Why We’re Losing Liberty
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Why We’re Losing Liberty

How did the framers of the Constitution of
the United States seek to preserve liberty and prevent tyranny? Pretty basic question.
Here’s the answer I usually get from my students. “Well, Professor, to protect the individual
and minorities against the tyranny of the majority, they added the Bill of Rights; and
they gave the power to enforce those rights to the Supreme Court.” Are my students correct? The editorial boards
of the New York Times or the Washington Post and many members of the U.S. Congress would
say yes. Unfortunately, the answer is wrong. I say “unfortunately” because it reflects
a common misunderstanding of the Constitution. And that misunderstanding has led to a serious
erosion of our freedom. Let me explain. Both the Bill of Rights and
judicial review — the idea that the courts can decide if a law is Constitutional or not
— were hotly debated items when the Constitution was being drafted in 1789. The Federalists,
the group led by Alexander Hamilton that wanted a national constitution, opposed including
a Bill of Rights. They feared it would actually undermine what the Federalists regarded as
the main protections against tyranny in the document — the limited nature of the national
government itself. The Constitution did not envision a national
government of general jurisdiction — meaning a government that could do whatever it wanted
— but rather, a government of enumerated and delegated powers — a government that
had authority over only specific areas of American life. All other powers were to be
beyond the scope of the national government and reserved to the States or to the American
people themselves. That’s why, when political necessity forced the Federalists to yield
to demands for a Bill of Rights, they took care to add two important amendments — the
ninth and tenth: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain
rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people,”
and “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited
by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” These amendments reinforced the idea that
the national government couldn’t just assume powers it had not been specifically granted
by the Constitution. Unfortunately, these amendments have not stymied the expansion
of the national authority. The power grab the Federalists feared — the national government
taking more and more control over more and more areas of American life — took place.
Not immediately, but over time, and especially beginning in the second half of the 20th century. That same time frame has seen a similar concentration
of power in the judiciary, especially in the Supreme Court — so that now, most Americans
think of the Supreme Court as the ultimate arbiter of almost every social and political
dispute. The Founders never envisioned the court in this role. How has the Court fared in playing it? Well,
there have been moments of glory, to be sure, such as in the racial de-segregation case
of Brown v. Board of Education in the 1950s But it has also handed down decision after
decision — from Dred Scott v. Sandford in the 1850s, which facilitated the expansion
of slavery, to Roe v. Wade in the 1970s, which legalized abortion throughout the United States
— in which the justices have plainly overstepped the bounds of their authority by creating
law from the bench, thereby further expanding their own power and that of the national government. Moreover, the Supreme Court has done little
to stop the executive and legislative branches of the national government from unconstitutionally
overreaching. Recently, the Court found a way, by a bare majority, to uphold an obvious
case of constitutional overreach by the national government — the imposition of a law — or
individual mandate, as it is known — requiring every citizen to purchase health insurance
coverage as part of President Obama’s signature “Affordable Care Act.” The government defended
this mandate as a legitimate exercise of its expressly delegated power to regulate commerce
among the states. The trouble is that the mandate does not regulate commerce at all;
rather, it forces people into commerce on pain of a financial penalty. But why did the issue get to the courts at
all? Congress and the president should have recognized and honored the fact that the Constitution
simply does not empower the national government to impose a mandate on the people to purchase
products, whether health insurance or anything else. We’ve drifted a long way from the original
vision of the Founders. The further we’ve drifted, the more powerful the national government
has grown, and the less free Americans have become. Freedom can be taken away, but it
can also be given away — out of sheer ignorance. If we Americans, we the people, want to get
some of that freedom back, we need to read America’s founding documents. All the freedom
we ever wanted is there. I’m Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence
at Princeton University for Prager University.


  • Cyclo Hexane

    I strongly object to the use of the color RED, sweeping through a BLUE map of the USA, when the presenter is talking about the LOSS OF OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! This suggests to the subconscious that it's the Republicans (because the color of the Republican Party is RED) who are bringing about such erosion of our freedoms. I have noticed this also in other Prager University videos. Seems to me that good chances are that there's an infiltrate from the Left in the video production team that is playing subliminal games to somehow counterpose the message of the videos.

  • Finance & Fitness

    No president ever went to prison… says it all. Nor does wall street bankers. The financial class and political class call the shots, why would they arrest themselves.? This centralised power of two classes vs the rest supersedes everything, thus reducing the constitution to a worthless piece of paper. yet sponge bob average american thinks his free and thinks he can make it. Hilarious.! The american dream, you have to be asleep to believe it.

  • Char Z

    i have been wondering, is america the only country on earth where some of its citizens reject universal health coverage because it is government mandated?

