Why I’m Worried About Normani’s Career
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Why I’m Worried About Normani’s Career

When Normani was in fifth harmony it was no secret that she was severely undermined as an artist. Commonly
regarded as the group’s underdog at the time Normani was constantly overlooked
on by fans and the general public meaning she never got to fully showcase
her abilities during her time in fifth harmony but thankfully she was soon able to shine through many of the music industry’s problems such as colorism. As
we’ve seen since fifth harmony’s disbandment Normani has proven to be one of the most successful acts from the group. With already two top-ten hits,
Normani has established her presence with the general public and mainstream
radios across the world. However her problem with her career comes in
stabilizing and continuing on her early success as there have been many problems so far interfering with her career’s future. So today on GossipBoy we are
going to discuss why Normani’s success is essentially in jeopardy. First and
foremost let’s address the biggest elephant in the room — Normani’s solo debut album while it’s been two years since fifth harmony disbanded, normani is yet
to release her debut record as a solo artist. Now why this is a major problem
for Normani herself is because there was a massive demand for her debut record
and this was thanks to her originally highly successful trajectory which we
will now begin to discuss. This leads us to her breakout hit ” Love Lies “with Khalid
released on the 14th of February 2018 despite being Normani’s first single
as a solo artist, ” Love Lies ” was a massive commercial success. Accompanying the love Simon soundtrack the hit single gained a lot of traction from the film
thus leading to its incredibly high radio audience of 123 million within the
USA alone. Being a steady gainer in pure sales and streams the single would end up peaking number nine on the Hot 100 becoming Normani’s first top 10 hit.
Since its release ” Love Lies ” has also been certified quadruple platinum in the
United States and platinum in the UK. Overall, ” Love Lies ” was a ginormous
victory for Normani. Although I’ve already recapped its success, the way in which the single changed the perception of Normani’s future and her
success is so significant. People began taking her much more seriously and
recognized her as an upcoming pop star and performer for the future generations.
Following the end of 2018 Normani would release three more songs
including waves and a two-song collaboration with Calvin Harris. In
spite of all the songs failing to reach the commercial success
of ” Love Lies ” all of these singles were still crucial releases to Normani’s
early discography. This is because it proved her worthy of being a versatile
artist with a bold and interesting artistry. It made people note that there
was a lot to be offered with her upcoming debut record. Normani would then quickly make another comeback on the 11th of January 2019 with her Sam Smith
collaboration, Dancing with a stranger. With Sam Smith being a great Top-40 radio force in the USA, the single would be met with constant airplay on
contemporary hit radio all over the USA. Eventually the single became so big
on radio stations across the world that it became the most played radio song of
2019. As a result the single peaked number seven and three in the US and UK
respectively, once again expanding Normani’s worldwide exposure and dominance on the charts. Now that Normani had two largely successful
collaborations the general public and fans began to notice she hadn’t released
any solo music yet, despite now being a solo artist. This began to irritate fans
who were still patiently waiting for album announcements and a lead single. Normani was also touring with Ariana Grande at the time for her ” Sweetener World Tour “, so Normani’s team needed to get the lead single out while there was still
anticipation from other fanbases and the general public. Eventually Normani’s first solo track and supposed lead single ” Motivation ” would be released on the 16th of August 2019. The 2000s pop and R&B inspired single
instantly gained critical acclaim from critics and celebrities, praising Normani’s vocal performance and the song’s captivating instrumental, which was very nostalgic and reminiscent of the 2000s. In addition, the music video gained extreme recognition all of social media, for Normani’s skilled choreography and throwback visuals. At the start the single’s rollout was amazing
especially for an artist under RCA Records. It immediately had a viral and
acclaimed performance at the 2019 VMAs and Osheaga festival (it didn’t oops). Furthermore, it was
scheduled to impact USA radios in the next four days after its release and its
online promotion on social media and streaming platforms were to a great
standard. Everyone was enjoying the 2000s inspired promotion graphics Normani’s
team presented. Consequently the single would go on to debut at number 33 on the hot
100 and eventually enter over 20 charts. Number 33 was a very decent debut for Normani, considering it had a lot of potential on radios and that it was her
first true solo track. But in the end the buzz ” Motivation ” made during its debut
didn’t last across its chart run. Only spending 10 weeks on the Hot 100, the
single never got to re- peak or enter the top 10 like her previously successful
