mostly Black people there? (laughing) – They’re all sellouts there too. – Right, so that’s my point is, so you go to a country which is 70%, 72% self-identified white. If you want to look at America, then you’ve got breakups
of different ethnicities and mix and whatever. So suddenly, being Black
is really an anomaly. It’s not, because the problem
with identity politics is it’s based on this box
you’re supposed to be in and you and I are talking about, what do you believe in,
and that’s the difference and that’s why I like listening to you. That’s why you and I get along, because we found our
similarities, our differences, and we respect the fact
that people come at things from different lanes and a lot of times, they want to get to a similar
end, similar solution. The ones that don’t want to
get to the end of the highway, don’t want to get of this series of lanes, they’re the ones that are dishonest. – Yeah, and those are usually the ones that want to control you somehow. – Yeah, because, come on, you’re Dave. You’re supposed to think this way and you look a certain way, and wow! Why are you this way, but you know what? More people, over the
years you’ve known me, and when I did the night show and whether it was
talking politics or values or talking about drinking
a bourbon on the air or having a piece of
pizza, people came along for what was there in the show, and then I would hear from them. “Wow, I finally saw you
on TV, you’re Black.” (chuckling) And then their next comment, “Eh, doesn’t matter to me.” – So there’s an incredible, I think one of the most
incredible moments in media in the last year happened on your show. This is what, about six, seven months ago, something like that. – Yeah, it’s about seven. – Yeah, you had Areva Martin on. Areva Martin’s a CNN contributor. I’m friendly with her, she was
on my show a couple years ago on the Rubin Report,
and she’s a progressive. She went on your show and well, why don’t we just play the audio. – [David] I’ve chosen
to cross different parts of the media world, done the work so that I’m qualified to be in each one. I never considered my color the issue. I considered my qualifications the issue. – [Areva] Well, David,
that’s a whole ‘nother long conversation about white privilege and things that you have
the privilege of doing that people of color don’t
have the privilege of. – [David] How do I have the
privilege of white privilege? – [Areva] David, by virtue
of being a white male, you have white privilege. It’s a whole long conversation. I don’t have time to get into it. – [David] Areva, I hate
to break it to you, but you should have been better prepped. I’m Black. – [Areva] Okay, then I stand. – [David] See, you went
to white privilege. This is the falsehood in this. You went immediately with an assumption. Your people obviously, or you didn’t look. You’re talking to a Black man. – [Areva] They gave me wrong information. – Who started out in rock radio in Boston, who crossed the paths into hip hop, rebuilding one of the greatest
Black stations in America, and went on to work for Fox News, where I’m told, apparently,
Blacks aren’t supposed to work, but yet you come with this assumption and you go to white privilege. – [Areva] David, David, let me correct. – [David] That’s actually insulting. – [Areva] It is, and I apologize, because my people gave
me wrong information. They told me. – [David] Well, the whole white privilege thing is insulting. – [Areva] Can I apologize
and correct the record? I want to apologize. I was given wrong information about you, and I apologize. – [David] But based on my color, you were going to something
that I was part of and just to add to it,
my family background is white, Black, Indian,
Arawak, Irish, Scottish. It’s so diverse, I’m like the
U.N. when it comes to this, and this is part of the problem
with driving a narrative around a construct like white privilege. Privilege is one thing,
where applied wealth, economy, various social factors, but not necessarily
determined by color of skin. – To me, that is everything I’ve spent the last few years of
my life talking about in a perfect wrapped package. – It was a gift on a slow Tuesday. (laughing) It really was, so let me
give you the quick version of the backstory to this. One, they pitched my
producers to come on my show and when you get a pitch, (laughing) you look up your guest. You go, okay, what have
they written, what stories, what have they appeared,
Google, whatever search engine. You get some information,
and somewhere along the way you’d find out that, oh,
that’s the David Webb. Happens to be a Black guy. That’s not what happened here. They pitched me, she came on. We had a, and I will say this, we had a good conversation
about William Barr’s nomination and everything and differences
of opinions on jurisprudence and other things and
then it went to this idea where we talked about success
and all of these issues that led to her commentary
and I said to her, I said, look, I started out. My color wasn’t a factor,
you just heard that. Started out in rock radio,
went through all these things, and I realize after, when I
went back and I listened to it, everything I said to
her, according to the way her mindset works, told
her that I had to be white, but it also said something else. If you’re Black, you can’t
achieve these things, based on the way she
thinks, which is insulting. – It’s sad, what a depressing. – It’s a soft bigotry of low expectation based on the color of your skin and then, everybody’s heard it. She threw her team under the bus. – Well, the line though, that
her team didn’t inform her. – [David] Didn’t inform her. – As if that, is that
what they’re supposed, well maybe in the progressive world, they go, well this person’s
gay and this person’s Black. – [David] Right. – That actually would be a
cohesive way to go on a show. – But can you imagine what happened? She’s there doing an interview. Did somebody go and slide a piece of paper over that said, he’s white? – Yeah. – And now, you’ve got a white guy. She heard the things that
fed what she expected of a white person, but never thought, anyone could achieve this,
and that’s the difference between me, you, and her. – So I don’t wanna in any way, so she’s not here to defend herself, so I don’t want to make
this too much about her, but that mindset, do you
think that after you said, well, you know, I’m Black, and the rest of it, do you
think that that might have dinged her way of thinking a little bit? I think it got through to people online, ’cause that clip went viral. – [David] It clearly got through. – It was such a perfect, because you couldn’t see each other, it was such a perfect example of what we’re always talking about. – Well, did it change her mind? I don’t know and look,
you and I, I think agree on the fairness of being
there to defend yourself, but what I did offer
her was a conversation and in the second clip that
doesn’t get as much attention, and I’ve played it on radio,
we play it on television, I ask her to come back and give, I said, I’ll offer you an hour, come back, we’ll talk
about white privilege, and she accepted, so my team
sent an email as a followup requesting her appearance. – [Dave] Same old story. – And when I was asked on television, do you accept her
apology, because she gave that half-hearted apology. – It wasn’t really an apology. – It wasn’t really an
apology, it was a deflection, which is different than
an apology, obviously. When she did that, I gave her
the chance for a conversation. When I was asked, do
you accept her apology, I said, I really don’t,
but what I’m offering her is a conversation and I have offered her the chance to come back,
and she never came back, so the story’s not just
a clip of what she said and why she said it, but the fact is that she avoided the conversation that was offered based
on what she asked for, and what she agreed to, and that to me is a level of, I have to say dishonesty. – Well, abs– – Because if someone does that to me, you know what, I’m gonna be man enough or maybe a host enough or a guest enough, whatever term you want
to use, to go in and say, I’m gonna come and present
my point and defend it, if I believe in it. – Yeah, well it just shows,
it shows what I would say is just a thinness of the argument, because she could make an argument with her pre-conceived notions, that once they’re blown
apart, you say, all right, let’s talk it out for an hour, no problem, disappears, and we often see that. You get the accusation
that you’re a sellout or this one’s a racist, and
then the second you push back, boom, they disappear. – [David] Then they disappear. – They look to de-platform
you or whatever else is left. – By the way, funny
thing about this story. She’s a CNN legal analyst. First time she, (laughing) I still laugh at this one, I’m doing my show. My producer, I think it
