Why People Are Boycotting Disney’s Live-Action Mulan
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Why People Are Boycotting Disney’s Live-Action Mulan

People are calling dishonor on Disney’s live-action
Mulan after the star of the upcoming remake, Crystal Liu, posted on social media in support
of the Hong Kong police force. Liu’s admission of support of Hong Kong law
enforcement, which has been under scrutiny for what human rights groups have deemed an
excessive use of force against pro-democracy protesters, sparked outrage in China and caused
a ripple effect around the world. Taking to Weibo, the Chinese social media
site on which Liu has over 65 million followers, the actress shared an image that reads, “I support Hong Kong’s police, you can all
attack me now…What a shame for Hong Kong.” She hashtagged the image, originally shared
by the Chinese newspaper group People’s Daily, #IAlsoSupportTheHongKongPolice, then added
a heart emoji. Less than 24 hours after Liu posted the photo,
it amassed over 72,000 likes and was shared over 65,000 times. Backlash has been just as swift, though. The hashtag #BoycottMulan has taken over Twitter
and Instagram in the time since Liu’s post, with the tag feed filling up with dozens of
posts per hour. One user on Twitter wrote, “Support Liu’s Mulan=Support Police’s Abuse
of Power. The spirit of Mulan is about bravery, not
fighting the citizens with unlimited force.” Another user went viral with his #BoycottMulan
tweet that reads, “Disney’s Mulan actress, Liu Yifei, supports
police brutality and oppression in Hong Kong. Liu is a naturalized American citizen. it must be nice. meanwhile she p—es on people fighting for
democracy. retweet please. HK doesn’t get enough support. #BoycottMulan @Disney.” Another added, “I thought people were just overreacting at
first but yikes. She really just f—ed over that movie and
all involved. The movie’s budget was already rumored to
be pretty large too. A simple recast won’t fix this issue. They’d have to likely reshoot the entire film. #BoycottMulan.” Over on Instagram, user @rileyscreed shared
a post that read in part, “…if you support what the police are doing
in Hong Kong, you are unbelievably ignorant. They violate human rights for fun. She comes from such a place of entitlement
it’s not surprising that her closed mind would spew out this trash.” So what’s this all about? In recent months, the Hong Kong police force
has been the center of an intense debate about police brutality, democracy, and the autonomy
of Hong Kong. In June, hundreds of thousands of people in
Hong Kong gathered to protest a bill that would grant criminally charged residents the
possibility to be extradited from the Hong Kong city-state to mainland China. Protesters fought against the bill, arguing
that it would destroy Hong Kong’s autonomy that it established under the “one country,
two systems” standard in 1997. Local police have since implemented increasingly
aggressive tactics to dissuade protesters and clear the streets, going so far as to
use tear gas in enclosed spaces and shoot rubber bullets into crowds, seriously injuring
and even blinding protesters. As things have escalated, activists’ focus
has evolved from the proposed bill in particular to general outrage over police brutality and
a fight for democracy in Hong Kong. On top of that, Variety reported that Facebook
and Twitter have been forced to crackdown on what is believed to be an attempt by the
Chinese government to intentionally spread misinformation about the protests on social
media – using Mulan. And while social media bots spread pro-government
Mulan memes, the official state-backed media have begun hyping the film as well. Complicating things even further, there’s
the fact that Chinese stars are sometimes forced to publicly support government policies
regardless of their personal feelings. In 2018, the nation’s biggest movie star,
Fan Bingbing, completely vanished without a trace for six months. It was later learned that she had been placed
under house arrest for failure to pay taxes on her movie earnings. Upon her release, Bingbing issued a repentant
propaganda statement praising the Chinese government, which raises the question of whether
Mulan star Liu posted the pro-government comments of her own free will to begin with. “Celebrities like Jackie Chan and film studios
are required by the government to support core sociaist values.” All of which puts Disney in a very tricky
spot which would seem to make it difficult for the company to recast the role, especially
since the movie has already been filmed. There is some precedent, though. In 2017, just weeks before the release of
the crime thriller All the Money in the World, star Kevin Spacey was accused of numerous
instances of sexual assault. Director Ridley Scott decided to remove Spacey
from the film entirely, and reshot all of his scenes with Christopher Plummer in the
role instead. In any case, a boycott of this caliber isn’t
good for any party connected to Mulan. Liu’s statement doesn’t bode well for her
public image, it doesn’t help the people of Hong Kong exposed to the chaos currently overtaking
the city-state, and it casts shadows on Disney, which goes to great lengths to maintain a
squeaky-clean reputation. Only time will tell whether the boycott will
impact the film, which is currently scheduled to open in theaters on March 27, 2020. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  • Allen Han

    In case anyone is wondering. The words next to the heart emoji is Jia Yio! It means "Add Gas".

