WorkSafe Operations – Specialist Interventions
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WorkSafe Operations – Specialist Interventions

My name is Casey Broad, I’m an
investigator with the Specialist Interventions group. Effectively my role
is to attend incidents of serious harm in the workplace. To analyze and assess
what’s taken place and perhaps make recommendations for the future so that
it doesn’t happen again You have to think on your feet, you’ve got
to think broadly and so your always trying to grab bits and pieces and bring
it together and tell the story of what happened. You’re talking with business
owners, family members, victims, witnesses, experts. From all of that information we
collate it and put that into a report. I liaise with our Legal team right through
the whole process. Sometimes you are required to give evidence in court, or if
it is fatal we do act on behalf of the coroner and
we may be summons to a coronial hearing. The role takes me here, there and
everywhere. What goes with that is that I also get to meet some very cool people
that work in different industries that I would not normally have met outside of
this role.

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