was Edwin, jumped in my ear and said, look at the TV. Her first return that we know of to CNN was to comment on Jussie Smollett. There’s karma in the universe. (laughing) It just. – The Lord works in mysterious ways. – In very mysterious
ways, but I want people to take something from it,
not just the audio clip which they’ve heard and the
stories that went all over. The story here is that,
offer someone a conversation, challenge them to come in,
but use it to tell others that this is why you
shouldn’t assume, believe, or at least be willing to engage, and that was really what I took out of it, and I deliberately kept the story going from my perspective for
others, not for her, ’cause it was no longer about her. – So, as a guy that’s worked
through the radio industry, which is a tough freakin’ industry that a lot of people want to get into. It’s a great gig. – Don’t do it, don’t do it. – Yeah, right. – Stay out. (laughing) – It’s like happy. That’s what everyone says, don’t do it, but if you can do it and
survive, it’s pretty great. You get to do what you love for a living. I mean, were you seeing, the
premise that she had there, that you would be fighting
racism the entire time, going up through your career, did you see it the entire time? When you walk into Sirius XM,
are they throwing stuff at ya? – Everybody has different experiences and my belief system is, part of our experiences are
how we interact with the world. A couple bullet points,
when I started in radio I started in rock radio
’cause I loved the music. I grew up knowing a lot of the artists, so it was a natural fit. People didn’t see me because I could talk about something they cared about, so I could sit down with long
hair, earring, tattooed guy at a Poison concert in 1987
with Lita Ford and Whitesnake, and, or Joe Cocker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and we can talk about things, and amazingly nobody kinda went to color, because once you remove
the veil by how you act, people may have a moment but they tend to come over to your side, and when I went to
entertainment talk and when I, I did a show with Willie
D from the Geto Boys. All right, conservative David Webb, Willie D, Geto Boys gangster rap, out of the Fifth Ward in Houston, and we don’t agree on politics
but we agreed on something, which was we were trying to save people in the Black community and
Willie, I got to tell you, was one hell of a good guy on
that, and that’s what we did. We focused on what we could do together. So, I didn’t see the, are
there racists in the world? Yeah, did somebody have a bias against me? You know what, I don’t care, because I’m not gonna let it stop me. If I can’t go through you,
I’m gonna go around you, and that’s my approach to it, and that’s how my parents raised me. They said, find a path,
work your way through it, and just do what you can
to the best of your ability and if you have to
readjust, hey that’s life. – Did you just say that
slightly backwards, or do we just have a
different approach on life? I would try to go around
’em before through them. You said through ’em first. – Slight Marine in me, (laughing) but the point is, maybe
the better way to put it is work your way through
it, debate the issue. – No, you want to go through
’em first, that’s fine with me. – But also, the other point is, it’s that one to one interaction or that idea to idea interaction. I’ve had my mind changed
on criminal justice reform, for instance, and it was
by a conversation with, or through a conversation
with Bernie Kerik, former police commissioner. I’m a, I was hard on
this, this is ridiculous, I don’t care why you chose to do that first thing, you did it, but he walked me through it and, you know, I was, during the show, during
our hour-long interview, I said, you know Bernie, you convinced me. I’m gonna rethink this
and I’ll change my mind. That’s a level of integrity
that I ask everyone to go for. – Yeah, so one of, I’ve told
you this story many times and it’s in my book, my upcoming book, (chuckling) so now I can be a guy that says that. – Shh. We’re being quiet about that,
except for pre-sales, right? (laughing) – Oh yeah yeah, we’re
still in pre-sale mode. – Pre-sales are available. – Thank you, that was,
you’ll get your little tip. – Slide it over there. – But I write about this in
my book ’cause I talk about my political awakening
and one of the key moments of the whole thing, when
I was on The Young Turks, far left network a long time ago, and I was still a lefty,
but I had this inkling that something was not
right, that it couldn’t be that everyone they
disagreed with was racist. It couldn’t be that they were so right and everyone else was so wrong, and then one day, we’re doing a, I think there’s four of us on the panel, and I believe you were guest-hosting for Sean Hannity that night. – Yeah, it was Sean. – And I’m on the panel with, I
think it was three white guys and they’re all going, see they
didn’t know that I knew you, and they’re all going,
this David Webb guy, he’s a self-hating Black
guy and he’s a sellout. Give me some of the terms that you hear. – Well, I believe, a Fox News Uncle Tom. – Oh, Uncle Tom. – That was the one that really, because this was the whole idea. I had sold out because Black
people didn’t belong here. – Right, so I hear them saying
all these things about you. Little do they know I’m your friend and I’m watching them say these things and, he doesn’t believe any
of this stuff, and all that, and we’ve worked through
these issues so many times that I know you are honest and decent and believe the things
that you talk about, and suddenly it hit me because then I look to this guy to my left and I
think, who’s the bigot here? Who’s really the bigot? Here is a Black man who’s
saying what he thinks and you, the privileged,
in your own words, white guy, you’re upset that a Black man thinks something different
than you want them to think. Who is the racist, and it really was one of the final straws for
me before I fully went into this crazy mode or whatever
you wanna call this thing now. – I’ve known you long enough
that I think I can say this. You’re honest, and honesty and integrity is the core of what we do. Whether you’re talking about,
I don’t care what the topic is or what the format is,
if you have integrity and you have a point of
honesty that stays there fixed, the old True North, that’s
gonna be your belief system. The other thing is, I’ve known you a long, so you believe in doing
the things, trying, seeing what they’re all about. I think I’m pretty close on that. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – And I believe in the same thing because I’d been in
these situations before, like the Areva situation. I’ve been in the situations
like you talk about, and it’s because I’ve
gone out and looked around and taken a chance by
experimenting with what’s the idea, how do I counter it, can I substantiate or defeat the argument, and
if I’m honest with myself and you’re honest with yourself, eventually you see the
dishonesty around you, or the unwillingness to even engage in it, and that’s what they were
trying to do at The Young Turks because the video went viral
and we covered it on TV. It was Fox News Uncle
Tom, Tea Party Founder, this was this, he had to be this, and I said, wow, you
know nothing about me. – Right. Well, that line, also
about, ’cause the whole meme was that the Tea Party
was racist and here’s one of the Tea Party
founders, and he’s a white guy saying that the Black guy’s racist! – Hold on. I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I don’t think I can actually do it anymore. We’ve known each other way too long, but I’m gonna blow maybe
some listener minds. My Tea Party organization
in New York City, the launch of the original,
my executive director was a 50-year-old Democrat, she still is. My two guys. – Wait, she’s still a Democrat? – Still a Democrat. – Wow, how did a Democrat? – Fiscally, fiscally conservative, strong believer in the Constitution. That we can have our differences, old-school Daniel Patrick
Moynihan-style Democrat. Lisa’s a sweetheart. The two guys, because
they were in the industry, in the creative industry,
that ran my marketing, had been partners for about 30 years. One of my other guys, when he came on, was an evangelical who’d
never spent that much time in a room with two gay guys in that, and you know what they became, friends. So you start to see this mix of people, because we had a common core and belief that this country needed to have an assessment of where it was. So I had a Tea Party group that wasn’t, I guess, the right wing
evangelical white hood wearing team going out there, and these were the people who had common beliefs,
and in New York City, you know this, we have so many, such a range and I’m proud of that, because these people
still talk to each other. I still hear from them,
