Why don’t world governments intervene in North Korea?
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Why don’t world governments intervene in North Korea?


  • Hey

    I've talked to a Rothschild and she wasn't afraid to say there is a global governance, she said: "We're just like landlords, there is nothing wrong with that and none can do anything about it."

    She was right, we can bitch all we want against the slave masters, they own us and we are not strong enough to organize a slave revolt, we like our Wall marts, our entertainment, our fast food chains, we cannot live without it.

    On your knees…  slaves ! muahahaha, by the way there is no god that will save you ! you will submit your soul or you will live a miserable existence then die and no one will even remember you.

    But seriously, get use to it slaves.

  • TheSavageMusicGroup

    All these reasons for not intervening are, to me, ridiculous. Refugees, innocent deaths, political correctness, prison camps, possible world war, ect… These are all things that led us to World War 2 and taking out the Nazis. Why not in this instance?

  • Bruce Dickinson

    They have the 4th largest army on the planet ahead of Russia. Also enough unstoppable artillery to turn Seoul south Korea into a "sea of flames". That's why none have intervened yet. DPRK represent a huge source of international instability as they are Allied with China and have trade relation with some less scrupulous countries like Russia and Iran. Clear and present danger is the reason behind all the sanctions. There is yet no real reason for war. If they wish to kill them selves, we cant stop them as long as they threaten our allies in the south.

  • Folker46 !

    What the hell happen to you guys? What's with this hard turn to the left? North Korea's "alleged" human right's abuses? Everything coming out of the North, from refugees to independent film makers, have shown how terrible the North is. Yet you make it sound like all the bad information is some conspiracy. Really?
    The only reason no one intervenes is because of China. That's it. The South wants to get up there and liberate those people but the US will not let them, all because China has stated they would intervene militarily if the North were to lose. So millions live under a brutal dictatorship and all the world can do is watch, all because the fucking Chinese don't want a western ally right on their door step. Fuckers!

  • John Ma

    NK is only a chess piece in the power game between the superpowers. I can assure you that if the US wants to intervene, it is not because it wants to help the North Korean people. If NK is located somewhere in Africa, the US won't give a dame. Why nobody wants to intervene? Simply put, for China and Russia's perspective, they see NK as a buffer zone from Western forces. For the Western countries, intervention can trigger a second Korean war.

  • John Ma

    By the way, if you wonder why the Western countries did not intervene in a humanitarian way instead of military and political way? It is simple, there is no gain for them to do so.

  • The legend of Timbuktu

    The main reason the west don't intervene is because north Korea doesn't have much natural resources, such as oil, gold, copper or anything valuable to the west. So the west turns a blind eye.

  • Synthetic Dawn

    i seriously do not believe the communists to win a peoples revolution over the kim dynasty but if they did the country could become much much better

  • Aram Pan

    To find out more about the DPRK, follow the North Korea Photography Project: https://www.facebook.com/dprk360

  • Andrew Noneofyorebussines

    They dont interfear coz they dont care bout ppl. Its not in the wallet then its not worth it to them. You are not a human being to them. U are a money sack. If the sack is too small (N Korea, Somalia, for time Irak) then you are expendable. Easy

  • Ande Zong

    North Korea: Imma nuke America!!
    Fires missiles instead, but barely passes 3 miles from North Korean soil 
    China: Smacks head, shakes head;sighs heavily Yeah yeah, I know I know…..

  • Armchair

    The real question is why would the intervene?
    If you feel like invading other countries just do it yourself,we dont need another "freedom" invasion.

  • thisis675

    Quite simply there is no money in it for the world's governments to stop the horrific abuse of the NK people. There is no oil to protect, no wealth to be gained, no political friends to help out, just the liberation of millions of abused people. But of course that isn't enough.

  • glen pittman

    wal-mart helps china and china helps north korea. the walton family has taken american jobs to china and the communist give this money to north korea. greed by this family is keeping north korea in food and war materials. if the walton family will stop their greed north korea will fall with china going next.

  • Anosync

    1. North Korea will spiral into a civil war as they are not ready for democracy by a long shot and just another dictator will likely replace Kim bringing us back to square one with all the invested resources wasted with no hope of returns.
    2. The China CCP factor, they have historically supported NK and the US cannot again risk military action there and perhaps further worsen an already worsening relationship with China, if not outright war, NK is just not worth that…China too wouldn't want US or a democratic nation right there on it's border (hence the support).
    3. NK's already fragile economy will just become lots worse in event of a war there and South Korea will have to bear most of the burden (something they can't afford to do even now much less then).
    4. Nuclear weapons…NATO military think tanks have already estimated that disabling NK's nuclear weapons in time will cost way too much resources and human resources…this is further impossible now with the public opinion in the US turning more and more against overseas wars.