collaborations. When we get to the main reasons the single had such a short stamina, it’s because her record label simply ditched the single a week after its
its debut performances. RCA records just left the single
without any performances or excess promotion. It seemed they were heavily
relying on pop radio to make the single a smash but that’s really rare for
singles without consistent promotion. Motivation had no performances, it was
falling on streaming playlists, and the general public lost interest in the
single. This was happening in a span of two months and her team did nothing but
watch the single decline. After the single began to fall from its peak of 15
on pop radio in October, her team tried to revive the single with a 21
savage remix on the 28th of that month (which was kind of random). However the
remix was ultimately a commercial failure because it did nothing to help
the single on the charts. Then three days after, ” Bad To You ” was released with the
Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. As Normani was on a song with Ariana Grande and
and Nicki Minaj, the song did drastically overshadow Motivation’s remix and the
dying single itself. Then all of a sudden in December she performed Motivation at
“PopTopia ” and the ” Streamy awards “. This was greatly confusing as she was
promoting the single while it was essentially dead on the charts. So it once
again left the single no chances of revival. These performances should have
been happening throughout August, September or October — NOT December when the single was off the charts. As of recently Normani also performed a
Motivation alongside ” Love Lies “, “Dancing with a stranger “, ” Waves “, and her new
soundtrack single ” Diamonds ” at the NBA all-star pregame concert. Altogether
the performance was a failure as it gained Normani a lot of unfair negative
attention and feedback. At the concert Normani’s vocals and choreography were
way off than usual which created a lot of controversy. It gave trolls and anti-fans a moment to capitalize on degrading normani success
and talent. Heading into March, there are no major
updates on the album’s release and a possible new single for the record. Normani not having a new album out has been extremely detrimental to her career
because the general public and fans are losing interest (and quickly!). The
inconsistency in her promotion and the recent backlash has also greatly slowed
down the hype and anticipation she was originally receiving during 2018 and mid-2019. Now there are many alleged reasons to why Normani’s career has slightly drifted off its successful trajectory. According to Normani’s mother in late 2019 (paraphrased) ” Someone in the industry is trying to sabotage Normani, and it will be brought to the light soon “. While the description was vague we can
easily match up to a possible executive at RCA Records. As we have
continuously seen multiple artists such as ” Tinashe ” and ” Zayn ” have been sabotaged by the record label after their debut records. With Normani’s constant delays
and inconsistent promotion, her label or another executive in the Sony Music
Group may be purposely limiting her chances of success by limiting promotion
and delaying her releases. A lot of people have linked this possible
sabotage, to the music industry’s ongoing issue of ” Colorism “, which mainly
disadvantages dark-skinned black women in the pop sector of the industry. As of
lately, there truly isn’t a lot of Black Women dominating specifically in pop
music. As we’ve seen this type of discrimination occur for decades in the
industry — and despite more awareness — it continues to affect the careers of many.
Record producers and executives such as ” Warren Campbell ” and ” Mathew Knowles “, have revealed this discrimination is still alive today. Another problem I think may
be effecting Normani is her budget. Motivation’s music video allegedly cost
millions of dollars for RCA Records as it was directed by Dave Meyers. Then we
have the additional cost from her performances and online promotion. With
the single possibly not returning enough profit, there may not be much
money left to support a new album or single — hence her delays. Or on the other
hand, Normani may also not be fully prepared or simply ready for her debut
record. In September of 2019, she did mention her 14 track debut was halfway
done and scheduled for a release later in 2020. But with no additional comeback
to her lead single so far, it seems there is something wrong that hasn’t been brought to the light yet — because her rollout has been very unprofessional and messy. In
the end I am very excited for Normani’s upcoming album and I will be supporting every upcoming single she has to offer. However her team
needs to get their act together immediately because the success and
impact of a debut record is one of the most crucial tests an artist will face
in their career. Normani is such a talented performer and artist so it
would be one of the greatest losses of the decade to see her fade before she
reaches her destined prime. RCA Records needs to realize her potential and
future worth and they can do that by heavily promoting the record when
Normani has finally completed the project. There are NOT a lot of Normani’s
in the industry today, so it should be a privilege to promote an
artist with her capabilities. Now that is all I have for you today, please like and
subscribe and please comment your opinion so far on Normani’s success.
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you in the next video! ILY