there was an FIT student, it’s just so odd to
hear this range of ages. – What do you make of,
I’m glad that you mention Daniel Patrick Moynihan
because when people ask me what kind of liberal I
still believe that I am, it’s getting harder to say it, but what kind of liberal I still am, I always say, well I say JFK
and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and I’ll say Ed Koch sometimes too. – Oh, Ed was a great guy. I knew Ed well, he was one of
the greatest guys out there. – Well, that was, he was
a true New Yorker, right? I mean, he was the mayor of
New York for how many years, a good 12 years or something? – Yeah, it was 12 years, yeah. – Something like that, and he wanted to be out there with the people. – And he wouldn’t leave
’cause he got buried there. – He literally did, but he wanted to be out there with the people, where now politicians really seem so disconnected from the people, and he had that feeling. – Well, he not only had
it, but he still has it, and I’ll tell you why. We have a mutual friend,
Ed and I, in Philip, and Philip would have
receptions at his business, and I won’t put his last
name into it for the sake of, a big, big player in the
country in law and other things, and he would have Ed
Koch, and he would bring, you name it into this
room and we’d all meet, we’d all talk and we’d all
eat and we’d share ideas. I spent some time with Rudy, I’ve known Rudy Giuliani for
years and Rudy and I again, just probably a week or so ago and over the last several weeks we’ve
been talking about mayors. We’ll sit down for dinner,
it usually ends with cigars and scotch and having a good time, and he recognizes Ed for who he is and he recognizes Bloomberg for who he is. Why, because these men, while
they have their differences, had a similarity, New York City. Rudy told me the story,
I didn’t know the story of how Ed got buried at
Trinity, ’cause he’s Jewish, and how they came up with this. They found this rabbi who explained that you could consecrate a part of
this cemetery for his burial, and there’s a respect between ’em. Yeah, they know their differences, but there’s a healthy respect
because of their commonality, and that tells you something, and I’ll throw a name in
there for you, Jack Kemp. A Jack Kemp Republican. Jack was another guy. These are men who are
not out of their time. They need to have more people like them. – Yeah, but I think that, those guys that you’re talking
about, that is that middle that I think a bunch of us now are trying to give some energy to and I do believe it’s working, so that’s what makes us want to do it, but do you, you would prefer that Daniel Patrick Moynihan or Ed Koch or JFK return strongly to the Democrats, right? Even if is costs you guys,
let’s say, the Republicans, you would still prefer to have an honest broker to deal with, right. – Well, first of all, I believe
we’re still gonna win, but. (chuckling) Come on, I gotta. No, but here’s what should happen. I think we need more real parties, and here is one of my
disappointments with Libertarians. You have Republican, you have Democrat. I do prefer they would
come back and resurge, but I don’t believe in
just the two-party system. I want a multi-party system,
not too many like in Israel where 60,000 people can literally change the makeup of your country. – [Dave] Right, you could
have an absurdly tiny party. – You can have an absurd
amount, but over the years, from Ron Paul, who I think
failed the Libertarians massively because he didn’t build an infrastructure. I have said to Libertarians,
build your state parties, find a few key states,
build an infrastructure, ’cause in politics you
need an infrastructure, and grow your party so
that you can have a debate. You can have a real third
party, a viable third party. – Right, but they don’t do that work, they just go for the
Presidency every four years and then it’s just like. – You know, and if you’re
going for the market and you don’t build a good product, you know what you have, failure. – Yeah, and it’s worse
than failure in a way because it’s then, you
look more ridiculous each time because it’s
like, well why are you? – Yeah, I mean, when you get the outliers that come out and they’re
so ridiculous and people go, well why would I want to
be part of that crazy? – But do you as a
Republican, do you fear that, okay, so let’s say the Libertarians, a lot of Libertarians
watch this show obviously. Most of my political
leanings are Libertarian, wouldn’t you fear that
what that does then is all right, now we get a
Libertarian Party that’s at 10%, it just took 8% of that
from the Republicans. Congratulations, we now have socialist comrade Elizabeth
Warren as President. – I don’t, and I’ll tell you why. One, like you, I believe in
the Constitution and the system and when I was a kid my father said, and I don’t remember the exact words, but basically real
strength, real conviction is that when something
doesn’t benefit you, is it the right thing? In other words, right thing,
so the Constitution is my guide and the fact that we can have this debate and the ability to
correct in this country, we have a cultural DNA in the
Declaration of Independence. We have a legal DNA in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and
we have the Federalist Papers and other things, but what it frames is, this idea that the
country can self-correct. The Supreme Court can make a decision, the other branches can get involved with their respective roles,
and we can correct things. We’ve fixed things in this country, and it’s difficult and it should be. We don’t want easy flip-flops, so I don’t fear a Libertarian
Party that’s strong. I want it because I think it can help the other parties self-correct. More strength, more voices, not less, more strength to me is better. A strong nation is less
challenged by outsiders. Would I want a weak nation? Well, I want a stronger nation, and we can weather the challenges. As for the socialist,
we do have an issue here in this country and I think
there’s a level of ignorance, willful ignorance, and ideology
combined that’s dangerous, and the thing is when it magnifies enough and it gets a loud voice
and it’s used and abused by many out there who actually don’t even know the difference, that’s a danger because what it does is it robs people of the part of their life especially when you’re
younger when you should be building towards your
future, and once you’ve lost a chunk of that, how do you get it back? That’s a danger. – Yeah, so what do we do to
change the factory settings of how people are brought up? It’s a phrase that my friend
Bridget Phetasy came up with. – [David] I like it. – For this, who, I think
it’s really perfect, that basically, the factory settings, if you grow up in America, are all lefty or Democratic factory settings. We should take from some
and give to the other. The government is somehow inherently good, all of the policies of the Democrats are just like, the thing
that you’re basically taught, and then you go from there, where in my view, the factory
settings we should all get would actually be very libertarian. It would be all about
freedom and individual rights and individual liberty
and then you figure out, well, where do we
actually need government, and that’s why I still consider
myself a classic liberal and not a libertarian,
because I do believe there is some utility for the state. It’s just real politic, right. – Oh man, I want to jump in. – Yeah, so how do we. – I love this, by the way. – No, but this is what
we would do normally. – We would argue it, what we do normally. – So what I would prefer is if education would get everybody to the point of, understand the Constitution,
understand the documents you just laid out so
that we are free first. – Right. – Then, let’s have the argument about when we need government,
but we do it the other way. We do it that the government
is inherently good, they gave you all the rights, they’re supposed to give you this stuff, and free this free that,
and then occasionally somebody on the right can come in and maybe move that down a little bit, but it seems to me that we’re
doing this thing upside down. – Decades of building a political system that’s based on a career, not service, building a support system in a bureaucracy and call it large interest,
whatever that interest may be that supports the bureaucracy. We have a system that
more resembles a dinosaur in too many ways, which is a
small-brained, a huge animal, an inefficient system and
one that doesn’t recognize it’s received the death
blow on one end of the body ’cause the brain is not equipped for it, and that’s what I see in where we are now. The self-correct on this,
I think is more evident in parts of the country that
don’t get the attention. Lyman, Wyoming, Cheyenne,
somewhere out in Paxton, Nebraska, in other areas, where people