  • Paul Schlüter

    I can´t believe this video.. USA is continuing to kill men women and children in countries that don´t even belong to it and  you people are talking about N Korea?? your mad!!!

  • Jye Lambert

    The answer is easy, the west has never actually intervened in a nation because of human rights abuses. Instead, human rights abuses are used as a pretext to invade for other reasons, such as claiming oil or poppy fields. North Korea has little to nothing of value in terms of natural resources, thus there has never been a military intervention.

  • Blace007

    this shows the ignorant american world view..! why do goverments not interviene? What kind of fucked up question is that? How about minding your own shit? I'm not a north corea fan but i'm a fan of not playing world police and letting a country resolve its own problems..! america.. you have enough work to do at home!

  • master aripuya aka wickedmaster

    its simple. they dont have oil.
    if they hd oil like countries in the middle east, the US would have taken their gay ass there

  • Diego Diaz

    Was that all? I thought there would be like something actually secret. You just made a video that should be called "why there's no war in Korea for dumbasses". Seriously, anyone knows all of that, you don't have to pretend that you are revealing a big international conspiracy, it's just something you can find out by watching the news.
    And one more thing, North Korea has nuclear weapons, a huge artillery that would easily destroy completely half of South Korea in a matter of minutes, so just that seems like enough reason not to invade the country.

  • Gian-Carlo Cloete

    i really like your stuff STDWYTK…One thing though if your telling the truth why haven't you been removed? why would the government allow your awesome videos?

  • Bunea Alexandru

    Because this is a actually a country that could fight back not like Iraq, Afganistan and other 3rd world countrys invated by USA.

  • gina Sharpley

    the governments around the world don't care about human rights and abuse. we dont get involved in north korea because they have nothing that the government wants. like drugs, oil etc etc. the u.s. is one huge mass of abusers,murderers, child molesters etc etc. the government couldn't care less. the only time anything is done is if theres a dollar to be made or profit of some sort. this is the reality now days and it's only going to get worse

  • Kelthoras1

    No one wants to deal with millions of brainwashed, uneducated, unskilled people. It would take several decades to reverse the damages done.

  • Huggy Bear

    LOL .. Just take one look at their flag! It looks like half the countries flags around the world these days. Red, White, and Blue with stripes and a big star in the middle… Wake up and smell the shit, North Korea is part of the NWO which is bent on decreased world population and authoritarian control of the scant half billion people left in the world when they are done eradicating the "undesirables". The world nations don't give a shit if their people starve and are forced into labor camps… That's the ultimate goal of NATO and the NWO…

  • fourteen

    yes, wars will come, Ezekiel 38,39, Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, Joel 2, Zechariah 14, Matt 24:6, Rev 6:8,9:15. However God has provided a way for all to be saved through the atoning death of His Son on the cross for our sins, John 3:16. If you knew how much He loves you and how much you are worth to Him you would thank Him for His mercies, Psalm 136. The only way to be saved is to put your faith and trust in Jesus alone to save you, Joel 2:32, Ephesians 2:8,9, Acts 16:30,31. Be blessed.

  • deadbutmoving

    North Korea is not an attractive target for "intervention". The risks are far too high and the rewards are far too low.

    North Korea is not a very resource rich nation. They have resources to be sure, by why instigate trouble with a nuclear armed state for meager resources when you can do the same to Middle Eastern and African nations who have far more resources and have no nukes to deter invaders.

  • bulavo

    lol, thats easy, USA needs North Korea – its a great excuse to have military bases close to Russian and Chinese borders!

  • eric t

    The answer is actually simple. China likes it's buffer from the west, and the south doesn't want to deal with all the uneducated folks in the north. South Korea's economy would take a huge blow if they united. Since 53' they've grown so different, even the language has changed. The north however has become an increasingly disobedient stepchild to China, and they might eventually get so sick of Kim's behavior they'll just stop supporting, and protecting him, in which case nuclear war may become reality. I don't think that will happen anytime soon though, as the status quo is working for everyone, except the actual population of the DPRK.

  • cali_ kush70

    it's just extremely sad, I hate to see the suffering of humans. I wish there was a viable way to help those who are suffering all across the globe.

  • Tampaterry54

    the facts are if something did happen within north korea no nation on earth is prepared for the amount of refugees, you think the reunification of germany was bad? it would pale in comparison.

  • Pedro Cruz

    Good information regardless awicked mar rulin the nations ,You shall trust no man ,
    Blessed be the nation whosse trust is in the Lord our God the most powerful God that exist ,now and for ever .
    Yahweh the onlytruth God ,All Migthy

  • P Sander

    Hate N Korea. They refuse to surrender their country to central banking. And they dont want globalism. So a media campaign against them is being waged. End of story.

  • LOL!!! Omg!!!

    It is illegal to invade for regime change under international law. Who pulls the first trigger? Well, they are punished for war crimes.

