WWII Vet Parachutes Into Holland 75 Years Later // Battlefield Return: The Netherlands
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WWII Vet Parachutes Into Holland 75 Years Later // Battlefield Return: The Netherlands

the first phone call I got I was invited
on a trip that was going to be free and right away I thought this has to be a
scam but even after that I thought I was going to be like a tourist I travel
around look at graveyards and museum and this trip has not been like that at all we went through a war which was hell
I hope there’s never another war like this I see trees of green when they came
they brought a bill of wrongs red roses too they scorched the earth beyond
recognition I see them bloom before we came me and
we thought and we acted and I think to myself
we brought a bill of rights what a wonderful world they sacrificed their
lives come and save us here she’s very special I see skies of blue so many
smiling faces it’s a fly on our parade bright blessed day the dark sacred night
and I think to myself oh what a wonderful world thousands of thousands
of people lining the streets so the rain
so pretty in the sky are also on the faces of people going by I see friends
shaking hands saying how do you do there really say aye
my necks are shaky are likely fall but next these men I feel 10 feet tall I’m standing here for all the people who
ensured my freedom and who thought so I didn’t have to I’m standing here because
of you that should never be forgotten I thank you from the bottom of my heart
all those who survived those the each and every one of you guys had a
direct impact on liberation of the Dutch people
myself oh what a wonderful world at home we’ve had freedom since our
country was established and we appreciate it but I think we also kind
of take it for granted these people do not and it took me a
little while to know how to respond people kept coming up and saying thank
you for our freedom very emotional and no way that came from love throughout
the entire building this is my first time back and I’m having a hard time
talking it’s just an emotional thing for me there’s no way to get across to a
civilian what happens in combat when we came here it was a rush
I had a foxhole somewhere out in there that’s the first artillery I threw the
tension the stress the emotion the fear the challenge at social honour to visit American
cemeteries and marvel at the number of men who perished for freedom Frances
Turner he’s a hundred and a half years old he’s so full of life it’s really
powerful to hear from a guy who’s of a complete full life Albert Clark was a
member of my engineer platoon in the 2nd Armored Division Albert went to the
hospital he never did come back you know it’s repair respects I look at
our guys I know what it means for them to come back here and ask myself it’s
just the last time they’re gonna come back I see you’re onto me
and there’s no telling what you’ll find you love your disorienting on shoulders
of giants around me if you look any farther than the stones appear and lines
all fade in time oh this could be my last it was
September 17th 1944 I was six years old I remember it was magnificent sights
there was a roar in the air and all of a sudden
if he saw the passage coming out it was so special so special we were so
glad I’m so grateful that they were liberated by you Thank You Jerry we all have our own definitions of peace
may they reign in your heart and burst forth forever


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