don’t wake up everyday and see things the way you and I do, don’t check the Twitter or the President, don’t check Sanders, Warren,
they don’t live in this. Those are the people we have to engage. I still believe and I see it anecdotally and I think it’s supported
by a lot of the studies that there are more people in this country that if they’re engaged
are that silent majority. Now, whether they’re right
or left, I think they fall more in the American
cultural values system. They don’t fear freedom, but maybe they don’t understand fully the risk and reward
that comes with freedom. There’s risk. There’s risk when what
you’re describing happens, when we go upside down. When it comes to freedom,
we’ve got to realize that its inherent risk and
reward is why it works and I think there are more
of those people out there that are coming to that center. The problem is, they haven’t
been engaged properly by either party and they
need to be brought into it. – What do we do, then, to make a more, let’s say, inclusive right? This is one of the interesting
things that I find right now. Most of my audience is,
it’s a little hard to say, but I would say it’s something like half of my audience is
probably former lefties and a huge percentage of those people, they’re still like, eh,
those people on the right. I may think the left’s nuts, but those people on the
right are really bad. – If everybody’s nuts, who’s sane? – Right, yeah, it’s a really
philosophical question. – Really, think about it. If everybody’s nuts, who’s sane? – But that’s what I’m trying to show them, that it’s not the case,
because what I have consistently seen is that the right, while not being perfect and nothing is, something like gay marriage for example, the right now has
basically, well nobody talks about gay marriage
anymore, nobody’s fighting for gay marriage to be reversed. There is literally nobody doing it. The voices in the Republican Party that were rabidly against
it, say a Mike Huckabee and a Rick Santorum, really have no power in the Republican Party
anymore, so I’ve seen an ability to be flexible
intellectually on the right. What is it that you guys
can do to further that, if you think that’s a good thing to do? – Well, no, I think it is a
good thing to do to evolve. Again, I trust the
Constitution, the people to make as a whole the better choice. Not pure democracy, not mob rule, but to make a better
choice based on some things that they do control and some
things they don’t control. Back in the ’80s, if you had
a black friend you were cool. (chuckling) By the mid to late ’80s,
if you had a gay friend, oh, you were really cool. If you had both, you were like, man I’m hanging in the
club and I’m doing good. – Man, if we had a time machine, we could meet a lot of cool people. – Exactly. (laughing) Exactly, but there’s a truth
there, because what happened? Generations started to evolve. Those people who were cool
suddenly saw people differently, like how teammates see each other. I know you may come from
that side and that side, but we’re playing on the same team, which is the American team. So as the generation evolves, the parties didn’t always evolve. The Republican Party
failed to engage blacks and urban neighborhoods because they had a strategy from ’85 with the evangelicals. I get it, reality of
political party, right. Red state, blue state,
Republican, Democrat county, carve ’em up, you get
your wins, I get mine, we play with redistricting. So the parties failed,
but the culture’s evolving and the party has to
come along eventually. The problem is, the party
takes longer to come along. I don’t have to agree with
someone, and that’s not required. Neither is my offense or someone
else’s offense necessary, because it’s about freedom
and I think the people will drag it along, which is
why I still hold more faith in the millennials than people
on the right or left do. Are there ones that are troublesome? Yes, but are there more
of them in this country, when you do as I do and
I’ve been to every state and I’ve talked to people
and I see more people who are saying, just let me live, let me do what I can do
to get my life where it is and stop trying to sell me
on what I need to believe. – Yeah, and we’re really seeing that now with the generation
behind the millennials, the 16 year olds now who are not the 22 year old social
justice warriors that. – The virtue signaling crowd, yeah. – Yeah, that they now, their
younger brothers and sisters are now going, well something
ain’t right with that. – Well, but it’s happened before. See, this is, go back to
the ’80s for a minute. Let’s go back, was it back to the future? – Let’s go back, the ’80s were all right. – Hit the rewind machine,
or is that this way? What happened for blacks in this country, you had a large influx during
the growth of the HBCUs, the real growth, you
had affirmative action, you had more blacks going to colleges, you had all of this come
out of the ’70s and ’80s, but it took time for them to graduate and grow into the system. So, they couldn’t stop the
march of blacks economically. Culture, yeah, historical
voting, Democrats, parents were Democrats,
grandparents, still there, but this slow erosion of you belong to us started back then, so Blexit isn’t new, just the recognition of the term is new. It’s happening anyway. You’re buying a little spot of land. You’re buying a townhome, you’re keeping your credit rating up. Now you’re sending your
kids to some place better. What’s happening? That’s the evolution of generations. – So I’m glad you mentioned Blexit, ’cause I wanted to bring up
Candace related to all of this. So it seems to me that part of the reason that the Democrats are now
screaming about reparations is because Candace Owens has been so almost single-handedly
effective at talking to the, I hate the phrase, the Black community, or the gay community, I just hate that, but talking to Black America, let’s say, which also has its limits as a phrase, but talking to Black
people and just saying, she always says it. She says, it’s the least,
what I’m really saying is the least controversial
thing you could say, which is Black people
don’t have to be Democrats. Nobody has to be anything. – You’re not born with a stamp, yeah. Oh my god, it’s a Black baby, Democrat. White baby, Republican. – Right, so she always
says her message, actually, even though she can throw some
firebombs out there for sure, her message actually is
incredibly uncontroversial in a normal society, but it seems to me that she caused such upheaval in the way that the media talks about Black people and that after Kanye tweeted that thing, that suddenly all the hit pieces on Kanye. It’s like that same game we always see. He should be in a mental institution. – He’s a sellout. He’s an Uncle Tom. He’s the house Negro. He’s got Stockholm Syndrome. – Yeah, you’ve heard all about it. You’ve heard ’em all,
but it seems to me that she caused such a awakening
that now reparations have become the norm on the left when Barack Obama would
have never thought about talking about reparations
and he in a way now is a dinosaur of the Democrats. He comes off now, a guy that I’m guessing you disagree with on
pretty much every policy, now comes off as pretty
center, wouldn’t you say, relative to the crew now? – Well, appearances can be deceiving. I’ll leave that on the table with him because I watched his
history to where he got, but here’s what happened in large part in the Black community and
in the American community, ’cause I’m like you, I
don’t like the segregation, but I recognize the reality of what it is. Blacks and whites and any
other ethnic group in America have started to look
at their personal life and their economy and their opportunity more than they’re looking at parties. So the message will resonate more when a Candace Owens steps
up and says, step away. What did Trump do during
the campaign cycle? It was blunt, but it was, what
the hell do you have to lose? – What do you got to lose? – And you know what, how many people say, something’s not working in my life, what the hell do I have to
lose, let me try something else. It was that recognition that
something’s broken, right. Somebody pulled the fire
alarm, there’s a problem. Everybody’s running around,
their hair’s on fire, lights and sirens are going off, but they already knew something was wrong so now they’re wondering,
hmm, so what do you do if you’re a left, and I call it the regressive progressive
left, what do you do? You now have to create enemies
and fear, and fear works. You tell people, you don’t have it because those damn Republicans. I know you’ve been living in Baltimore with 50 years of liberal rule
and West Baltimore is a s-hole and this is it ’cause
you’re living with it, but it’s the white guy living
over in Howard County’s fault. – Yeah, right. – All right, so, really? – Yeah, or every time
