WIRELESS PUBLIC REVIEW of VIDEO RED FLAG LAWS Comment Section December 2, 2019
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WIRELESS PUBLIC REVIEW of VIDEO RED FLAG LAWS Comment Section December 2, 2019

okay so here is a comment I’m going to
read it’s on my red flag loss cognitive dissonance of context with reality and
so the Big Bang one it says this is no longer a democratic small-arms bill push
we are seeing a real Democrat initiated coup attempt along with the clear
removal of our Constitution and Bill of Rights well I don’t think that’s going
to happen but I understand what they’re saying these red flag laws alone remove
our first second fourth and fifth amendments of our Bill of Rights
all within one bad law that Democrats are voting with in the crack controlled
states around the country and this clearly demonstrates that kratz are
treasonous tyrants that is true women in Congress are responsible for the death
of school children that’s that’s an odd statement to say oh there could be some
truth to that though – I’d have – well there’s very few women in Congress I I
guess I would like to see a data poll from how many women are in Congress
because if the majority has been male and it’s been male-dominated then I
don’t know how that statement could be true because of the fact that it’s
primarily been men running Congress emotional but women will never study the
world history of tyranny and Demma sight I don’t agree with that emotional women
I don’t agree with that because I’ve looked at a lot of it
myself I understand actually I’m kind of in a
if I would have been able to look at some of it more clearly at a younger age
I probably would have been able to work through a lot of the emotional aspect of
it because it’s like well there’s nothing wrong with having an emotional
side and being able to cry and feel tears for something but it says
emotional woman will never study the world history of tyranny and Dennis demo
side in the truth is is that women don’t want
anybody to be hurt but at the same time there could be alternative means of
handling situations instead of just going in and just purging forth and
hurting other people when you know something is bad and it’s a bad practice
you can find other ways to handle it maybe the CIA I don’t know maybe the CIA
is a way of doing that I don’t know this is why women in Congress is a very
dangerous idea oh this is stuff from the past my ex-husband said this their
emotions overwrite their ability to study how arms function and the growth
process related to the world history of tyranny and dem aside now the only way I
would have ever known that I’ve never been in the military to be able to touch
one of those machines or to know how to take it apart and put it back together I
probably could if if there was one in a box I could probably put the whole thing
together myself just following some basic simple instructions or not I don’t
know I mean I’m not I’m not all arrogant to say that I would know how to put it
together I would hope that it’s something that comes mostly put together
I don’t know but I’ve only handled one one time in my life like I was maybe 19
and there twice I think twice there was a long one too those are the only times
and I really wasn’t interested in it one of them hit on my arm and it hurt if I
would have had a pad or something then maybe I you know I don’t know the kick
was it wasn’t something that felt good on my shoulder
and I was just thinking you know if you did that all the time could that cause
damage to your shoulder it very well could just like falling on your shoulder
and in a in a sports injury over and over again the emotional ignorant women
Milanoo just said that the Second Amendment is rhetoric oh I know who who
they’re talking about I don’t I don’t follow Twitter anymore or the fake news
or the celebrities I don’t follow any of them all crap women think the same way
with their emotions i I it’s for just these are just blasted
out statements you know women crack motors kill children that’s just a blur
statement out there there is a serious problem with women voters relating to
arms believe me I’ve studied the root causes
of arms violence for years and one of the primary roots as women in political
positions and women voting in an anti second amendment politicians to power
well the thing is now that I understand it more this I mean yeah because the
thing is we already have the Second Amendment and so it’s like well why in
the world you know well it creates and sells arms you know in certain
circumstances and they said President Obama did that you know they said he
sold more because when there’s that fear put out there that it something’s gonna
be taken away then people stockpile it that’s just
like sugar my grandma when they said that they were gonna raise the price of
sugar she bought a whole bunch of it and so
she stockpiled it but a lot of times you know they’re there things were expressed
but maybe it was gonna get bugs in it possibly you know so it’s kind of like a
antagonistic you know it’s an antagonistic advertising thing that does
work when you put fear out there like that and so my grandma has been gone for
like 28 years now and so I’m 56 so when I was a kid probably five she had a
whole cupboard full of things that she had stockpiled because she was saying
that the prices were gonna go up which they do with inflation they do go up and
but the thing is it’s like well you know so if you weigh and they had to travel a
long distance so if they went to the next largest town I think they did have
plenty of stuff but they would travel to the larger town and get it for a cheaper
price and so there was even this thing even back
then that it was almost like grocery stores weren’t competitive so if you
were in a smaller town then things might have been a little bit more expensive
maybe and you know for the convenience and so even back then you know in
smaller towns there may not have been equality in equality with food prices
possible probably you know because even in this cuz we did have a small store in
the town I grew up in with around 600 people 601 and the price is there were
marked up for convenience because there was no competition actually in the store
so the thing see you know so I mean it’s so I’m kind of thinking there’s you know
four regulations with food and think food is a right to life and waters are
right to life there’s some things that really should be regulated the secondary
effect of this is that these ignorant feeble-minded and greedy Democrat
politicians will disarm all children’s schools before these crap anti Second
Amendment voting women cannot see beyond their female emotions that tell them
that children should never be anyone with arms well my kids actually grew up
with them or you know around it because of the fact their dad was in the
military and that they had an armed guard at the school during Operation
Desert Storm and so and so when I went to pick him up he was there like every
day just about every day and then they were at standing on base to at the entry
points with arms as well the result ISM is a massive bad arms laws including the
law called the arms free school zones Act which is responsible for all the
dead school children and teachers in recent years starting with Sandy Hook oh
that’s interesting so you’re going to have to replace arms with that other
word I’m not using that other word right because I don’t you know it’s like so
much has been taken out of context and so you
but it seems like it creates a lot of interest and there’s interest on TV
there’s interest in schools and so it’s actually putting them in schools that’s
putting the arms in schools the solutions from a growing tyrannical
government and news media’s will never mention simply arming good citizens
within our children’s school city venues I can’t say that arming them with
cameras maybe cameras yeah and the reason is that most of the major news
media’s will never support anti Second Amendment bad arms laws is simply
because the news media are owned by the financially elite psychopaths which you
know as the Cabal who are the big bankers the big corporations who gain
wealth by overworking over taxing they disarmed and enslaved common people and
the cracks seek bribe money from these fep tyrants who do own many politicians
yes the fep and cabal see how well the workers are controlled in China with the
profits stolen from the common workers and they want these profits also but it
starts with disarming the common people and the Democrats and fake media’s are
bribed by the fep and cabal to disarm the West women are easily brainwashed
because of their strong emotions and need to nurture and protect children but
what women do not realize is that they have unwittingly been a large part of
the fep plan which has been killing children by voting for anti Second
Amendment politicians who immediately disarm children schools and really all
city venues which communicates to the psycho component presents in all cities
that children’s schools are target-rich easy access Democrat disarming killing
fields and if you know your history Hitler implemented the same dead
children process in order to convince voters that arms are bad the low-cost
solution is to allow well-trained common citizens or any citizens to conceal
carry arms in any city venue 2includes I don’t there it’s almost like
they’re just taking a bunch of statements from Twitter because this was
on Facebook a few years ago to include children’s schools this will create the
missing deterrent in our children schools and all city venues in
conclusion I have recognized women as causing most of these myths but it’s
acting at it prevented simply because their inability to see that concealed
carry arms in schools and all city venues create the missing deterrent to
kernel and psycho mass events along with the most important deterrent stopping a
tyrannical government from enslaving the people feeble-minded women who do not
study history will never see this as an issue and this is one of the reasons

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