Why do LMSs Fail? An Engagement Issue explained | Steve Dineen, Fuse Universal CEO
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Why do LMSs Fail? An Engagement Issue explained | Steve Dineen, Fuse Universal CEO

hi I’m Steve Dineen, I am the CEO and
chief storyteller at Fuse I’ve been around the e-learning online
industry i guess since its birth round in the nineties i found that one of the
first UK and european companies company called fuel do that to be a couple
hundred people created hundreds and hundreds of e-learning school based
courses distribute through any messages and I’d like to apologize and say sorry it was the best idea we have the time the good news is it no longer is I i
know i guess the the question we often get asked is you know why the element is
failing and why we move so aggressively away from concepts around those let me
take fail i mean if you look at their i guess a piece of research done from the
human capital institute it was a recessed and 500 500
professionals where the net promoter school on any messages across the board
of all of them was a negative minus thirty-three percent that’s a pretty
damning statement I guess across the the concept the other
messages you know as a as a learning tool and I think as a learning tool lms is really really fair lawn from on
three core areas that the first area is a mess is what actually designed for the
loaner designed for the load administrator the design for the people
were track and report what learning is going on it looked like thing you know Facebook
or YouTube first designed as a as an analytics tool first and then they try
to figure out how do you create user engagement and social networking is kind
of a crazy place to start and that’s kind of what happened addresses that
were created as these and reporting tracking systems but their secondary
audience by a long shot it is the user therefore the whole
journey to get to content and create a loan a great learning experience it is an article in in line with that
and i think the second biggest reason is additional content that’s at the heart
of an LMS which is school so school is a standard that was created by the USDOT
the American part of defense in 99 so for five years before YouTube and
Facebook were created and a standard it was allowed in concept is allowed any
content organization to take at any amount of content and put a piece of
bubble wrap around it and that bubble wrap for school and that bubble wrap
then announced that content to be launched and to be tracked from one
element to another so in concept is really useful from a
track inside but again from learning perspective it is it’s more than really
considered so we’re now doing is you’re putting that content inside this bubble
wrap which means any time you got to get that content you want to get into the
bubble wrap so we know from people I professor
everything else in a hundred years ago who did the research that shows that
people forget fifty percent of what they learned within an hour and eighty
percent within a month they don’t use it so the concept of their making the heart
that content hard too hard to access and extremely accessible if you put buried
there so learning statistics and data
statistics shows that less than 1% of content with in school and in this
bubble wrap is going back to after learning that’s a huge problem for Bologna
efficiency perspective you’re basically saying that we know people don’t forget
and actually we’re putting the barrier to get back to it is too hard because
you got to remember which course the contents in you have a search for that browse that launched the content and
then look inside that to get to and we don’t so that’s the reason why it’s not being
used so that’s like getting that the second big reason the third big reason
is again it’s around the whole content strategy
so LM s is are not content management systems all the content creation in the
and the content management steps outside the LMS so take an example of one bank has 80
plus versions of its anti-money laundering course every time it has a
regulation changes in order to get updated the actual the the people who
create the content have gotten our update 18 versions are ready for voters
that piece of content which is kind of crazy even think about modern world of
content management systems using someone like you to be as an example you can
dump all your content inside it creates many different playlist as you want and
then if you change one piece of content inside it automatically changes every
playlist so that’s at the heart of what learning system should be and if you
look at I guess any popular consumer to consumer learning technology like you
know you to meet your car stereo or you don’t see any of these guys none of them use any messes in school as
the baseline for success there’s never been a successful consumer
learning technology without with that those targets and a half so essentially i think once you move
away from the fact that you have to have another mess and you have to have school it’s like having freedom you know it’s
like I guess the is like you know 1492 and the Mayflower landed on the states
and and actually all the opportunity or the new world opening up to you exactly the same you know you look at
all the technologies concept and everybody’s photos all the amazing
little startup companies which is really cool but the technology you look at inspiration from people like
Facebook and YouTube and LinkedIn Twitter whatsapp and all the concepts
that those challenges based on and now open to use all the things you couldn’t
use before because its standard you can you now could design whatever type of
learning experience do you want inspired by anything this innovative or
anything that’s come on I mean it’s like I guess in the old
world that we were trying to create learning solutions in school and
elementary is being locked in a time capsule why the best industry was kind of
innovating and going forward we will just stop so yes I think the big thing is moving
away from that it’s feels liberating


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