Yeezus Wants To Take Back The Confederate Flag
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Yeezus Wants To Take Back The Confederate Flag

con US is taking the confederate flag
back from the Confederate in a confusing statement arm that has
been while some kind US has played anything
straight he’s basically going on tore and is selling t-shirts
bags and hats up his yes their tour featuring the confederate
flag along with them the rebellion and white
suppression Connie the Fed to raise the flag cleaning and assigning his own I to the israelis that I took the
confederate flag at sorta things I’m pretty the bizarre things
West has been on a mission to redefine himself as up as hip heart hip-hop artistic
artistic visionary according to West himself he’s
a revolutionary leader is the number one rock star he’s a
genius but neither historian North didn’t have current events that to
fit any word fit on anyone’s particular list arm so the question is when I get it I
get it like he the whole idea about even when
you know rappers the taking back the and where they take in the meaning out and
they’ve taken the word but really you gonna take the
confederate flag I don’t know about that one I me we’ll
see what happens we’ll see how the shirt though I guarantee to be a lot of teen teenagers nothing I’m not that far love
young to understand running around with Confederate flags on their shirts talking about how they’ve
taken back the meaning a flag I get I totally get it I get from a pop
culture lands again from another place I’m just not
sure if it’s the right avenue for mister kahn you to take but then again he surprised me in the past
before he still a great musical artist there’s no question about that there well on down


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