that somebody brings up, I mean Hannity deals
with this all the time. If he brings up the shootings in Chicago, and he talks about the Black
on Black violence in Chicago, they tell him he’s racist, and it’s like. – Well, how come when the Black? – You guys aren’t talking about it. – How come when the Black
criminal uses the gun to commit a crime in a
majority Black neighborhood, it’s the criminal’s fault, but when the white guy uses
a gun, it’s the gun’s fault? Somebody please sort that one out for me. – Yeah, that would come
some heads to explode. – Yeah, but this is simple stuff. People are starting to see this. Technology and social media, you and I are on all
these different platforms, podcasts, YouTube, Fox Nation, whatever. Technology and social
media is piercing the veil. More and more kids, whether they’re still getting the same images,
are getting more images, more imagery, more information on smartphones, on tablets, on computers. Little by little, that
is piercing the veil and whether you’re in a bad
neighborhood, good neighborhood, everywhere in between, that
information’s out there, so we have a job to do, you and I. Give people the information,
help guide them. Yes, our beliefs are our beliefs. We have a right to push those out there, but help guide people to not only listen to why we believe what we
do, but at the same time go figure out what your beliefs are and then substantiate ’em
and technology, media, social media, all of this. Look, it can be misused,
abused, and it is, but it can be used and targeted. – Where are you at on the regulation of the big tech companies, ’cause it’s a really fascinating one right now but you’ve got Tucker Carlson,
I’ll do it with this hand. You’ve got Tucker Carlson on the right and you’ve got Elizabeth
Warren on the left, both calling for the same thing, which is a pretty
fascinating political spot and I think, maybe I
told you this privately, but when I went to YouTube
and I met with Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, in her office, or in the conference
room we’re in, I said, I’m basically the last guy
not calling for regulation. I’m still trying to play
the libertarian thing. I’m still trying to find
market answers to this, but that’s becoming an increasingly
more minority position. – Why they’re calling
for, Tucker or Warren, two different reasons
based on their ideologies, and I’m with you. I, this is a longer term view. I don’t want government stepping in and having a hand in something ’cause you can never get
their hand out of it, or you can rarely get their hand out. – Yeah, pretty much. – I believe in the free market. It’s a patient game, it’s a long-term. Somebody, look, somebody else is gonna come along with technology soon. Artificial intelligence. – I started a tech company, man. I’m working on it. – Exactly, and I know others that are working on competitive models,
so whether it’s five years, 10 years, they will have
something in competition or they will evolve or age out. That’s the nature of business,
and I think that can work, but government getting
involved is a danger because of this simple reason. If you’re a Congressman,
it’s a two-year cycle. If you’re a President, it’s
four, maybe eight years. If you’re a Senator, it’s six years. So they think in cycles,
and when the cycle changes, their solution, which
rarely is the one you want, is more dangerous because somebody else can come along and change
it and misinterpret it, write a new regulation, and ignore the basic principles of let it work out, and I say this to Republicans. I get it. Look, my Facebook page
somehow just basically, people don’t get my feeds for a year plus. I’ve been effectively shut down. I literally have lost
90% of my reach at times. Yeah, they change some metrics, but I didn’t lose 90% overnight. 90% didn’t just drop. – Right, and the fact that
they’re so un-transparent makes you half the time think
you’re a conspiracy theorist and in a weird way they’re
playing off that, right. They never give you any
information so that they go, Oh, we changed the algorithm a little bit. It’s a fan page, you’re supposed to pay. They’re always trying to keep you guessing so that you don’t even feel
comfortable talking about it ’cause you don’t want to sound like. – Well, the difference
between conspiracy and reality for me is probability and possibility. What is probable, what is possible, and on the ends you have the reality, which we may never know,
and the conspiracy. I don’t want government
becoming the overlord of any publishing platform. However, I do want the antitrust
regulations to be reviewed. I do want the responsible
bodies with oversight that we’ve elected them
to do to go in and say, okay, technology’s evolved,
companies have evolved. Does antitrust mete this? Are they acting like a mono, like a monopoly and a monolithic body, and are others allowed
into the marketplace, which is different than Facebook saying, Instagram, I wanna buy you. That’s fine, even if I don’t
like what some of the effects. – So you are, so this, so your premise, your starting point I would say is basically the libertarian position, but then you’re just saying
this has gone so extreme that. – We need to review it. – You might have to do some
stuff that you don’t wanna do. – Well, actually, I maybe don’t want them to do anything, but I want. – But at least think about. – Think about it, and go. Look, Warren wants control. – Right. – That’s what she wants. She doesn’t want freedom. She wants control. I just have to base that on
her writings since college, her papers that I have
read, her policy positions. – Well, that’s the danger also, because they call half of us Nazis. So once they have the
power, what do you think they’re gonna do to all the Nazis? If they would believe
it’s their moral duty to get rid of the rest of us. That’s why you don’t want government and the tech companies in bed together. – I know, I don’t want
’em making that decision, and where it goes wrong in our country. We do self-correct. In 200 and what are we, 40, 42? – [Dave] 40-ish, 43? – Right, but even just,
okay let’s even just go back to the Constitution
and when it was really, and the Bill of Rights, and
when that was put in place. In these years that this
country’s been around, what have we gotten right
over what we’ve gotten wrong? We’ve evolved, reversed
the blight of slavery, the Atlantic slave trade, women’s rights under Calvin Coolidge, by the way a Republican and his wife Grace Coolidge who fought for that. Look at all the things we’ve done and what we’ve exported. We’ve exported ideas and freedom. The nation’s imperfect
’cause we’re imperfect. We’ll make mistakes, but
our ability to correct them is based in something that’s
the core of this country, and I have more faith in
that than I do in the others. Now that doesn’t mean we
don’t need sheepdogs out there to watch for the wolf
that’s hiding in the woods, and it doesn’t mean that
we don’t have to protect because the fact is the
majority of people are sheep, not in necessarily a bad way. I’m not insulting all people,
but the majority of people go along with their daily life. They make it work, they
make the economy work, the engine work, they drive
the trucks, work in the stores, work on Wall Street, but
sheepdogs are the ones who look out for what’s
right and what’s wrong, even if they don’t agree with it, and we need more of
that sheepdog approach. – Yeah, well we need a little bit of, let’s think about what we
might be getting ourselves into instead of knee-jerk responses. – Look beyond what you think. That’s why I’m afraid, I said, I’m afraid of politicians in this sense. They think in cycles, and
we need long-term thinking. If a company makes a decision economically on a factory or something based on a 20 to 30-year projection of trends and supply lines and distribution and avenues for their products,
whatever the case may be. Why are we thinking in two,
four, and six-year periods? That’s incredibly
short-sighted and dangerous, and that’s something we ought to consider. – So, you’re basically a Trump guy, right? Fair to say. – Yeah, I am a Trump supporter and I, knowledge of him before
he was President and now, and what I do or may not
disagree with or agree with, but I have seen him do something
amazing in this country. He broke the emergency glass and said, they’re not working for you. He didn’t say Republicans,
they’re not working for you, Democrats, they’re not working for you. Came down the escalator and
said, folks, it’s not working. That’s how I see it. – Yeah, is there anything
that, just personality-wise or anything that worries you or you feel it’s a little playing with
fire or something like that? – No. – ‘Cause for all the lefties
that I told you about before, that are coming, that are
saying, okay conservatives, we got ya, you’re not what we thought. Libertarians, you’re
