Will China “Intervene” in Hong Kong?
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Will China “Intervene” in Hong Kong?

Is Hong Kong descending into chaos? Or parties? Either way, the Chinese Communist Party Is threatening to intervene. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. The situation in Hong Kong is getting out
of control! At least according to the Chinese Communist
Party. It makes sense. If the Party gradually steals away Hong Kongers’
freedoms without anyone noticing, everything is going according to plan. If people stand up for themselves, the situation is totally out of control! And obviously, the best way to bring it under
control, is for Beijing to get involved in some unspecified but threatening manner! “A senior Chinese official in charge of
Hong Kong affairs warned that Beijing would intervene if the
local government proved unable to contain the violent protests.” He said the protests, “have clear characteristics of a color revolution.” So, let’s check in on those violent protests. Ok that looks less like a color revolution and more like a color-ful laser show. And sing along. Which turned into a dance off! Hey, it’s friend of the show Tom Grundy, editor in chief of Hong Kong Free Press. That, uhh, violent protest was in response
to the arrest of a university student. Plainclothes police arrested him for what
they called buying an offensive weapon. That weapon…was a laser pointer. Protesters have used laser pointers to disrupt
police cameras. The fear is that police will later identify
protesters and arrest them for rioting. Those fears…are justified. The city of Hong Kong has been in turmoil
for two months. It’s because of the Chinese Communist Party’s
attempts to gradually remove Hong Kong’s democracy
and freedom. Protests in Hong Kong have been heating up. Earlier this week, protesters lit a bonfire outside a Hong Kong
police station. Police responded with tear gas. And one protester responded with a molotov
cocktail— the most offensive kind of cocktail. Well, after an Espresso Martini. This week also saw a thousand lawyers taking
to the streets in protest. That’s the second time lawyers have marched
in the streets since June. So many lawyers, that truly is terrifying. And it’s not just lawyers. Over the last two months, there have also been protests from mothers, retirees, aviation workers, government employees, and bankers. Yes, the bankers are out on the streets! This truly is chaos. On Monday, there was also a general strike and protests throughout the city, despite Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s
warning that protesters were going down “a path
of no return.” During the strike, Hong Kong police fired 800 canisters of tear
gas in one day. Which was impressive, since they had only shot 1000 tear gas canisters in the previous two months combined. I’m old enough to remember when police firing 150 tear gas canisters in a
day was a record. That was less than two months ago. On the plus side, these protests have been a boon for the tear gas industry. And if you’re wondering why some protests seem to end in tear gas, and others end in dance parties, I have noticed it seems to depend on whether or not the police show up. Interesting. But the situation in Hong Kong will only get
worse. Protesters are already calling for another
protest this weekend. And they’re using lightsabers as a play
on laser pointers. Meaning now, Hong Kong protesters will face their greatest enemy yet— a copyright lawsuit from Disney. And may I just remind everyone that Google
and YouTube have taken to instantly demonetizing, and in some cases age-restricting, our Hong Kong videos. That’s why we need your help. Share this episode with your friends and family. Because YouTube won’t. And now I’ll answer a question from a fan who supports China Uncensored on the crowd funding website Patreon. We couldn’t afford to keep making China
Uncensored if it weren’t for the support of fans I
call my 50-Cent Army. Joe King asks, “Chris, does the weather pattern around
Taiwan mean there is only a certain time of year it is possible to try an invasion?” Actually yes. According to Taiwan expert Ian Easton of the Project 2049 Research Institute, there are only two narrow windows of time
each year that it would be possible to move large numbers
of Chinese troops by boat across the Strait of Taiwan. I mean, if invading the island of Taiwan were
easy, the Party probably would have tried by now. As it is, despite all the talk of invasion, the Chinese Communist Party probably would
find the whole prospect far too risky, especially when there’s turmoil in Hong
Kong, which is a problem much closer to home. Thanks for your question, Joe. And if you have a question for me you want to hear answered on the show, sign up to join the China Uncensored 50 cent
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per episode. Again, YouTube is demonetizing us so much we would have to shut down the show if it weren’t for your support. And to everyone, thanks for watching! Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell. See you next time.


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  • ViralHub

    to be fair there were violent protest/riots. you guys should try to be more unbias if you want a greater appeal/audience.

  • DhenBern Goldban

    Hong Kong-ers are much BRAVER than Filipinos. The Philippine government chose their country to be a part or province of China rather than defend its sovereignty. How pathetic and UNPATRIOTIC this philippine president is.

  • wchen014

    If I kick your ass from your back without you noticing, everything will be fine. If I kick deeper and hit your ball, you gonna shout

  • Bitz Leonard

    normally only those video which say good things about china will get demonetized because the head office of youtube in asia is located in taiwan. and they are extremely anti china. you are their allies, but they treat you as enemy. What a tragedy.

  • Damian Oh

    Will China yield to the people's demands? Or is she going to resort to brute force to coerce the people into submission? If so, then Chinese governance hasn't evolved since her dynastic days of rule.