  • Nina S

    I was really wondering why I don't get a lot of her songs when streaming and asking for songs by Normani. Thanks for the insight!

  • Lionela Messi

    i dont get her label smh..if they spent so much to make the motivation video why didnt they heavily promote it to make their money back…why are they wasting her time, i hate them

  • babygirl33829

    Motivation should have came out when she was opening up for Ariana Grande. She did the tidal performance and the songs she performed weren’t even available for downloads or streams. Her team isn’t timing her right and it’s a shame. They are letting her fall by the wayside

  • Shelvin Moraa

    Y'all support this girl instead of bitchin about rca records……..if people buy her music and go to see there's no way she is going to be irrelevant

  • Heena M

    Motivation is not amazing for a lead single. Her voice is not very fit for pop songs but its more fit for RnB songs. She needa her Havana for a break through.

  • getwithlu

    My heart just dropped because I had BEEN speculating that some team is INTENTIONALLY sabotaging Normani’s career❗️Breaks my heart that they won’t let a chocolate girl win ❗️

  • V Rowan

    Yeah idk what the problem is but my friends and I always share music with each other and I haven’t once had a song by her shared 🤷🏽‍♀️ the motivation single is unfortunately forgettable

  • finelinehaven

    None of the four got to fully showcase their abilities. 5H actually catered performance wise most to Normani, since she’s the trained dancer of the group.

  • mdlqx4

    You were spot on with your analysis, but I would also suggest Normani herself (and her management) is to blame for part of it. In 2020 there are so many ways to connect directly with consumers and build hype and she has been absent from all of that. (EPs, collaborations, social media, press, etc.) She is talented as hell but something is off, and I pray she can get back in sync before it's too late. 🙁 she was doing it right but then it derailed.

  • Lion Cross

    I- Beyoncé is a black woman. Not a dark-skinned black woman, but a black woman nonetheless. As far this colorism argument, I find it questionable. Some of the biggest commercial artists of all time have been dark-skinned (Whitney, Aretha, Patti, Lauryn Hill, and so on). I think it’s Simon probably trying to sabotage her to help Camilla. But, Normani really isn’t that talented of an artist. She’s a great dancer, but has no artistic vision and her vocals are doubtful at best. I wish her the best of luck, but let’s not pretend she’s crazy talented when there are artists out there who are much more deserving of attention.

  • pink1237480

    Well now no one can blame this on her being dark skin. All she needs is a new team and new record label and she'll be great.

  • Normani Legion

    You're so right, I apologize thanks for the video. I dont think the budget is the biggest problem to be honest. I do agree with the team, and label being her downfall right now. RCA was trash as you stated with Tinashe n Zayn

  • mark two

    Never like that song motivation in my opinion it was not a good song. It sounded bad. Her dancing and singing voice, and video was better than that song. At the end of the day you as an artist gots to create your own fire. I could tell you EXACTLY WHAT'S WRONG WITH NORMANI, SHE'S AN R&B ARTIST. That song motivation had to many pop jingles in it, it had no soul and it sounded childish she's a grown woman. The Biggest mistake Black artists can make is thinking they need to cross over by not doing what they were naturally born to do, when that is actually a false naritive. Facts and statistic shows white ppl will by your song more if you Black and doing R&B. If you look at MJ, Prince, and Whitney Houston all their songs were still R&B till the day they die. Example is Beyonce, and Rihanna, all they sing is hevy R&B and became 2 of the biggest stars in the world.

