Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando | HOGWARTS Travel Vlog 2018
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Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando | HOGWARTS Travel Vlog 2018

If you guys haven’t seen my video about my sister being surprised with a real owl delivering her a Hogwarts diploma Watch that. You’ll understand , why I really, really, really love the Wizarding World. We need to make a boomerang with our wands like you did when you were at Tokyo Disney. hee hee yes. My favorite souvenir. Okay, aah , you guys I found Hello Kitty. I found Hello Kitty. Erica – She squealed when she saw you. Sarah – I did squeal when I saw you. Let’s find Erica I can’t go home with this and I need to show her, though. The longer I hold on to it, The more likely I am to go home with it. Erica…. Where’d she go ? Eri- I found you! Look what I found. That’s perfect for you. I found something else I have to show Erica. I show you. I show you. We found you. Sarah – Elliot.
Erica – His eyes are about as big as yours so… E.T. eye challenge: we’re starting it. #ETEyeChallenge and that is when everybody unsubscribed. Sarah (in ET’s voice) – Smash The Subscribe Button eep, eep, eep Sarah – Where should we go first ?
Erica – Let’s eat first. Sarah – Yes
Erica – We can eat at the Leaky Cauldron. Here’s to.. friends and Harry Potter and magic. All the magic. Yes. Cheers. Eep Hermoine’s Dress! Sarah – How funny would it be if I just wore this around the rest of the day ?
Erica – I would not be surprised. Found your size. Here we go. Where’s Erica? Oh there’s Erica. Why are they so big ? Oh my goodness. New best friend: It’s Sarah! It’s my replacement ’cause it looks just like me. Faith has one of these. Woah. Wasn’t that amazing? It was. There we go. Now please remember this is a baby. It does need extra time and attention. It has an attached leash so you can keep track of it. And like all puffs, it never, ever gets chocolate. Erica: Promise. Please make sure you check on it every day several times a day until you get it safely home. Thank you very much. Erica: Thank you, Michael. Sarah: Thank you. Sarah – Those are so cute.
Erica – No melt icecream , do you wanna get them ? Sarah – Yes.
Erica – I have never had one before. mmm Erica – No melt ice cream! Amazing.
Sarah – Yaay. ooh , the owls. Kings Cross! We’re gonna ride the Hogwarts Express! Eep. I love this ad. Eee We’re on the Hogwarts Express. We did it. I am gonna be like a crazy person , I am so excited to be back here. Honeydukes! All I can think about is the times that Faith and I came here and we just had so much fun. Sarah: Eeeeeeep Erica: I love this. We were standing , We were standing right here and the cast of harry potter was on this roller coaster. they were on the ride? They were on the ride! Ooh my gosh. and Faith and I were like screaming like crazy people Thats so cool. I had a camera. Sarah – but
Erica – Who’s that girl , whats I forget her name , who plays Ginny Weasley ? She was , you could see her so clearly because her red hair was like flying. and I was like (frog in pain voice) aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I had a video camera. but I got so excited that all I wound up with was a video of the lady’s butt in front of us. Oh no. ‘Cause I dropped the camera because I was fangirling so hard. Erica – Thats a cool memory though.
Sarah – Oh my goodness , but yes. So this is what I think of , when I stand right here. mmmmm hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee It’s about to be Hogwarts… at Night! Which is what Faith and I kept saying over and over again. As soon as it was dark we were like Now it’s everything , whatever we did , we were like ooh We’re gonna ride Buckbeak… Sarah – at Night!
Erica – Oh my gosh. Erica: It’s so pretty and magical, isn’t it? It is. Good Night. Night Sleep Tight We have 2 percent Battery Left Oh Nooo. So. Erica – So Really Good Night.
Sarah – We’ll See you next time. Poke The Subscribe Button Poke The Like Button Poke your Belly Button If you want? Sarah – If you’re into that.
Erica – If you want. See you next time. Eeeeeeeep Even the garbage cans are cute. Look at that. Where else do you have cute garbage cans ? I need a garbage can like that in my life. Look at that one. I am all about the garbage cans here More garbage cans. I’ve never heard someone so excited about garbage cans! I love the garbage cans. Amazing. Before we leave , we gotta look at one of those garbage cans. Garbage cans. Garbage Cans. I am all about these garbage cans It’s me with a garbage can. cuz i like them Goodbye , Seuss Land I think this is what the Queendom would kind of look like. Not, Not all of it, but… Erica: Except you’re not very good at those, so Yeah , I am really , really bad at fairy lights Erica: We’ll have the Who’s put them up. Sarah: Yes. The Who’s will help me with the fairy lights. Is this a vlog? We’ll pretend to be your fans! Ready? Okay! OH MY GOD! [cheering] That was epically amazing.


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