WLNS: Peters new PFAS Legislation
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WLNS: Peters new PFAS Legislation

Michigan Senators
Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters were among more than a dozen lawmakers who
introduced a bipartisan legislation that will require the EPA to classify PFAS
chemicals as hazardous substances. Not only that, but the bill would make them
eligible for cleanup funds and would make polluters handle or pay for the
cleanup. Lawmakers say the legislation also holds the EPA accountable for its
previous commitments made into its PFAS Action Plan.


  • Just Me

    It would be nice if Nestle paid a little bit more than nothing for all the water it sucks out of Michigan aquifers. Also, here's a hypothetical for you: If the globe is warming, for whatever reason and the seas are rising, why aren't people around the world organizing to desalinize seawater? If we were massively desalinizing and transporting the resultant fresh water to agricultural areas to grow more crops for more hungry people, that's a "win" isn't it? If we're planting more trees and stop clear-cutting forests, that would allow the trees to supply oxygen as they use up carbon dioxide. That's a "win" too, isn't it? Since plankton are now "eating" tiny bits of plastic swirling around in the ocean, unless human beings learn to "eat" plastic too, I think we're all doomed. If America runs out of fresh water, where do YOU think, Mr. Peters, the war over fresh water will be? It will be right here in our laps. I won't live to see that, but I don't want any other generations of Americans to have to go through that either.

    With projections of a 50% extinction rate in mammalian species in the next 25 years, rising sea levels, fresh water shortages and ignorant people, for whatever reason, still being allowed to deny that it's all happening – I wonder, if anyone survives the climate change we've caused, if people of the future will look back at this period of human history and realize that the only "dumb" animal" on Earth is/was homo sapiens.

  • June Thaden

    Just Me: Yes, there are many problems. Water is a prime one. PFAS is another which thankfully our Senators Peters and Stabenow are paying close attention to. One that DuPont knew and developed further when 3M ceased making Teflon because of the dangers both corporations understood. I am so glad our Senators are proactive with this legislation, and that our Michigan administration and government is also also pursuing. Doesn't make a lot of sense to think that we can't understand and work with several problems at once. We won't survive if we don't.

  • rod j

    I was impressed with the PFAS section of the EPA website. They're very comprehensive with their explanations along with their past and future action plans. It's obvious they've been addressing this for a while and I suspect some politicians are attempting to jump on the band wagon to take credit.


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