  • thetriplethreat3

    She should’ve done a video for ‘Checklist’. That would’ve been hot and the song is good. Shoot ‘Truth Hurts’ was released in 2017 and was a hit all last year. OR she needs to go the introspective route, maybe it too much pressure to have this big pop moment right out the gate.

  • LOUI J

    I’ve noticed yesterday that Motivation is passed Gold Certification and still didn’t get certified by RIAA almost going to 1 Million sales but someone told me her team needs to send an application to RIAA for her to get certified.. Here again management is messing up. Dancing with a stranger and love lies are certified only but that’s because the artist team is on point with everything.

  • Jacob Lousche

    She has two top ten hits, a huge music video for Motivation and she's collaborating with Rhi Rhi now. I don't think this is a cause for panic. She's going to thrive and frankly, I doubt RCA is going to make the same mistake as they did with Tinashe. This is a cut throat industry already and since RCA has (hopefully) learned from their experience with Tinashe, I am pretty sure that they won't do it again.

  • A Elioth

    the problem with RCA is that it doesn't want to create a well defined universe for Normani, it does everything and anything

  • G A B E

    I'm already worried since she released Motivation. even though it was a success, no one seemed to really talk about it because she was overshadowed by her peers. I really hope 2020 is gonna be her year

  • OblivionKey

    I wouldn't think it's about colourism cause if it was then lizzo wouldn't be that successful as she is now. Lizzo is dark skinned so 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Piotr Skalski

    This video is missing a point. Why RCA would want to spend more money on single that already got massive promotion and flooped? These days promotion is not that important, if your single doesn't have replay value like motivation, putting the single in everyone's throats won't work like it did years ago

  • nicki nicki

    Normani's label and management fault. They need to give her more songs. They're just giving her modeling deals for brands and magazines. These label people need to better take care of their artists. This is a problem in the American pop industry.

  • JayonceKnowlesCarter

    Here are some ideas I have for Normani and her team that I feel might catapult them out of this rut/plateau. First, there needs to be a second remix of Motivation. This time it needs to feature some heavy hitters – I’m thinking Ariana and Nicki; Mani x Nicki x Ari would look so cute on the cover art for the single. I think this remix could kind of be 2020’s version of Bang Bang. A video needs to be released the same day as the remix itself. A month to three weeks prior to the song and video coming out there needs to be heavy promotion by all three artists – there needs to snippets of the song and video, preferably a trailer, posted on their socials so all the stans can circulate it. The music video for the remix needs to be completely different from the original. I’m thinking the video for the remix should be inspired by the ‘Bootylicious’ video and the ‘Check On It’ video. (Sidebar – I also think it would be a good idea if when she performs Motivation in one of her 30 minute sets she also does a mashup with Kelly Rowland’s Motivation.) There also needs to be a few televised performances of ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ – Sam owes her for that Billboard incident. A few weeks after the release of the Motivation remix and the video she should release a new single which will be from an upcoming 5 song mixtape to be released 3-4 weeks after the single drops. The single should allow Normani to show off more of her vocal capabilities and also showcase her more classical and technical dance abilities that she acquired from DWTS. It’ll show versatility. On the mixtape following the single I think she should have some features from artists like Tinashe, Megan, Sza, Kehlani, Jhené Aiko and Saweetie. The mixtape should really just be her having fun. This comment is already too long so I’ll make the rest quick. After she releases the mixtape and a few more videos, aside from the obvious promo, performances, and interviews that need to happen, Normani needs to release a completely new and improved Merch line drawing inspiration from Motivation’s color scheme and aesthetic. She should sell bomber jackets, velour sweatsuits, glitter tattoos, iron on patches for denim, tube tops and string bikinis, nail decals, bandanas, hoodies, t-shirts, socks, etc. I also think Normani needs to be the face of a sneaker/athletic wear company’s new product(s) – I think Reebok would be a good choice. If not Reebok then I think she should be the new face of the reinvention/emergence of Pastry sneakers by Angela and Vanessa Simmons. They’re colorful, fun, and nostalgic. She could even design her own sneaker as a part of the release. She could have a limited edition “lip kit” with Colourpop obviously dealing with Motivation, also.

