Yang Is Out, But Universal Basic Income Still Matters | The Daily Show
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Yang Is Out, But Universal Basic Income Still Matters | The Daily Show

CHIENG: Andrew Yang dropped out of the 2020 presidential race,
and I’m a little sad about it. Last year, I met him in person, and there was just something
about the guy that made me trust him. Not to mention, I really wanted that free money
he was promising. Every American adult
at the age of 18 should get $1,000 a month
free and clear from the government
to do whatever they want. CHIENG:
Making it rain! It’s called “UBI,”
or “Universal Basic Income.” And although the dream died
with Yang’s campaign, a few lucky families did get
a thousand dollars a month for a year as a test program, like the Fassi family
of New Hampshire. Uh, basically, he gave us
a check for $1,000 a month from January
until December 2019. We went
to his New Year’s Eve party, and so that’s how we got
our first check was at midnight. -He wrote a check and gave it
to you physically? -Yeah. And then after probably
three months, he was getting really busy. -He forgot about us.
-He forgot about us. What? He didn’t…
he didn’t pay on time? -Yeah.
-Yeah, it was very odd, sending out a message like,
“Hey, you owe us money.” So you guys were like, “Hey,
asshole, where’s my free money?” We said it much…
much nicer than that. Oh. “Hey, asshole,
where’s my free money?” (laughing):
Basically. CHIENG: So how hard
did Chuck and Jodie ball out with that $12,000? Did you buy a Tesla,
buy a snowmobile, buy a Tesla snowmobile? No, we spent 90% of it on
our daughter’s college tuition. College tuition.
I guess that’s pretty good. Uh, what else? Spent a little bit on groceries,
buying some healthier choices. Kombucha and some, uh,
soy yogurt. Isn’t yogurt
and kombucha for shitting? -Um…
-Digestion. It’s for digestion. So now that the money stopped, you must be pretty backed up,
right? (laughter) CHIENG: But luckily
for Chuck’s colon, he was so inspired
by his UBI experience that he learned
how to brew his own kombucha. And it is potent. Cheers. What is it? It’s a big blob of bacteria
that’s been sitting in some fermented tea in my
bathroom for about six weeks. CHIENG:
Bathroom juice aside, these people spent their UBI
on college, groceries and paying bills. What a bunch of idiots. It’s like they don’t even know
what flexing means. You guys could be in head to toe
supreme right now. Do you know what supreme is? -No.
-No. (bleep) That’s how you flex
to your neighbors and make them jealous. That’s what money’s for. Okay, Chuck? Okay, Jodie? But believe it or not,
falling out is the last thing on most Americans’ minds. Half of American adults say
they can’t even cover an unexpected $400 expense. Clearly, if you give people
a thousand dollars a month, they would spend it
on necessities– with a few exceptions. What else did you buy? -Um, I took improv classes.
-Chuckie joined… So I’ve been doing that
for the last… eight months. You took improv classes? Yeah. Mindful Improv classes. What the (bleep) does that mean? It means we do
self-appreciations, -we do vulnerabilities…
-(disgusted groan) Um, it’s taught
by a yoga teacher. (groans)
Oh, my God. Andrew Yang may be out
of the presidential race but his ideas live on, and Americans deserve a shot
at universal basic income. Well, maybe not all Americans. How you doing? -Hello.
-Oh, I lost my hand! I hate improv. ♪ ♪


  • Bam Bam

    This sucks! The honest man gets screwed, but the stupid lying bastard politicians thrives among the idiots that continue to support them.

  • Charles Wetzel

    He's out because voters knew UBI was BULLS##T And in 2024 they still won't fall for it TRUMP 2020, another REPUBLICAN in 2024!! the DEMON RAT PARTY is HISTORY!!

  • Rage Raptor

    I feel ubi could work if implemented right. It is unfortunately impossible to prove exactly how good it would be until it’s tested out nation wide.

  • QiaJenae Hamilton

    Early voting in NC starts Monday! I"m STILL voting for the only candidate to attract the most trumpers, republicans, libertarians, & even we liberals! He's also the only candidate with 21st century solutions to 21st century problems. Andrew is fantastic! Great if he suddenly does well in the states even though he's suspended his campaign. He can always UN-suspend!

  • Justin Everett

    Yang was the only democrat i was willing to vote for. And now that he's dropped out of the race i guess im back to voting for Trump.

  • Simon Chase

    He had no chance of winning. Wanna know why? Two things.

    First. His VAT tax is not enough to cover the UBI in its entirety, it doesn't add up. I know he has supplemented it with gutting existing welfare and all the other things like it will save money here and there and will add up precisely to pay for it. This is what he is advocating. Well, the only two concrete sources for paying for this is the VAT tax and gutting existing social welfare (like making social security opt in which doesn't make sense because you worked for it, and didn't Yang say you get the dividend for just being American only? Guess that was bull crap. He knows damn well he can barely pay for it.)

