Wizarding Wardrobes with Philip Treacy | Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
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Wizarding Wardrobes with Philip Treacy | Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

My name is Philip Treacy and I’m a hat
designer. We designed for everybody from Lady Gaga to Prince Charles’ wife. Movie
stars, pop stars, housewives, mums. People want a good hat. Every job challenges you, whether it’s a superstar performing the Super Bowl or a princess going to a
royal wedding. It’s all got to work. We deal in illusion and fantasy. There is a
magical aspect detached to hats so it was a personal thrill for me as a hat
designer to come up the hat for something as iconic as Harry Potter. It’s about as iconic as it gets. Jany Temime was the costume designer
on the movie and she came to see me and explained that there were these girls
appearing., the Beauxbatons, from their carriages through the air and they were
French. So I came up with this shape that I felt reflected the French aspect of
the girls because they were maybe a little bit chic. And pointed hats are
part of the language of Harry Potter. I kind of went with the angle of the tilt
of the hat that gave them a little bit of panache and style. You know, most
people put a hat on like that. But actually that hat’s about that. So the
difference between that, and that, is what the character was for me. This material is the basis for every hat we make, really. It’s weightless. We can
manipulate it into complex shapes so can go from flat to three-dimensional. After
much manipulating, the material with wires and with shapes and pressing it, we
arrive at the actual prototype and then we send it to the block maker in Paris. He’s used this as a map of what to make in wood and basically, we are stretching it
around the shape. My work is about detail and it’s about workmanship and so I appreciated the level of workmanship and the level of detail that went into the
spectacle that we all know know as Harry Potter. When we’ve got the shape perfectly
dry and pressed and stiffened, then we pull the material around. There’s something thrilling about seeingsomething you’ve made on something as iconic as Harry Potter. It was one of the most amazing experiences my career. And that’s it.


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