  • Andrés Caraballo

    China has supported the north koreans at every turn. The only reasson north korea is still a thing is because china wants it to be. The day china decides otherwise is the day North korea falls.

  • Thelonestar Pelican

    1. It violates the right of national self-determination: It's wrong to physically coerce nations into doing the will of the international community's will absent a credible NK threat to other nations, or obvious ethnic cleansing (at worst NK bellows fierce rhetoric it won't backed up). Thus, initiating an invasion of NK for these reasons alone would make us hypocrites.

    2. Pointless to cause anguish families in Pusan and Springfield and even NK itself when in the long run NK is destined to become free (even if still a very long time away): Any short-term gains from an earlier-than-otherwise freeing of NK gives are more than offset by the loss of lives (and the resulting anguish) happening because of such a war.

    3.  Genuine, gracious acceptance of change more likely to be sustainable than forced, violent change, especially if outsiders do the changing. Creating grounds (legit or illegit) can store up trouble in the long run – in this case, slowing true reunification of the Korean people. In the long run, even NK will realize its errors and why their ways are erroneous. Better that come without death, destruction, and deprivation it brings (not to mention with less resentment, as stated a real potential obstacle to reuniting in spirit, the actual heart of the matter) – even if the day of freedom for the slaves is delayed.

  • ajeeth 79

    why countries don't mind their business?every country has problems,that doent mean every country has to interfere with every other country,,,

  • Thomas Jefferson

    WHEN the WAR starts,ALL the asian countries will come against america,and AMERICA will get their nosey ass KICKED good,america has NEVER won a war,and they won't win this one,THE ASIANS will take over america and kill who ever they want,and their won't be a thing that will stop them,BE SMART AMERICA….BRING ALL YOUR MILITARY HOME "NOW"……

  • Kangas Khan

    If they did attack North Korea 🇰🇵 then Russia 🇷🇺 and china 🇨🇳 would declare war those 2 countries combined equals death for America

  • A Smith

    It is all very odd. Why hasn't the government intervened. They sit back and let this overgrown baby playing with his nuke toys to just make his plans to nuke us at any given time. Can someone not take him out like navy seals, special forces, etc. I mean they got Bin Laden that way.. so what is the wait? the problem? It is as if the media, gov't, etc. are just waiting for them to strike so 1/3 of our usa is on fire and gone. I don't get it. The more time he gets – the more he can build up the nukes faster and bigger. Trust me, he will launch them as he doesn't feed his people, they are starving, they are getting no help, at least of what we know they aren't, and he is pushing every dime into his military build up for nukes to make them bigger and go further. He is a live wire and needs to be stopped. The problem is, does he have a backup to take his place immediately? It has to end with him and his threats. If USA does not step in and do something, either get rid of kim and his military bases, letting the people run for their safety to South Korea and other countries at that point.. kim will start getting meaner and making the nukes bigger and going further until one day we will be in huge trouble to try to stop him. Yes they say we can stop him but the odds it might not are too much of a risk to take out cities like LA, Chicago, etc.. and when that happens.. it is all out war and it will cause major retaliation but may cause a rippling effect at the same time w/other countries. But what do they expect for USA to sit back and take it? What if that were their country hit by Korea? They would retaliate just as well. I say go for the jugglar.. hit military bases, take out kim and let the people there that hate it there and are prisoners of their own rights to run for their lives and get out of there asap. In the mean time it would take them years upon years to build up again without their people, bases, money, etc.

  • foppo leeuwerke

    The hype has already started remember Iraq? Talking about another war which the kabal is dying to start.Don't believe all the mainstream news is spouting another smoke screen.

  • Fella Einstein

    How does the world not realize the mistake we are making by allowing North Korea to build nukes and ICBMs. Does a bomb have to hit New York before we act.

  • иди нахуи

    Because north korea is just trying to intimidate other countries, they’re not actually going to use the nuclear things.

  • Marek De Marko

    Umm problem is, many countries already want to intervene and change their regime to Western supported regime. Thing is, if USA would invade DPRK, it would be larger bloodshed than Vietnam and resulting huge anti-American movement around world. Secondly, unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, North Koreans actually have nuclear capabilities.

  • MultiTomcat67

    My-2-cents-worth: North Korea is a tough nut to crack & will cost LOTS OF LIVES to free it by force. When NK loses, whichever Kim's in charge will commit suicide with nukes taking as many as possible with him.

  • Ocelotl Chimalpahin

    The answer is because there is no need to intervene in The People's Republic of Korea, they'd do better without the crippling sanctions from the west.

    The high number of labor camps is a lie invented by western media Corporations. Often. You can say whatever the hell you want to say about North Korea & nobody cares.

    Hell check the math on the last accusation against them, labor camps for children of criminals you'd run out of people in the country!

    So the thing they don't want you to know is that the majority of accusations against the DPRK is state propaganda.

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