  • #FF0000AnubisFace

    by going full communism mode, government hereby takes away all rights from the bill of rights, cuz they will tell you what to do with your life. Lol, id rather not be in that situation

  • Yiffox

    worst supreme court ever? Mine would be Carrie V Buck in which they said the state could sterilize those it deemed "unfit" against their will and without their knowledge.

  • richard lake

    Two way street. The Federal government must hold states accountable for honoring the constitution because there are no enforcement clauses in the constitution when states violate the constitution. There is immense hypocrisy when the Fed enforces Brown vs board when states refuse to obey the constitution but then allow states, colleges, activist groups to shut down free speech and the right to self defense. Technically, the 2nd A is the enforcement clause in the constitution to protect our rights, but do we really need to go that far? The federal government's over reach in protecting the constitution and bill of rights is born out of necessity because there is no other mechanism, short of civil war, that can do it.

  • Shaun Pearce

    Dang it! So the guys in the government right now aren’t even following the rules that we’re all suppose to follow!

  • Kerrin Drawdy

    If learned people recognize such violations to the Constitution as actual violations, what recourse do we have to combat these decisions? This is a legitimate question; please offer a legitimate answer. I, myself, am not so educated as to offer a recourse for the people to take, and would appreciate advice as how to take on a very bloated government. Perhaps Mr. Prager might do a Fireside Chat program on actions we take to diminish some of these assumed powers and reverse some decisions our government has taken from the people? I would certainly be willing to contribute to any efforts that reduce our government back down to its intended size. Thank you.

  • R King

    40 years ago I recognized that the 9th and 10th amendments were being routinely ignored (I'm in my 60s now). This was a point of profound depression for me.. that we had come so far and not recognized the most basic historical reality.. All governments attempt to grow and draw power to themselves.. the constitution was a rare document.. one that delineated the restrictions on power.. that our government should be so rapacious as to ignore the basic intent of the document could only mean that we, like democracies before us, only have a limited lifespan, before the darkness inevitably returns.

    That I should be witness to this is deeply depressing. Worse.. the understanding of the world which I've always craved led me to this. Knowledge is a gift.. but it can also be a terrible curse.

  • pricture

    Many aren't taught to respect or even understand liberty, thanks to gov't schooling and regressive special interest groups running around with their own little agendas that involve more centralization & Dependency.

  • TaRaKhE NiGhT

    This power grab by the federal government is why politicians have been dumbing down the youth of our country by not teaching civic rights and responsibilities in public schools.

  • Smedly Dumpsterjuice

    Respectfully disagree with the Dred Scott analysis.

    One ruling from it was the federal government had no constitutional authority over slavery, which the constitution did not, until the 13th and 14th amendments came along after the War.

    Modern pc culture automatically will say how it was a bad decision, but the ruling was in fact strictly according to the constitution of 1857. Rather it defended or supported slavery is irrelevant, but it did enforce the constitution and the rule of law.

  • Cye Lannford

    We're loosing Liberty as this is Satan's goal… using the Liar, the deceiver, and this Social Engineering Industry..
    Want to see a couple of examples of what the far-right has most deceived about??
    Liberal: Liberty
    Liberalism: a movement in modern Protestantism that emphasizes intellectual liberty, and the ethical and spiritual content of Christianity.
    Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary 1977

    Liberty can't stand up to Conservatives telling grotesque and evil lies against the very foundation of freedom and Protestant Christian faith. But it's to be expected, people have always commit such wickedness, the problem is letting them get away with it now.

  • John Grit

    Because Americans have been voting to more Socialism after FDR's New Deal. Too lazy to get off their ass and work and save for old age.

  • Greg Gilbert

    I disagree on the Constitution and the tax. We have long imposed taxes as manipulation of behavior and if that is wrong, then that ship is longed sailed. We should have argued a long time ago rather than complain when it's long established precedent.

  • James Mac777

    That is the problem, tyranny has been redefined to be the People, because we vote by majority. The tyranny is the Government, and the Supreme Court has been redefining that the Government cannot be wrong, but the People and their choices are wrong, and the People are the minority.

  • Fiddle Pants

    I will abort all the fetus that I want. The Supreme Court is supreme. They are congress personnel for life, who are not held to some promise by lobbyists. They are the least biased of them all for this reason. If they rule for the Affordable Care Act, then there was probably a good reason. If they rule for seat belts use, then there's probably a good reason. Thd difference between the two is your own ignorance 😉

  • Studa Baker

    There is a line in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith that speaks volumes. "This is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause". We the people are willingly giving up our liberty by not only electing those who want to take it away but by re-electing them and keeping them in office.

  • Karliwson Coelho

    2:46 It's becoming a common fact in western countries. The brazilian supreme court is a powerful political body working against the public interest and against the law itself.