certainly not what we thought. There’s this other firewall or something that’s related to Trump
that I think keeps people. – Anybody that big a figure,
he exaggerates at times. I’ve had private conversations,
I’ve had public interviews, so I see him in different ways. I’ve seen him also in ways that I wish more people would recognize. I wrote an article about his interaction with a terminal cancer patient. He didn’t even know I was writing. Actually, I didn’t know I was writing it, but I kinda made that interaction happen and it, no cameras, no nothing. So I’ve seen different sides of him. The tweeting at times, I’m like, I would have done it better, different, I can actually tell him. I would have done it better, okay. (laughing) – But people always say
that, that it’s the tweeting that they can’t get over, but it’s like, he did break the system by
tweeting, so the idea that we. – Obama had a Twitter account. Trump weaponized it. He made it a weapon, because otherwise he would be constantly
assailed and have no outlet, and media failed here
because if media was fair, I really believe there would
be less of this barrage. If you’ve been under assault, and he has, he has been under assault
and he’s a counter-puncher and yes, he’s big and
look, bigger than life, television personality,
personality as a whole, who he is from his younger. I kinda go, that’s it, but what I do is I go underlying like the river. There’s this big, rough water up top and then you go under and
you see what runs deep. The policies, the work
being done by the agencies, HUD, the Small Business Administration, changes in regulation,
unleashing parts of America that need to build that can
outlast this presidency. Full disclosure, I’m part of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, founded by Forbes,
Kudlow, Laffer, and Moore, and before Trump, we were working on this pro-growth policy approach. We all have our roles. I’m not the economist. I can convey the policy message, but this is what was put in place. Bring in a team of rivals, find a way to swim with the sharks, try to make it so that the foundation changes,
evolves, and is better, and then let that go to
work, and when you’re out of the White House, ’cause he will be, in spite of all the people that think he’s not leaving the White House. – But I saw a meme that said 2044. – Look, there are times I’m just like, Donald, please don’t, but
when you talk to the guy and you sit in a room, and I know people that have known him a
lot longer than I have, you have this different personality and I think that’s not that different from any of these public figures. – How much attention do you think people should pay to all of this? That’s one of the things, when
I did my off-the-grid August, that was one of the things that I spent a lot of time thinking
about, that we all care, we want to be engaged. People that watch these
shows, that watch your show, it’s like, there’s a beauty in a weird way for as hysterical as everyone seems, there’s a beauty right now
because people are actually re-evaluating what they think. They’re re-evaluating
what side they’re on, they’re re-evaluating
who they can talk to, so there is a beauty to it that is under the layer of craziness but sometimes I am
worried that the obsession with all of this, the
obsession with either what Trump tweeted or the latest
stupid thing that AOC said, it’s keeping us really off
balance just as people, or it’s just not healthy for a society. – No, I mean, there’s an
unhealthy aspect of it. If you, when I say you, the
person, don’t understand it for what it is, or at least try to. Maybe none of us fully
understands even ourselves, ’cause we all grow, evolve,
different experiences. – You’re going deep on me. This is usually three bourbons in. – Yeah, well, you know. Excuse me, I’d like to order. No, seriously, I know
what Twitter is, right? Let’s use Twitter as an
example, or any social media. So I go on and I throw
a grenade in the room and I walk away and I see what happens, ’cause I know what it is, it’s a toy. You go out for a month
and I throw something and leave for 24 hours and
watch Alyssa Milano’s husband go nuts on me, fine. People don’t understand that
some of this isn’t real life. You can convey real
life using the platform, but is it really real life to you? – Whose bio is it on Twitter that says, Twitter is not real life? Who’s that again? – I don’t know who that
is, but whoever it is. – Pretty wise guy. – Pretty wise guy, and
you know, social media and all these components are not that. This, with people watching, and I hope they’re interacting with us by thinking for themselves
at the same time, excuse me, same time, that’s real life, and realize that these are tools. People, you know the hate,
you get it on Twitter. You’re this or that. I have an entire file,
but I don’t keep the file because I need to know the file. I keep the file ’cause I’m like, wow! That was pretty, I go back, clever, you need to improve on
that, can you do better, I’ve heard that one before. – It is nice when you
get a truly original one, and you’re like. – I give them credit. – I don’t agree with what you say, but. – I have a guy on Twitter, I think it’s Rick Rock or
whatever, and he’s a Jersey guy, and he will occasionally come at me, but when I put up something
and he has the guts to say, yeah okay, I didn’t think of that, and then five seconds later. (growling) – I gotta ask you, I don’t know that I’ve ever asked you this. Your voice, which is an
all-star radio voice, did you always have that deep, gravelly? I know you’ve had some
surgery over the years on your throat and stuff,
but did you always have that from when you were in radio? – I always had the deep voice. You know, when puberty ends,
you find out which way, (laughing) which way it’s going. I had one polyp, but that didn’t really make a difference, thank God. That didn’t do it. It’s just there, it’s what I have. Okay, some of it to be fair is tired and working from time to time. – [Dave] A lot of
talking, a lot of talking. – You go through that. I mean, I was up at
three a.m. this morning, flying through three cities, just to get, I came across states just to get here. – [Dave] My man. – But it’s also a part of
the coaching and the delivery that we all do, so professionally, you and I do what we do. What do we focus on, our delivery and don’t worry about what you don’t have ’cause a little secret, I don’t
like to listen to my shows. I hated air check sessions. (chuckling) I hated sitting there with my P.D. and, (groaning) God, I gotta listen to myself, really, but you have to check
and you have to do it. Use what you got,
somebody’s gonna like it, somebody’s not gonna like it. Just be what it is, and
there’s a lot of guys out there with deeper voices than me. They’re not all named Barry White. (laughing) – You ever guest host any
of the rock channels now? Was that really your
passion before all of this? – I grew up with music and entertainment, always loved music, never
had the talent to play. Yeah, I played around with
the drums a little, the piano, typical things, but I know
music in all its forms. There’s classical that
I like, there’s rock, there’s metal, there’s
hip hop, but I always seem to fall into music and entertainment. When Rapper’s Delight came out
of East Orange, New Jersey, I was in high school at
the same time DJ’ing, so we got to know each other. When KC and the Sunshine
Band were coming out, when all these things
were coming together, I was in New York for the music scene. When late nights at the Palladium, when Blondie would come
in, when Pat Benatar, Billy Squier, the Ramones, Joey and Didi, when all this things, the China Club, late nights, Nordoff-Robbins,
so I grew up with this, and what I have a love
for is I respect art. Same way you respect a painting
or a beautiful classic car, it’s a creation so I always loved that. I love music, it’s how I get away. You get away for a month,
I crank it up and I go, and I will go through the moods, man. I will put on Mazursky and
play Pictures in Exhibition, or I’ll put on the ELP version
and listen to Greg Lake, who was a long-time
friend play his version. Just, it depends. It’s like bourbon and scotch. It’s my mood, it’s lifestyle. – I think we did it all, my man. – Nah, we got lots more to go. – Is there more, is there more? – You and I, okay I’ll bet,
the day when your hair is gone, although you do have beautiful hair. – Well, it’s a lot of spray in there. – Let’s face it, I’ve got gravel. He is beautiful. (laughing) – All right, well we, we’re
not gonna wait five years, how about that? – No, we’re not. – Oh wait, I’m literally doing your show. – You’re literally doing my
show tomorrow, so there you go. – For more on that David,
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  • Ryan Klewicki

