WHO:  Universal Health Coverage – What does it mean?
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WHO: Universal Health Coverage – What does it mean?

you might have heard people talking
about universal health coverage but what does it really mean? Think about it this
way. What do you need to get be and stay healthy. can you get help from a well
trained health worker? can you get treatment that helps you get better? and
is safe can you get the medicines and other health products you need? who will
pay for it? are there policies in place to ensure the services you need are
available to you your family and your community next time and every time. and
does your government have accurate information about the whole system so
they can make the right decisions to keep everything working the way it
should. good health needs people, services products, finances, policies and
information and it needs all of them to work together even in times of crisis
and good health systems don’t just treat sick people, they help to promote healthy
living and prevent people from falling ill in the first place. The World Health
Organization is working around the world so that all people and communities
receive the quality services they need and are protected from health threats
without suffering from financial hardship that’s what we call universal
health coverage so here’s to health for you and for everyone


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