  • Jack McBean

    Hong Kong will probably become a free separate country the Chinese government have no reason to hold on to a small piece of land that protest 24/7

  • Björn Óðinn Sigurðsson

    Wow this is shaping up to be an epic showdown with lightsabres and evil emperors and 1000 lawyers marching for justice???? That last one seems a little too fantastical though…

  • Henry

    This is so full of bullshit. Can you get your information right before trying to fool the people that is watching this crap ? I guess you are funded by the CIA. By the way, you look like a dork.

  • celestialfix

    I was very sorry to hear of the young woman who was shot in the eye with a rubber bullet……those should never be used at point blank range. I hope she will be ok.

  • L KY


    Attacking Police station and passing cars with Molotov cocktails , this is not protest, not riot but terrorism.

  • Dragos Panescu

    Is Puerto Rico an US member state!? So if any riots happens there is US Army lawfully to intervene to restor law& civil order!? I think so…Same in HK …mind you HK is SPECIAL AUTONOMIC REGION under sovereignty of Beijing, as a transition to full reintegration in the next 28 years! According to the Agreement between former colonial power ( UK) anf PRCHINA back in 1997…Is this international agreement changed!? I don't think so…

  • Simpl3simon

    I doubt the Beijing will send in the PLA . Honk Kong is to important to the Chinese economy. They would loose billions if the troops were sent in . And the long term affects for China 🇨🇳 would be to great a cost . This is no Tiananmen Square by any means



  • yakikadafi

    If America had a proactive government they would impose international sanctions on the people in charge of YouTube for demonetizing a video like this.
    The CCP has taken over YouTube. Big brother wants to control the world

  • Jack Murphy

    This reminds me of a timeless British song.

    "When they kick in your front door,

    " how you gonna come,

    "with your hands behind your head,

    or on the trigger of your gun?"

  • Santiago hong

    Chris, the laser are used to blind the police. If the protesters are assaulting mainlanders at the airport, of course the government should intervene. Won't you expect the same from your government?

  • Thas Tayapongsak

    ALERT beware of the chicomms propaganda and fake account in the comment section. Report them immediately when seen. Also, click like on as many comment as possible to make this video more active and be mire likely to be in someone's recommendation.

  • Chicago Bull.

    This is big sign of Communist party will be collapsing in mainland China and from Asia. Soon protest spread to mainland and people their going to start it. It’s matter of time my logo pic will be coming true.

  • Amira Lozse

    Hong Kong citizen protest PRO democracy and freedom
    American and European and leftist citizen protest CONTRA democrazy and free speech.

    strange, mad world we're living in.

  • Fil CoCo

    back in time, China had prostitute go on street to support Yuan Shika to be President of the Republic of China, really good old time, shame he died when he tries to restore monarchy in China, he was the true pro democracy in today’s media

  • Onyxsolo

    What are the odds the "Violent Hong Kong" protesters are actually Chinese agents whose sole purpose is to instigate riots and give China an excuse to crack down on dissent?

  • rubberkidney

    wow 10k likes and i have to come directly to your channel page to see it. great stuff google. cant wait till you get thanosed by the federal government.

  • Tom Ives

    I feel so useless over here in the states just watching and waiting…
    I hope this causes the United States to look closer at the Chinese human rights violations we have ignored for so very long.

  • Joe Kilroy

    You do know that those laser pointers are illegal here too. Police will go a great lengths to find them….


    Still fuck the police.

  • jeremy furr

    YouTube is starting to suck. Your channel should be able to make proceeds from your content production instead of YouTube trying to appease the Chinese government some Google is their baby now

  • Disruptive_Innovator

    Just found you today. But I've been looking for Hong Kong information for a month. Youtube and Google searches are worthless.
    Thank you for your much needed content!

  • fdone W.

    🇺🇸💪🇯🇵💪🇦🇺🇬🇧🇨🇦🇮🇳💪🇮🇱USA news said💪🙏CCP 👹🇨🇳💩🇨🇳💩Huawei 👎VERY danger BGY and 3F to the WORLD. Poison to the world. If CCP huawei very strong and huawei will make usa and world go to hell together😂😂😂

  • Lucas To

    Interesting 🙂 Laser could make u blind and the chiefs have brick and make the police and make some people blooding,u jackass 🖤👎🖕

  • bob haz

    Google supporting China it just shows you who really owns Google China all Chinese employees band Google ban Chinese products

  • bob haz

    How does a search engine get so powerful did they start pushing us around Google house to go if the government doesn't break the company up and do something about this problem then we need to do something about the people making the decisions this is obviously a conflict of interest

  • Eugene. L

    Now, I'm not on either side but I just have to say how very disingenuous of you to show only a partial truth that's convenient to your narrative. Case in point when you showed clips of protesters being peaceful but leaving out the clips that are clearly violent and detrimental to your clearly biased point of view. I unsubscribed long ago (but thanks to youtube algorithm for bringing you out of irrelevance again, now go back to being irrelevant) when I realized all of your videos were so biased out of proportion to exaggerate your point of view, rather than to present factual evidence. And judging by your viewers and the comments they've left behind it's clear that they've been brainwashed by you. It's really a shame that this channel is named China Uncensored like you have some deep insightful truths that are buried, but it turns out you're really doing the same thing the Chinese government is doing: propaganda. I've now realized we live in an age of inundated "truths" but the truth can never be obtained (just look at China Uncensored's sources, then compare them to the sources from China that paint the exact opposite picture, then you'll realize both sides are fighting an ideological war and the best way to not get brainwashed by either side is just to tune out and not give a fuck anymore). Sorry not sorry for pooping on your lil party.