    This whole interview can’t be happening according to democrats. Rubin is white so he has to automatically be a racist and Webb is a conservative so he has to automatically hate gay people. So how can they be old buddies much less sit in the same room and talk?

  • Karl Gruner

    Great guest, but regarding Big Tech censorship, you can't just say "government should stay out of it." The government is ALREADY involved, legally protecting these tech companies' ability to spread lies (via differential treatment of sources) and censor who they want with total impunity. Either they are free and neutral information platforms, or they are content editors. Pick one but you can't be both at the same time. I'm for the free market but I'm also for justice.

  • Rashone

    I keep waiting and waiting to hear a clear definition of "white privilege." Seems like there isn't one, that the label, white privilege, really just means white people…period. America has millions of white people who are hard up, can't afford stuff…I wonder whether they feel privileged when they see Michelle Obama with her fancy, expensive clothes, new hair style every month, traveling around Europe, riding around on yachts.

  • Lee Gal

    Why is their American Hispanic Month and they have a whole Continent below the USA???? Who are the real minority’s??????????

  • Patrick Jones

    No Reply, No Peace. I can flying too, and I'm telekinetic wearing diapers . THEY shot me within my place of dwelling. -Omen 3rd Cry


    I never ever recieve the notifications just re-click them again for the tenth time! It does not seem to matter?? Youtube is in full censorship mode.

  • Jhoanna Davidoff

    Yes racism exists esp in older generations. Sorry you had to experience it in person on your radio show. Good on you for embarrassing her. Being male and a marine you have a leg up on her as well in the dominance hierarchy.

  • Tim Whiting

    I'm white , I dont got any privileges other than I'm alive and had 2 parents and raised me to judge character not colour!

  • Jhoanna Davidoff

    You have congress out in terms but all of the appointed directors who run the government agencies stay in power running the O&M of the US government for 20+ years without changeover. Don’t you remember the DOJ director accidentally reopening the investigation over Hilary’s emails during the trump 2016 election. I’m sure someone told him to do that he didn’t magically decide to.

  • Jhoanna Davidoff

    Regulation is bad because the corporations will just get a fine and slap on the wrist and no change will happen. It will effect small companies who can’t afford to pay fines more than any big one. FB doesn’t care about paying fines. Neither does google. Apple still has a billion dollars of its money offshore in a tax haven. The companies benefit more off our government than its people do. The people’s voices being silenced by companies will never be a concern that will be ameliorated from within. There needs to be another way or the people finding a way to deflect corporate interests within government. which so far hasn’t happened at all. Just look at the active shootings and no laws being passed to stop them in any way.

  • Tim Whiting

    Democrat party was founded on slavery ! They're just getting better at hiding it now , that's all. Plus the dems took over culture n dissected all the working parts of our democracy , I hope they lose for 8 more years

  • Jeremy Raines

    When people start talking about “race traitors” and “black politics,” I often think about the ultra-conservative politics of Uganda; and it makes me smile.

  • Nancy Janzen

    Facebook: waiting on the blue button. Sometimes takes quite awhile.
    Every 30 seconds sent to the top of the feed usually right in the middle of reading something . Dont even think of watching a vid. I used to spend a lit of time on Facebook I don't anymore.

  • Jeremy Raines

    Dave! Don’t fall into the trap of calling the old TYT “far left.” I can understand the sentiment, but it wasn’t nearly as bad in the years when you were there. Hell, it was even watchable sometimes. BLM is far left. Antifa is far left. The DSA is far left. Today’s TYT is mostly a bunch of pedantic, mindless left-wing retards…Get the terminology right!

  • Mia Light

    It’s funny, white people had treat me better than my own people since I left my Country. I even have more opportunities than some white people, because I’m bilingual. This is an excuse for losers. Who give up before begin.

  • Brandon Walters

    As long as the left is able to keep indoctrinating generations to believe that the the democrat parties legacy is the Republican parties legacy it will keep getting worse. You can’t hardly find a college student right now that has any knowledge of US history. Completely believe a false history. 1st they aren’t taught it then, they buy all this projection by the media wholesale. These young leftist hate Republicans not even knowing that really they hate democrats.

  • robert9ish

    I haven't been a subscriber to this channel, for years, but it's occasionally amusing to watch Douchebag-Dave. Lol… What an insufferable moron that consistently misses the forest for the trees…

  • Joey Keys

    some people see political leanings on a spectrum. its actually a tornado, with those who are unaffected by the chaos at the center watching everyone flail above them.

  • Samuel Natalini

    This is one of my favorite episodes it was really nice to see Dave get to interview someone he’s known for so long and talk about some past histories

  • Bitsie Bubble Bee

    This conversation is hopeful that all races can empower themselves to ignore the racist screaming and double standards of the left and find a common ground that will strengthen our country and people.

  • Jeremy Barbati

    Dave loves making shit up when it comes to speaking broadly about liberals. "The government is inherently good." Like seriously, who TF believes that? I was raised more left than anyone reading this unless you were born Soviet and I have never once been taught the government is inherently good

  • willy reeves

    people who want to be your spokesperson don't want you being able to have a conversation with people they tell you that you disagree with. it undermines their authority over you if you can talk and think for yourself. that's why the extreme ends of political thought get so hysterical if you won't stay in your assigned box or try to engage people outside of your assigned box.

  • Desertpuma

    Actually, the Libertarians are building an infrastructure. The biggest issue is ballot access and we have been fighting against the other two parties to reduce the barriers to get on the ballot.

  • cloudyyo

    I use to think lawyers, by virtue of their profession and training, were trained to think objectively and impartially. After spending five years in the profession, I must say I am quite disappointed. Many SJW lawyers simply cannot see things from two sides of the isle.

  • Mark Little

    This guy is too damn smart to just be on the radio. He is a pragmatic Conservative…that is what the USA needs, not some populist blow hard

  • David Perry

    I will say that while I'm a Rubin fan, he did mentioned the Twitter obsessions with Trump and AOC, and I'd say to be careful, then, with your own Twitter, Dave.