  • Alina M

    So her on Label is discriminating against her because of her colour ? Don’t think so . They are just a messy label . With everything they pulled with Tinashe it’s beyond me why she even signed with them

  • Maskie Chuauhang

    I hated everyone that dragged her for calling Cobello quirky and cute…. hell Cobello called her the n** word and everyone covered it up. Normani deserves waaaaaaaaaay better than Cobello

  • Sage Mchottie

    They are ruining her chances to even get a foot in the big girls league in music. Look at when SZA came on the scene she got some hits in and capitalized on it. RCA has too much big artists to focus on, Normani isn’t that big because she needs to go sign with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj it simply Jay Z. Those guys would push her and rebrand her.

    The hype is over now, ppl stop asking for album from normani. The only ppl who pushed her is YouTubers, bloggers and vloggers. I am sorry but I hope marni bounce back.

  • TH. Aries

    This is always a weak excuse. Colorism?! You forgot Whitney, Beyonce, Rihanna, Aretha, Janet, Nicki, Cardi…I just think we have enough artists like Normani. It is nothing new. Her voice is average. And the dancing simply isn‘t enough and we already have seen great dancers like Janet, Ciara, Beyonce and more…Her music is also simply not catchy enough! They are nothing special you remember. I think she simply isn‘t able to reach many people because we have heard all that before. People want something new!
    And it is always easy to say that it‘s the record companies fault. I think her impact wasn‘t strong yet! It is always important to come up with a very good, catchy song, like Umbrella by Rihanna! That song hit like a bomb out of nowhere! Rihanna had a new hairstyle, song was a bomb…And after that song the record company promoted her like crazy. First of all…Normani needs a very good, catchy pop song with a great hook, danceable, easy to sing along with and a good video. Maybe she needs a more edgy appearance. And yeah, maybe whites, latinos and asian people want to identify with her too. She‘s mostly speaking to the black community with her music. She’s not international! It is not about racism. It is about connecting with everybody! That is the moneymaker! Later, when she achieved stardom she can make the music that she wants, as Rihanna does! But you must first reach a certain level of success!

  • TheWitness

    always these exaggerated bullshit. always trying to place blame on why something is not going or working as planned.

    Remember in the entertainment world. The ARTIST is HALF the PROBLEM and HALF of the SOLUTION. the team around him/her is the other HALF.

    and the hits are out there, her songs are around the world. So its not the team, maybe it Normani!!!

    so pls stop licking your fav artists asshole with your star struck tongue <—- thats for all those that look up to much on celebrities.

    be your own you, identity does not exist today. too many people "try" to find their selves and bla bla bla, but in reality everybody is just copying everybody. calm the fuck down.

    and in classic entertainment world, if you aint white and shit aint going your way, then use the race card… retards!

  • Prince Echo

    I’m glad that somebody made this video because this video is pure facts. Normani is so talented to just be an artist to just fade to the background.

  • Mi Pillsburry

    I felt like you gave the song too much credit and the music video too little credit. Motivation was only good because of the video and that is exactly why it under performed and why her label were too cowardly to release more because of its underperformance.

  • hfb921

    Normani should follow the steps of Tinashe and leave RCA. They mess up everyone. She has sooooo much potential and yet is being lost. Also, please do a video about Zayn.

  • Just Using

    Damn I’m sick and tired of seeing talent going to waste like we all saw motivation we all saw what she can do, RCA are absolutely stupid tho they have possibly the next big thing on their hand and they’re really letting her slip through their fingers. I hope she moves labels because it’s annoying and must be soo frustrating for her

  • Tasnim Tareq

    I'm probably gonna get hate for this but I think her stans are partly responsible. They spend more time making viral hate tweets about Camila on twitter then actually streaming her music. It's only my opinion btw.

  • Fuffu

    omg yes finally you did a vid about her! my girl mani needs more attention!! 🥺😡💕 also the collaboration with calvin were BOPS 😭

  • 20 Ice

    Original Normani stans know how Normani likes to #LURK & read every Bad thing said about her. Her mom isn't the one blocking y'all. It doesn't even make sense that it would be her mom.