  • Mark Peter

    Power was diffused amongst the 3 branches, because of the sinful nature of man. When I become a US Congressman, I'll carry my pocket Constitution and constantly remind my colleagues of the enumerated powers granted to Congress. Also I'll tell them that we need to give power, such as education back to the states. Also I'd tell them to actually read the Constitution for themselves. I'm constantly referring to it.

  • david bleh

    Taken by coercion, with your money, as evil, and more insidious than by force ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️.

  • Ranting Guy

    Too many today do not understand the need to constantly fight for your freedom. The laws we have today probably cover almost every situation that occurs, the constant enacting of more and more laws that require more regulation, more restrictions, more red tape and more financial costs to enjoy the "Freedoms" you are permitted are just a slow but steady way to make freedom so difficult and annoying and costly that people give it up. We must never give it up.

  • Alice the Memelord

    Yeah and far right morons like the people at PragerU are one of the reasons our personal rights are being eroded.

  • Mr. Smith

    You know a country has surpassed full retardation when society attempts to pimp itself into a nation of brothelized socialism whores.
    Oh, I’m sorry, I meant the new and improved dumb-ocratic socialism.
    Dumb-ocratic socialism, is nothing, but a different stink from the same collective pile of diseased shit.
    When you elect nothing, but shit, you get nothing, but shit and you become nothing, but shit.
    Wealthy shit, is still shit and you’re the toilet paper that will always wipe its ass.
    The American people, might as well lay down, for socialized enslavement because they have long lost the moral resolve to act upon the constitutions behalf and defend it.
    What’s happening to America, is disgusting.

  • Gregor Coetzee

    They are a bit old though.. A review might be in order.. After all the founding fathers were in no way perfect


    Good Job, George
    …Next, juxtapose the 'ages' before tribalism evolved as an extension of the individual's need to exist

    …where 'Trust' was the only factor to be overcome

    …Let's call that 'Feral Times'

    …as with all species of A.V.M. (animal, vegetable, mineral), civility is inevitable and predictable

    …only the human has seen fit to 'auto-evolve' in perpetuity as opposed to finding a stable foundation as a 'Universal Element' and become useful to creatures of 'intelligent Cognition'

    …as we look for 'intelligence' in the Universe, maybe we should locate some on planet Earth

  • Garlic Tyme

    Everyone gets sick. I guess we just are suppose to let them die in the streets if they are too stupid to have health insurance. Someone else shouldn't pay when you can't live without it.

  • tegf4

    What you are calling a national government the United States is not a national government it a Corporation pretending to be a national government. https://t-rohshow.com/

  • Stacy Newsom

    And the government will not have any Consequences to pay they should have to pay money in big government bonds in the trillions I'll have to pay a Penalty the for its decisions Yeah we gave away our freedoms to the Republicans into democrats America's All about manipulation Take away freedom sister selling back to us or negotiate them back to us They know what there doing.

  • Maribel & Altie Jenkins

    Slavery is not just for a particular group of people. Our children can and will be next if we continue to vote with our emotions and not with responsibility.

  • nilolee nilakshi

    Something far worse than Constitution hijacking is the U.S. black ops mind control Star Wars defense project going under the highly classified acronym, TAMI.

  • nilolee nilakshi

    The Scripts The EEG heterodyning psychic soldiers want-to-be's doing the weapons testing are trained to follow a plethora of scripts used to confuse the target during the torture and make the target appear crazy when they seek help from a doctor. In almost all the cases, the belief that a microchip or tooth transponder (like in the movie, “Real Genius”) is responsible for the conversation without a cell phone is suggested to the target. That actually sounds more reasonable given the average person's knowledge of this technology or directed energy weapons capabilities. Only in victims of ten years or longer are small biotelemetry antennas found in x- rays which used to be used for pin point tracking to direct the energy thereby amplify the biosignal for EEG cloning. The scripts then progress to making the person believe that specific people or groups are behind their torture. In many cases, people heard the voice of JFK, JFK Jr., Clintons. Sometimes, it was a famous person. Often it was just someone they knew in their past. Clearly, the EEG heterodyners are manipulating votes by always using democrats' voices or trying to get them killed if the victim believes it. Using these people's voices as the most common ones heard by victims should point out whom they are gunning for. Do you still have doubts that the voting and political system isn't manipulated by these

    folks? They practice changing the beliefs of their victims using the different scripts. When you interview as many as I have, you can easily seen the pattern once the personalization of the scripts is removed. The weapons testers get to choose which scripts are to be used on a “project”. They then personalize them for that particular project and must get approval for it. The weapons testers are in a strange culture to say the least. They have a strict protocol for doing things. But no restrictions on who they kill or what collateral damage is done.