    It's something the Chinese use to encourage someone during a race to chant them to succeed.

    By the way stop talking about Mushu. They are making Mulan based on the original canon stor of Mulan. Not Disney's retelling to make the story more interesting!

  • Abigail Christian

    I’m still watching it, because it’s based on the book of Ballad of Mulan. Disney was respectful enough to the Chinese culture and DECIDED not to copy everything like what they did to other Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King anyone. People were complaining how it’s the EXACT COPY of their animated counterpart and no creativity to do something else!? Disney created Mulan and people are still complaining. You can’t please everyone for god sakes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mulan cartoon and Mushu was the comic relief. He was my fave, but i’m not upset that he’s not in the live action movie. Heck, i’m so proud that they want to do the original story of Fa Mulan our of respect of the Chinese citizens. Anyway, I may be a different Asian descent, but i’m glad that they went on this route.

  • Val Saludo

    i mean im all up for live action disney movies just as long as when we least expect it, heartless start showing up and sora gotta fight the 13 seekers of darkness

  • Whitney Smith

    Let's boycott boycotting!!
    This cancel culture and bandwagon outrage is seriously ridiculous.
    Get over it kiddos!!!!!!

  • JaybayJay

    Are these people seriously crying about what's going on in Hong Kong? Attacking Crystal Liu cause she supports the police force in Hong Kong that does a hard job of keeping that city safe. There's no difference when an American says they support the troops and not the politicians.. And since when does the US get to comment about Police State or Police Brutality. The US is fastly becoming the biggest hypocrite Country on the goddamn planet.. You wanna do something? Stop boycotting movies and do something about the cops murdering your own citizens first, and then maybe the rest of the world will even considering listening to the crap you deem important.

  • George Sahinidis

    Hong kong rioters are so young and naive… they expect american citizens to share their problems… she just wants peace in her home country… her rights will not be affected…

  • theboyuan0jcfan

    What Liu Yifei posted is quoted from a mainland Chinese reporter Fu Guohao, who said "I support the Hong Kong police! You can beat me now!" after being suspected by the Hong Kong protestors (rioters) for being an undercover mainland police (he is not in fact) and was tied up and beaten by those "protestors" in the Hong Kong International airport. Liu posted what Fu said in support of Fu after being illegally brutalized. Please don't take her post out of context. But I know why you might be misinformed, because the Western propaganda would deliberately choose to not report on the brutality of the "protestors" but only focus on the brutality of the police. How hypocritical of the Western media when they portrayed the yellow jackets protestors in France as violent rioters but not the Hong Kong rioters?

  • Manuel Angulo

    I’m not spending any money for this movie after her comment. If you really want to watch it wait for a free copy online lol.

  • Eric Phantom

    The actress don't have to obey what another country "make" her do. So most likely she's doing it on her own accord. That said, she has to be a real stuck up bitch to support police brutality.

  • Tyler Bokunewicz

    I'm not surprised. This prosumer mindset that has casted a large shadow in mass media and now more than ever, everything including politics and human rights activism are all relative in some way

  • irighterotica

    The cops in America are every bit as violent as China's and are also quite fond of cracking the skulls of peaceful protesters, here in "the greatest democracy in the world" yet supporting them is no big deal. I mean, you can't even say, "I think the police should murder less black people and mental illness patients" without someone losing their god damn mind.

    I mean, don't get me wrong: fuck the police everywhere. I just think the difference is interesting. Guess it's because their cops are dirty commies and ours are cold-blooded fasci—errr, good people.