  • 20 Ice

    Normani is standoffish. Her mother is warm & nice to her fans. She needs to stop letting her Mom/Team be the scapegoat for stuff she does. Normani is the one blocking & unfollowing.

  • 20 Ice

    Why Normani's team disrespects her fans:

    If you see employees of a business mistreat customers. You can guarantee the BOSS (Normani) talks poorly about customers (fans).

  • Matthew Mills

    I am so glad that you’ve address this topic. Racism can be diminished if other non black people stick up for blacks and minorities. Most people think that if it doesn’t affect them then it’s not their problem. When non black people start sticking up for blacks and minorities discrimination then we can start to progress as an great economic society.

  • 20 Ice

    Normani stans needs to think clearly.

    If ANYONE else had access to Normani's account they would actually TWEET or Retweet once in awhile so she wouldn't seem so INACTIVE. Normani is the only one in control of her account.

  • Noble Obodum

    Someone is sabotaging her! RCA is a big part of it! Her huge VMAs performance and the NBA performance both had tech issues! Last year she had several major performances cancelled out of her control. One was even replaced with Camila Cabello! The whole rollout of Motivation was a mess! No major promotion after VMAs. She’s worked hard but someone is working harder to keep her back. We have to keep supporting her, and she needs to come out with music soon!

  • Gusti Agung

    while I agree on how RCA treats her, but imo the "worldwide recognition" statement is kinda questionable. at least from where I live. I live in one of countries in Southeast Asia and the gp here rarely recognise her as a solo artist. even Dancing with a Stranger and Love Lies were known only for Sam Smith and Khalid's songs and as far as I know, Motivation isn't really big here. it's so sad indeed since she'd make a very great artist and performer. her team and her need to make some record that distinguishable so the gp will actually acknowledge her as Normani instead of "future Beyonce".

  • 20 Ice

    1. Normani is the one who told her team to kick ppl out of MEET & GREET over Twitter comments.

    2. Normani's team treats her fans poorly bc Normani set that tone in how she complains about fans to her team.

    3. Normani loves to read negative comments about herself. Stans from the 5H days know this.

    4. Normani is the one blocking & unfollowing.

    If anyone else had access to her account they would actually Tweet or Retweet once in awhile so she wouldn't seem so INACTIVE. Normani is the only one in control of her account.

  • SlimJones

    Motivation was a huge missed opportunity by the label… NORMANI DID WHAT SHE HAD TO DO! They should have had her performing that song everywhere, Today Show, Wendy, Ellen, overseas. One performance?!? That is malpractice! Still iconic though.

  • Natthenn

    If anybody is an upcoming artist, please if you can, DO NOT SIGN WITH RCA RECORDS !!! Normani does not deserve this shit! She has so much potential and so much talent! Fuck RCA RECORDS!!

  • Noble Obodum

    It just really sucks bc everything was going well until after the VMAs performance of Motivation…then everything went downhill. Promotion stopped. I want her to win so badly!!!

  • Jaiyna Aaliyana

    I need her to sign to Colombia, Interscope (maybe) Atlantic, Roc nation (or maybe go under their management like Tinashe so she can be independent)

  • M A S H U P G A W D // Harper

    I mean to be fair regarding your first point, none of the 5H members have dropped any albums (sans Camila who had left earlier) since the group disbanded. I hope she’s taking her time with the record but I definitely it would be wise to release this year. I think a Summer/Fall release would be perfect.

  • Julia Roberts

    She has not established her voice in radio….tf…. she’s a great performer, but I personally don’t see it for her music. I do not like her voice, very nasally. But she’s not consistent, and I wonder how much of that is her vs her team

  • Priincessa017

    She should never starts with RCA records, this label is famous for destroyed many artists career I don't get it why she went there I hope she'll be able to end contracts

  • Tray Scott

    In my opinion, Motivation wasnt a good single. When i first heard the song, i was not impressed. The song was not catchy and it was easily forgettable. I think that helped bring her trajectory down. Waves, Love Lies and Dancing with a Stranger are really good songs. Too bad they didnt put her album out at the time of those hit songs.

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