    Second. He has not provided clear proof that this will solve the core problems we have in our society right now and has not laid out the side effects of his plan, which there are and he is ignoring. Sectors that are automated will not change just because people have more spending power. Just because a company makes more money from people having more spending power they are not going to replace that machine that has been working so well for them with a person just because they have enough to hire a person. Also, more spending power will just make giant companies like amazon, walmart etc. richer because they will still be cheaper than any mom and pop brick and mortar store that props up because money provided by the dividend as yang claims. With free money, there is the side effect of lower productivity and higher drug use because it will enable the people that want to use drugs more, people can do more drugs if they have more money to buy it, it is just that simple, you will end up with more druggies using government service for rehabilitation and cost even more than saved. It will make our borders less secure because business has just increased for the cartels. There are more problems I haven't got into but I think you get the point.

  • kemark cooper

    A friend of mine lives in New York and went to a community college there she gets 1k every moment given that she keeps her grades up and it really does make a difference for her and her mom

  • Lucid Dreamer, Psychic Reader

    When will the world be awestruck once again, by the majestic power and monumental bravery of a women's march, as they heroically discard the oppressive shackles of their sexual subjugation, personified by their Handmaid's Tale robes and bonnets? Such courage! Such empowerment! The patriarchy were paralyzed by fear and loathing, at this display of iconic strength and independence! It's a new paradigm, the tsunami of matriarchy! I am woman, hear me roar! My pussy hat is epic badass!

  • Leo Smith

    The US is a corporation and we citizens hold the stock. We deserve our stock dividend just like they got theirs in 2008. Remember?

  • Alma Vasquez

    fec says a suspension is not a termination
    he is still in the race
    still on the ballot
    yang gang still voting for him
    we want to know how big the yang gang is
    we believe yang is the best candidate
    yang stopped spending money
    i still like him
    even if he is poor
    i like him even more
    because he is poor.

    people are voting for yang
    on principals.

  • Alma Vasquez

    vote for andrew yang
    he is still on the ballot
    show the world
    you care about policy
    yangs suspension is not a termination
    fec says he is still running
    yang got more followers after his "suspension", wink wink.
    tv reporters told viewers that they secretly liked yang all along.
    yang gang still growing.
    yang is still the best candidate.

  • Lawerence Collins

    I can't understand why rich celebs don't dig in their pockets and help Andrew Yang get back in the race. His UBI policy is badly needed in this country and no one else will push for it. We need Mr Yang back in the game.

  • samdee pride

    There are over 300 million Americans today. Suppose UBI provided everyone with $10,000 a year. That would cost more than $3 trillion a year — and $30 trillion to $40 trillion over ten years.

  • Ro G

    Say what you will about improv but that guy is funny…it felt like a Michael Scott moment at the end…and yes….I have no idea what happens in an improv class but I imagine it to be just like the office.

  • Lian Jim Keu

    Yang probably has most followers from overseas, his idea is too futuristic for Americans, rest of the world loves his idea and personality.

  • Imran Ali

    I'm not even American but some of Yang's ideas made sense but came across as unrelatable same with Bernie weird but his ideas make sense, they need a publicist.

  • Tasha Gray

    Conspiracy – every candidate that wanted to give American people a universal basic income drops out right when they're gaining momentum🤔🤔

  • Justin Stalbaum

    I haven't voted since Clinton so I'm still voting for Andrew, as I said I'm not against anyone, I'm just for humanity and that's Yangs policies.

  • FreeRadical09

    Yeah, improv classes may sound dumb but Yang wants people to spend it on whatever they like precisely to allow income to trickle into all forms of business, even if it's a dumb one.

    That way, wealth is redistributed among all and not just on the top 1%.

    Bernie should tap Yang for VP and he'd have a good shot in the general election.

  • Kauwan Seaton

    Not gonna lie him dropping out made me legitimately depressed. Not just for myself but for my niece who will be 18 during this next presidential term. I was thinking to myself with the Ubi every 18 year old who's going to college will have to struggle just a little less. The family of my house that struggles to pay bills can work to pay them off. The idea that a person who gets fired like I was will still have the money to meet some of their obligations month to month until they get back on their feet. I'm hopeful that this guy says the idea still exist but I don't know when or if someone will actually implemented the way Yang would have.

  • Christina Gonzalez

    It’s funny how everyone thinks Bernie is the best choice lol he’s “M4A” plan all of a sudden sounds like yangs plan lmao Bernie has been in office for 40+ yrs and hasn’t even got a bill passed sorry but he ain’t it.