    Recently you posted a Tweet about the woman who stood up at Cortez's town hall meeting and you quipped about eating babies, which feeds into that poisonous exchange. And it turned out the woman was a plant by a dated group of counter-culture satirists.

    Gotta hold each other accountable for these sorts of things.

  • Women in Judaism

    Am I the only one who has a hard time hearing Dave in comparison to the guest, every single interview? Please fix the audio, guys.

  • Pham Nuwen

    Webb absolutely destroys the notion that the government can or should fix social media. The state is magnificently mediocre at doing stuff in the best of times and world-destroyingly destructive in the worst of times. You really don't want it having the power to intervene in how private organizations choose to publish their information.

    The simple fact is that there are virtually zero coercive or institutional barriers to entry to starting brand new social media outlets. The reason those aren't taking off is just that the existing ones are pretty good overall and people are lazy and resistant to change.

    If the established outlets become truly censorious, consumers will just be driven more towards the upstarts, so the problem will self-correct.

    However, if the government gets to control social media, which is what any regulation will lead to eventually, upstarts will suddenly be required to apply for all sorts of licenses and forced to comply with various politically correct rules on order to operate if they're even allowed at all.

    So in a nutshell I'm with you guys. Keep faith in the free market! It'll all be good in the end.

  • Shadow Hedgehog

    "My team didn't inform me you were black so I didn't know to behave differently to you."
    That's what she should have apologized for. That, and thinking that white privilege is a thing.

  • Robert Patton

    Yeah but the whole sheep thing is the problem we have now..lots of the sheep have woke up and that's how trump got elected

  • Shady Brady

    We're turning into Whoopie Goldberg on SouthPark… All we do is sit here and talk about how stupid leftists are. Leftists are so stupid! … no no , wait I got one… Leftists are so stupid!

  • Lew

    Great episode. If I may play on words, where’s WHEXIT?

    The ‘real’ Democrats need to get their act together, stand up, and speak from the heart.

  • Derek Kent

    "Can I apologize?"
    Apparently not. That was not an apology. It was blaming someone else for your mistakes. You made an assumption based on your own prejudice. It doesn't make any difference what anyone's skin color is. That's what equality means. How can you not know this?

  • augreich

    Most people are sheep unfortunately!! I consider myself a sheep dog and will continue to speak the truth and act in accordance.

  • Daisy Q

    Watching David Webb on Outnumbered argue with very knowledgeable former State Department Marie Harf is cringeworthy. Sooo bad.😖
    Not only is he uninformed, he is rude and accusatory. Calls her facts lies.
    What's his problem? He interrupted every person on that couch.
    Perhaps, he has a problem with Women?

  • Mark Kennedy

    Areva:  "I was given wrong information…"

     No kidding… and not just about who you were talking with. The whole white privilege narrative is 'wrong information;' yet, despite having just been hit over the head with the absurdity of your reflex reaction, this possibility still doesn't seem to have dawned on you. What you should apologize for isn't your ignorance of your interlocutor's skin colour (who cares what it is?).  The real problem is your intellectual complacency, your dogmatic insistence that a categorical abstraction can explain the history and behaviour of some particular individual you've never even met, and your willingness to jump to a frankly racist conclusion about that person. Talk about prejudice, mixed with hypocrisy and a total lack of self-insight! Your arrogant presumption that you are in any position to 'awaken' others is what requires apology and, more importantly, a re-think; but there's little sign you're capable of either.

  • Paul Sheenius

    Never tell anyone how he should think. Challenge his beliefs if you think differently, but if you cant argue for your own belief you might want to think about it and challenge yourself.

  • Aaron Baca

    I grew up in Cheyenne Wyoming and I have to say, I did a double take when he mentioned all those mid-west towns. I'm not used to people knowing we even exist!

  • wreagfe

    Mostly listen to the podcast. Listening to Mr Webb I thought he sounded like Alex Jones's brother or something.

    It's OK to be black 👌🏻👌🏿👌🏾👌🏽👌🏼

  • Player Review

    Ironically, contrary to a core goal in identity politics of inclusivity, it results as inherently segregationist. This may be a driving reason for the attraction some have for Socialism, where collectivism removes individualism, thus theoretically abolishing 'their' self-imposed disunionification. It seems to me self-evident that this narrative to address chaos for a very limited subset is not only destructive, but also implosive, and as evidenced throughout history ultimately results in chaos for all . The end does not justify the means, because 'the end' would be the collapsing demise of the country.

    A strong argument can be made that current progressive ideology manifests itself as regressive, which was not as much the case in past climates, including relatively recent modern times. Essentially, 'progressive' thought has largely met a wall, where obstacles have transitioned from legitimate issues into desperate and manufactured ones. Without obstacles, the movement's existence is threatened, so it must create obstacles as a means for its self preservation. Logically, the natural evolution of progressivism, having achieved its goals, turns into one of maintaining status quo; Instead, the movement has devolved into chipping away at its past advances, hence the claims of it being regressive.

    “Our nation is not yet past racism because our nation has not yet understood that there is one race: human,” Dr. Alveda King, MLK's niece, who also claims that identity politics is counter-intuitive to her uncle's message of unity under a single banner 'content of character'.

  • plagship

    The main problem is that people just want to believe that the other side is evil and as such no one wants to find common ground. Just read through any comment section and count the comments that use pejoratives vs those that dont. I have bad news for you, no one is 100% correct. Your side has corruption, its as simple as that. It is incumbent upon everyone to sniff out and fix the corruption in their house first.

  • Devdasi2006

    I’m a new exile from the left but I’m one of those still having a hard time trusting Trump. But I trust Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth warren even less.

  • Jacob Lee

    Politics and religion are two subjects that I have been obsessed with for the past twenty years.  I have learned to things, most people are completely ignorant when it comes to both and think their experts.  The other thing I learned politics and religion are two things that are incredibly hard to talk about.  It almost always gets heated.

  • George Christiansen

    The Opie and Anthony show used to have a thing where people called in and they would guess your race based upon your voice, speech patterns, ect.

    Never heard them call a black guy white.

  • Dustin Hill

    I find it hilarious when people who claim to support freedom and the constitution criticize the libertarian party while hanging out in an establishment political party.

  • naefmich

    Dave rubin, I am very glad you are somehow getting monetized on YouTube, but "overly dramatic toothbrush" ad is VERY strange.

  • random gaming videos

    The host that called Webb white went into that conversation with the pre conceived notion she was going to say things and have a conversation with him based on him being white, she profiled him and the things she was going to say were based on his race and what she thought it was, which is literally a form of racism

  • Russell Dodd

    The democrats I've gotten to know are the most racist people I've ever met. They think so poorly of minorities. For example, they believe minorities aren't smart enough to figure out how to vote.

  • Fuck You

    If it was a lot of good people in the world then it wouldn't be hard for good people to get together so the evil is trying to stop the truth threw most majority that is evil blind ways my God see everything trust me……..

  • Fuck You

    U tell her she should have been better prepared and then turn around and say she wrong for having to be prepared like I say fake as fuck

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