  • Lee Oulic

    #1 reason is No-Mushu
    #2 her acting is my actual boycott reason (it's meh; equivalent to unmoving-stone-statue-face Kristen Stewart)

  • Sarunya Reese

    Hey this movie are supposed to be for all kids not politics and I think the star of the movie make a wrong moved 🤑🤑☹️😞

  • Skint G

    I’m not even going! My live action interest died with the Pink elephants on parade scene in dumbo, Bear necessities and wanna be like you in Jungle book and the entirety of Beauty and the beast

  • Curtis Zheng

    probably disney suggest her tweet that to get chinese clients, u got 1.4 billion people going to watch mulan vs 7m HK? no brainer will support which side, it's all $$

  • SK Zhang

    Your report is fake, what kind of peaceful protest takes a whole city and airport as hostage? This will be labelled as terrorist act in Amercia and don't get me started how Amercian cops would have handled these terrorists!

  • XBuster Shot

    I dont agree with the police brutallity in HK, but she shouldnt be bashed for her opinions. She doesnt agree with the gen pop and thus gives everyone the right to destroy anyone and anything affiliated with her. Why cant we all just be our own individual person with our own individual feelings and opinions (reguardless of if theyre right or wrong) without this insane level of bullying. I feel like that word is overused and im sure ill get some "go to your safe space, snowflake" backlash, but this does seem to me like a larger scale bullying "boycott".
    She doesnt agree with how you feel so youd better throw yourself on the ground and throw a temper tantrum 🙄

  • Andrew Hubbard

    Wow. It's really a shame this happened. Mulan is the first of Disney's live action remakes that I had any interest in seeing because, from all I've seen and heard, for the first time it appears that they aren't just trying to remake the exact same film they made before. But with the lead actress releasing a statement in support of oppression, I don't know what to think any more. On one hand, if she doesn't really mean it but is only saying it out of some obligation to the government of her homeland, she can't exactly make a retraction without making so she can never return to the country of her birth. On the other hand, if she really does support the way things are there, I would never support someone who has such a skewed view of reality. I wish there was some way to know the truth of the situation, but whether she believes it or not, she can't make a public statement to clear the air without serious repercussions. Either way, this came at a VERY bad time for Disney.

  • Christopher Foreman

    I'm not sure which this is because I haven't seen enough on it only what they choose to show or tell but if the protestors are violent then they're rioters not really protestors and then the police aren't out of line but like I said I dont know enough about this situation.

  • Dave Tabuyan

    The problem of this people, they are striving for democracy. But they all burst when the actress exercise an example of democracy? Is freedom from speech and raising his/her own opinion not part of democracy? What kind of democracy they want? They all shattered the city, they make into big malls nd business centers, and it is the kind of democracy they want? Its not democracy, its insurgency….
    I see a lot of similarity of this during the MARTIAL LAW in the philippines…
    If the government will listen to these people, hongkong will fall down.

  • Rhiannon Carney

    Looper u certain that you're not spouting mindless corporate propaganda via sharing opinions or telling people what they should and shouldn't THINK?

  • Taylor Swift

    The dangers if single story, all we hear about is how much the citizens of hongkong are being abused and hurt by the police but we never hear the other side of the story. The violence of the protestors towards police caused this, this is not the HK police's fault

  • AquaMarina

    Seriously, I DON'T CARE what actress's political stands are, I don't know enough about this whole deal to pass judgment, and I wholeheartedly believe in the second amendment, also everybody knows that people of modern days tend to freak out over nothing so there's that. What I care about is erasing important characters from the original movie and turning them into some nobodies, who doesn't belong to the story, also I hated ALL of those "live-action" atrocities, they all sucked better than my vacuum cleaner, never add anything unique to the OG stories and only managed to piss me off, I'm willing to bet that this remake will manage to do that more than others as I'm a huge fan of OG Mulan, and seeing how this wonderful movie gonna get obliterated AGAIN (Mulan II anyone?) is nowhere near my to-do list. Also, I boycotting Disney as a whole, if something doesn't have anything to do with my beloved 2D properties, I don't gonna buy it. So no hard feelings for the actress, she has the right to believe and support whatever she wants and I'm sure that she will try her best to rescue this pathetic attempt of recreating Mulan, I just not gonna stick around to get bitterly disappointed with the company that was once great and unique, I even dare say: magical, all- fricking-over-again.


    Geez where were these people when I needed them to boycott Harry potter because my frikkin favorite guy Peeves wasn't in it

  • iamstich blackkuroneko

    People need to fucking calm down.. You need to understand first the history of hong kong and china.. Jessh..