  • C Lockett

    Wait. This is going to sound wrong but two fat white people in that house were selected to receive a thousand dollars a month and they put some into a college fund (rip off just like a Christmas club) then spent the rest on bs like whatever they was drinking. Literally, cash app me a thousand dollars a month ( $DutchLockett ) and I'll invest it into a business and I promise trades schools will be competing for me to hire their graduates in less than five years

  • hellasow

    I think it is a little messed up he did not pay the 1k on time. It was 90+% of his campaign message. What could be a bigger priority?

  • Viran Victus

    Thank God Yang finally dropped out. He was never going to win the nomination. UBI was never going to work, even amongst the democrats.

    Look, I saw all three zeitgeist films too. Its great in theory, its practical application is impossible without bloodshed. Rich people are not going to just hand over their wealth and joyfully go about their lives. UBI interferes with rich peoples capacity to control poor people.

    Just like with any conspiracy theory, the best way to test its validity is to ask one question. Does it adversely effect rich people. UBI would hurt rich people on multiple levels, so of course it was never going to happen.

  • first Impression

    He is a fuckin liar. His UBI is not Universal. IF you get money from the government you won't get that $1k. But wait wasn't that $1k a citizenship right? Wasn't it "no questions asked"? Yang's UBI appeals to people who don't need that $1k. Jz, he gives as an example his own wife…who clearly doesn't fucking need that extra $1k. What about a single mom with 2 kids that of course gets some help from the government already, would she get that so needed extra $1k a month? No. Because she is not the kind of citizen he is trying to appeal to, apparently….She is not a 25yo white libertarian dude living in the basement of his parents, hating the government and thinking taxes are the reason he is not rich.

  • Emily Nagle

    Mindful improv sounds fun. did they go to the classes together or does she have another self-care-laugh-if-ya-dare plan?

    And min 29:27 of the full broadcast LaKeith Stanfield tries to hold in a smile after being clever.
    joker aside, it's a good interview.
    he seems at ease as he says he is
    expressing "dark skin love" w/o batting eyelashes
    Mucho gusto not zero-sum its no wonder
    it's fun to see him on film.

    I'm reading into it too much but-
    seems like he's not the kind of artist who feels the need to be
    constantly working or else suffering irrelevance—->that would be exhausting enough to rest at the emmy's.

  • Cuda

    Why does everything yang have the asian correspondent. I just find it strange, its not like his campaign was asian centric it just seems out of touch by the daily show. It reminds me of south park when cartman tries to match all of the racially like couples in town…

  • Cavan Stone

    Universal Basic Income works. Also Yang gets more media attention now with a suspended campaign than he ever did actively campaigning. As much as I cringe to say it, but… 4D chess, maybe?

  • atombrain111

    If we save 2 dollars a day for 3 years we can generate $2,190 per person for Andrew Yang 2024. It would take 40,000 people to generare 87 MILLION dollars. He would be able to focus on the race instead of begging for cash and it would ensure his campaign makes it to the end and ultimate victory. There's 101,000 reddit sub users, 56,000 facebook users, and 1.1 million twitter followers… we can do this. Don't wait for other people though, it has to be done by YOU.

  • aGUY

    I just still find it hard to believe that Yang only garnered 1% of votes in Iowa and New Hampshire. Just doesn’t make sense to me how such a viable candidate could be overlooked that hard, especially over people like Amy Klobuchar, Biden, and Warren

  • Jasmine V

    We need to get universal health coverage, affordable education and better after birth programs before we can dream about universal income.

  • Logic Goat

    Letting Andrew go was the biggest mistake by the dems aside from impeachment. The Democratic Party will hands down lose now. See y'all in 2024 when we get another shot at voting someone great like Andrew Yang. Any other candidate running right now is either a billionaire, too outdated or an establishment crook. Might as well vote Trump at this point. Just more of the same old half baked promises of Wealth Taxes or Federal Jobs Guaranteed no one in their right mind would want anyways. Heck even the M4A plan as it stands is a joke which is why AOC is calling for revisions. You know who had smart solutions to these topics? ANDREW YANG did and still does. Most republicans that were interviewed on TV for the past year and have been asked which democrat they'd vote for said Andrew Yang.

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    I’ve been following Yang for roughly 9 months now. And it feels like I broke up with a person! I can’t see him anymore because it makes me sad to know that he isn’t going to be able to guide us forward. Hope he runs 2024

  • Meditate For Awareness

    Why the fuck is a “yoga teacher” teaching mindful Improv classes 🤦🏽‍♂️…. I don’t think he’s a yoga teacher, he just got them for their money 💴 😆

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