Workplace Interventions  for Smoking Cessation
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Workplace Interventions for Smoking Cessation

Hi, my name is Catherine Shea – alongside with Maria Morais, to conduct a rapid review to examine the
effectiveness of workplace smoking cessation interventions. Tobacco use is an issue among Region of Peel residents particularly among young adults In Peel, there are just under 70,000 residents who both smoke and work in the Region of Peel. Given that workplaces are a potential
venue to reach smokers we wanted to investigate what interventions might be
effective in this setting. We also know that there are over eighty
eight thousand workplaces in Peel. Overall we found that there aren’t any
significantly effective smoking cessation interventions that are unique to the
workplace setting. Rather, those interventions that are
effective such as individual counseling, group therapy and pharmacotherapy are
effective whether delivered in a workplace or in a non-workplace place
setting. So moving forward Peel public health
will be developing an integrated plan for smoking cessation. This includes supporting and engaging organizational leaders and employers in Peel and leveraging on the smoke-free Ontario Act. For more information please download the
full report.

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