Will the Constitution be banned on YouTube? First Amendment Audit
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Will the Constitution be banned on YouTube? First Amendment Audit

hi guys hi okay I hope that yeah okay
I’m reviewing my video here about how to appeal a Community Guidelines strike on
YouTube and I used English translations and subtitles so I hope this doesn’t get
banned because this video was actually about I used the word untitled and it
was sent for a manual review to YouTube it was sent for a manual review because
of the word untitled and so I was assuming it was because I had TI T in
the middle of it so I went over here to my data text and I wrote up some words
here and I was thinking I hope that I’m not gonna get banned because I know they
keep saying that that TI t is a word nobody can say so I put wrote some words
here just that I looked up and could think of you know like tithe so
apparently there’s taught and T I T is in the middle of typed it titular tip
Euler that sounds like tubular that’s kind of funny actually subtitle titanium
untitled interests it’ll and we had a nurse doodles on YouTube for a while
they were actually kind of fun because you took a whole bunch of videos and you
kind of like mish mash them together in a playlist and they made a whole bunch
of videos and so but I went over here to the dictionary oh this is this is even
better and let me tell you where I’m at I’m at the free dictionary calm words
that contain tip now this worked out really well and and I’m concerned do you
see that all these words does that have tip in the middle of them
anti-competitive Platt tit plaited plaited done Nerium I can’t even say it
but tits in the middle of it qua non quantitive non-quantitative Hydrox lat
titty let it to denarian that sounds like a Letitia de Nerium so is that like
century-old titties I don’t know
Mayo practitioner malpractice in ER institutionally so institutional
institutional’s are should be banned constituent constituent comes
constituition all so that’s like a political word I guess that’s gonna get
banned feather stitches Oh anything with stitches in it
Oh STI TCH stitches has titties in it oh my gosh
and there are you saying titties in church go figure
stitches stitches okay here’s 14 letter words containing
tit suppose tissue Asst so and I know some people have been saying well you’re
not sharing the information that you learned and that’s not true I have been
this is how artificial intelligence reads words so anything that’s read here
it’s reading it as tit and so when they say tit one that you know like on the
boob tube when they say use the word tit and then they’ll say on TV they’re a
bunch of hypocrites is what they are they’ll say that they can’t use it but
then they find another way to use it and that’s the same thing like with the word
a a and Al like canal has a and Al in it and so we’ll do that for another video
finding other words that have anal in it this is the stick Jewishness and anti we
can’t say that word we can’t say that word but it has tip in it anti anti
anything with anti it that starts with the letter T is gonna is gonna be if
that can get interesting now anti anti tenacious I suppose anti anti
talk so you could be have anti talk if you were to use the word anti talk that
would be have tit in the middle of it so anything with anteye anteye
superstitious ii an to thrombosis back sticking back stitching
there’s titties in back stitching reconstituted titillating this just goes
Constitution we can’t even use the word Constitution because it’s got titties in
it we’ll go figure reconstitute Constitution that’s it

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