  • L.L S.

    It is possible there are CCP operatives stirring up the protestors to give CCP reason for entering territory. CCP not ready to wait 30 more years. The HK’ers better watch out for a midnight invasion.

  • No Time to waste

    Don't blame China its UK fault first and foremost,for hongkongers its finished no one will come to their rescue they were sold long time ago.its time for them to accept that they are now under Chinese rule and cherish the fewe rights they have left until 2040

  • theblueengineer1

    The citizens of HongKong need to be armed. They NEED a Bill Of Rights, last night China sent military trucks into Hong Kong.
    Pls report on this Chris, I'm afraid things are getting VERY VERY BAD over there and it's raising tensions between the U.S. and China.

    God be with all the citizens of Hong Kong.

  • J W

    Wtf lmao, you are using some peaceful pics to prove that’s peaceful protests ?! Such a dump ass, what about those violence pics that you are hiding ?! Only stupid ppl believe what you say

  • mans410

    It seems that "someone" (you know what I mean) is trying to destabilize China because China is managing to have a large economy and the army is gaining more power. The end game is to brake China in to small and more manageable weak countries.
    And for (you know what I mean) I mean the USA elite that create the China that you can see today at the expenses of the American working class suffering of wage stagnation and lost of job opportunities (unemployment) that they took those jobs to China, now after they have their pocket full they want to "Deal with China".

  • Captain Greenhat

    The second the media isn't paying attention or the second it's convenient for the ccp the will massacre everyone.

  • Eri Eri

    Yes they will ! Beijing militaries convoy are heading to Hongkong , to stop the protests against Beijing. If the communist convoy reach Hongkong , it will be bloody protest by chinese people in hongkong . But its the right chance for protesters to voice out what they feel towards Beijing infront of Beijing’s soldiers ! Let’s see what happens next !

  • catcat

    Im subbed to the channel and I hadn't seen this video until I manually searched for china uncensored, they want to bury you in a stream of meaningless content

  • Kevin Zhang

    China Uncensored is so biased, always saying that HK shouldn’t be a part of China. Hong Kong is a part of China forever! YouTube must demonetize and delete China Uncensored!

  • Salistyan Simanungkalit

    -) Indonesia has build a new Capital in the Borneo.
    -) Indonesia – Japan make a new trading contract.
    -) When the new Indonesia Capital has run, Indonesia would have a strong "Silk Road" in the South China Sea.
    -) The new silk road connecting South Korea, Japan, Phillipines, Malay, and the Brunnei, and Singapore.
    -) China know it and want it, but they can't do anything. Cause what?? The harbour that connected between East Asia and the ASEAN is "HONGKONG" .
    -) When the new silk road running, Japan or South Korea not needed loading the Ship in the Singapore. And it would be cut amount of shipping cost to Indonesia or Malaysia.
    -) When China has taking over the Hongkong, Hongkong wouldn't have the Harbour.

  • Henry Vong

    Another potential source of revenue would be to work with organizations who would want to place ads with you, and play those ads directly in the video.

  • Brian Yan

    Everyone, the resistance against the CCP is not over yet! WE NEED HELP
    to pressure MTR into releasing the CCTV footage of the police brutality
    in Prince Edward Station on 31st of Augest. Please spread the word, and
    if you can, support the the following organisations:
    1. 星火(Spark alliance HK)

    2. 民陣(Civil Human Rights Front)

    3. 民權(Civil Rights Observer)

    4. 伍展邦 (Bond Ng Solicitors)
    They are all contactable via Facebook. Please help out if you can. Thank you!

  • big idiot

    Well now these protests are not about the fight against Communism, it is now just rioting more than protests in many people’s view. Ask any of the people that aren’t protesting and they will say they don’t want any of this happening anymore and wants Hong Kong to be peaceful again.

  • N M

    I don't know, police are known to be brutal everywhere; however, are you sure they are not there already? The way the police treated the demonstrators sounds the alarm bells for me. I think they are already there behind police uniforms and masks, good luck on getting any inquiry into police brutality on this one.

  • Shadow Hedgehog

    Sucks or home call they will have A-war with nightmare moon and trust me you don't want that I mean her name is nightmare moon for quiet out loud that tells you it's not a good idea to declare war on hair is specimen sees the one starting it you don't want a pisses her off

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