    From DARPA Scientists

  • Law Crusaders

    We may need another Civil war and take back America from the Government.
    But the problem with that is Americans are not acting as one People. Too many languages which causes separation.

    “It is also not entirely unworthy of observation, that in declaring what shall be the
    supreme law of the land, the constitution itself is first mentioned; and not the
    laws of the United States generally, but those only which shall be made in
    pursuance of the constitution, have that rank.
    Thus, the particular phraseology of the constitution of the United States confirms
    and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written
    constitutions, that a law repugnant to the constitution is void, and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.
    The rule must be discharged.

    If then the courts are to regard the constitution; and the constitution is superior to any ordinary act of the legislature; the constitution, and not such ordinary act, must govern the case to which they both apply.”
    MARBURY v. MADISON, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)

  • Alvin Ramsey

    What's a good video informative, and insightful . Although I do not like the color scheme that was used. To me it was an unfair representation of left or right. For me it represented the opposite of what in today's politics.

  • Calamity Kate

    Once we've read those founding documents and become educated in our freedoms, what next? It seems our leaders in government should all be required to be knowledgeable experts in and strict practitioners of the tenets of these documents. Unless that happens, what can we, the citizenry do?

  • David Dale

    Thank you. I submit that general "ignorance" is less the problem than the bold assertion of those engaging in sedition. The real question is what we are willing to do about that.

  • Alf Omega

    Your graphic showing government over reach enveloping the "blue"map of the country IN RED is a blatant trigger to the Blue Kool-Aid Guzzling Leftest Freaks ! Knock that shit off ! Stupid people get upset by symbolic color ie: "orange man bad !" Give Me a Break! I heart P U !

  • Oliver Phippen

    Ask 100 Negroes what liberty is and you will get 20 different answers
    Ask 100 black people what liberty is and you will get 10 different answers
    Ask 100 white people what liberty is and you will get 5 different answers
    Asl 100 orientals what liberty is and you will get 3 different answers
    Ask 100 lawyers what liberty is and you will get 3 different answers ???
    This is why its so difficult to discuss with other people what the POTUS is and what he does ??? Negroes think that ZERO was the best POTUS ever and he was doing his Job -ZERO was a community organizer and that is what he did during his reign ?
    The DON is a builder but the Dims don't want him building his wall ?? and naming it Nancy / Chucky

  • Razl07

    I remember reading on my taxes that if I didn’t have medical insurance that penalties may occur. Really? That’s not freedom

  • For Glory!

    5:03 You're. Simply. Wrong.

    Dude, how many people do you think have already read that Constitution…? How many people do you think that are alive in this sick, lost world would be able to understand it…?

    We are "one" nation UNDER GOD! This moral obligation is a contract dictating the terms of our prosperity and freedom. Our responsibility is to honor, in other words OBEY, God's Laws and His Absolute Authority!

    Ignoring our duty to God's Law is like switching from a diet of food to poison. Drinking sand and dirt.

    People who can't honor their obligations toward Almighty God ARE NOT HONORABLE ENOUGH TO UPHOLD THE LAW OF THE LAND! A nation that can't honor God's Law of Chastity gives up freedom faster than it can consent to a cheap date!

    America will die because it refuses to tell its hormones no! The quicker because we believe that no one can force us to be virtuous!
    The truth is that ruin is speeding toward us like a freight train while America dances around drunk on the train tracks!

  • Das Piper

    ~Everyone needs to watch this Video on our 2nd Amendment. I expect many will learn a lot about its History.

  • Alan Robbins

    State schools teach UNITED STATES mandated education. If States taught what is good for the individual and the State respectively, would we not be in a better position to return to the principles we have in our Constitution and Bill of Rights?
    I was in a Christian College Preparatory school and I was taught about my relation ship to God, and not taught about my relationship to the government in any terms that I was an individual identified by the government and given the name identical to the name my parents gave me at my birth. Black's Law Dictionary defines many words which are misconstrued in court, but its definition of what is constitution is undeniable.

  • mtlicq

    Freedom to go bankrupt just because someone in the family got sick or injured? I prefer Canada, thank you. Health care is parallel to national defence and policing. Everyone needs the benefit of it sometime; everyone should contribute to its cost and benefit from it as needed. Otherwise, why should everyone pay taxes i.e.- be "forced to buy" defense of their nation?

  • Richard S.

    Paleoconservatives and the Constitution do not go together at all. The Constitution was a massively progressive document.

  • Slaughter Hound

    All well & good, but after reading & study of our founding documents, we are going to have to take action to seize our freedoms back from these bozos that think they know better than us what our lives should be. Our side needs to learn how to protest!

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