  • Alex Larson

    I didn’t want to watch it because Mushu isn’t in it, and Li Shang isn’t in it. No, they were not in the original poem (I can read Chinese so I’ve read the original) but I need those two characters and I refuse to watch Mulan without them! They make the story so well!

  • Silver Gamer

    This interviewer makes all woman of color look bad! She's such a kiss ass! Why was she nodding the whole time? The answer she was given made no sense! I'm really questioning how she got her job in the first place.

  • Clown Shoes MMA

    Why can’t the fools in America see what Socialism actually does to the people. Damn idiots are actually fighting to give away their rights! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ginnie M

    I think the public anger would probably have subsided by the time Mulan is released in March, so the film will still attract a large number of viewers. Also, Liu Yifei's remark definitely won't hurt Disney's Chinese market, which Disney was heavily aiming for in the first place. (I am against the HK police's brutality, btw).

  • Doug Smithart

    So, people are boycotting a film for one person's or decision. Isn't that punishing everybody else attached to the film? What about the other actors, the large crew behind the scenes? It's obvious they do not agree with her choices to support a totalitarian, authoritarian police force.

  • Lee Ph

    My family will boycott Mulan. We know it’s gonna effect a lot of actors/actresses and crew but we need to stop the producer to do business with these evil Actresses/actors in fulture

  • FriendOfTheCats

    Boycotting the film means also boycotting all the hard work of every single other actor, musician,specialeffect creator, costume designer, artist and more that was put into creating it. That is not a fair thing to do. Mulans actress may have done a bad mistake , but we have freedom of speech , so she is allowed to state her opinion (may it a good or a bad one) Of course everyone else has now the right to show his or her disagreement to her statement. Thats critique she has to face . But as I said it is not a right thing to punish everyone else involved in the production of this film. They don´t deserve it. So be brave (like Mulan) and tke the flm itself neutral , in favor of the rest of the film staff and crew.

  • Faiz Rosli

    hmmmmm i dint support what police in HK doing , but please think about people who work in the movies , the martial artist , art director , make up artist , special and visual artist , please they need to live too

  • Marie Blade

    I'm not sayin she should've kept her mouth shut buuuuut Disney ain't gonna be happy and they are just as scary as China 😐

  • watch2muchtv

    Funny I call dishonor on the live action on the Little Mermaid . I will not be spending my money on it . $$$ Now if a friend pays for my ticket that’s fine . But most of mine won’t be seeing it . And they LOVE the Little Mermaid .

  • wayne julian

    the only real reason anyone should boycot the live action mulan is to cure whatever virus disney has been infected with that is making them think that soulless live action reskins are what people want if we stop buying into the hype maybe disney will get the message that we want original ideas from them and since they only promote things that will make money we can use their greed to our advantage by supporting new ips and reimagings that actually differ from the original stories at the box office maleficent 2 missress of evil will be a perfect project to make disney great again

  • Michael Shibata

    My family will see it. To me, Asians being represented in Hollywood is also an important issue. If you dig deep enough, you can find something about anyone to make you hate that person. What happened to free speech? Or respecting others' opinions? By boycotting the movie, you are becoming the oppressor against all the other people who worked hard on the movie, people who may sympathize with the people of Hong Kong.

  • Joe Mama

    Still watching it, people have a problem with Hong Cong Police brutality but support the U.S. empire's wars of terror, mass murder and plunder. And are silent of Nazi Zionist Israel's genocide of Palestinians. Boycott the U.S. Nazi empire and little Nazi Zionist Israel.

  • Lester Nygaard

    I'll be watching it, because an actor's political stance whether I agree with or not isn't my concern. She has no power over what's going on over there so going to see the movie doesn't have an impact on the situation one way or the other. Futhermore, if I stopped watching movies for every actor I thought was a jerk I probably wouldn't watch movies period.

  • BlazinNSoul

    Crystal Liu in fact some people might want to know. Is the daughter of a former Chinese diplomat to France I believe. Well that's convenient lol.

    No wonder Disney picked her but her big mouth is going to end up causing Disney more problems than it needs.

    The moment I had heard Mulan was going to be a live-action film I had my reservations.

    Apparently my concerns were justified and Disney would be smart to just drop the project. :/

  • Kool Kowa

    I boycott it, cuz live actions really sucks, also cuz Mulan needed to be played by white European chick, so played by china girl, it's not fair

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