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You are now listening to the JohnnyFoxRox Podcast I’m Johnny Fox and if you would like to follow me on Twitter you can follow me @JohnnyFoxRox the link is in the description! So, we have a lot of controversy going on
now but the confederate flag take down all that stuff and the thing is I had a
big blow up on Twitter thinking that it was all about banning the confederate flag all together in my own stupidity because I don’t really look this stuff up and I just see what’s
the bias version on the news and although
I don’t really know what’s going on half the time I have much going on outside of this and YouTube that I don’t
have time to look this stuff up and be a 100 percent certain but the
thing is when I get mad isn’t because of the whole taken down
because I don’t care a South Carolina want to take that flag
down I don’t care now what I am am mad about was the first made me angry about the whole confederate flag thing
is when whoopi goldberg tried to go and try to do like this big you know
epic powerful thing on “The View” and no
I don’t watch “TheView” but they have it on at work on the TV so of course I have to hear it in the background background and all that which Whoopi Goldber was like “Well the flag is racist because it Oshie said the Civil War was
all about slavery which a fucking was and I got mad of course cuz I’m fucking
southern and no it’s not so because there are other reasons or
couple of states that seceded for that but not all of them just
douchebag move by her just random show up some bullshit agenda like showed that
now what really pissed me off and got me hot today maybe have my tirade on Twitter the
reason I did because I was watching a video from SAR grounds are gone up a
Cobb who were mentioned in the last podcast a
prize crew name up but I’m sorry dude but you know doing
best I can hear anyway so I was mad because I was
watching his video and I love the guy and I’m not send a mad at him I was mad
at what he was talking about when he was a man he got pissed off too
so mean isn’t his fault but he was what he was
talking about the slaying the dow put a link in the description
where the Young Turks their gas from this sink or whatever the fuck his name
is that bent piece a shit was going on and on
saying that all the flag is racist in all this stuff about the care lobbying
was fucking racist and you know all the southern people egrets in you know all those stupid stereotypical
bullshit well he’s going in trying to say your racism is wrong and blahblahblah but then he goes off my to stereotype by
Southern people being green even fuckin truck driver don’t box me he was actin
like this no moral authority like you know
what the fuck use talk about what she does in any never hairs the only person on there that I agree
with half the time and I can see all the towns that Emma check but that dude he’s always remove the
wrong way and when I heard him say the def wear em planet or whatever the buck the word is a can’t think right now
because bring along their work up pissed but you made those derogatory remarks about
southern people trying to act like all you know like
always raises this will raise is dead is all about race is all about
anti-christian a boba boba pocketbook shut the fuck up shut up and Ivan told you to shut the
fuck up on Twitter I hope you saw there cuz I called you lab useless piece of shit now I mean
because now that I’m male about damn southern thang or that the competitor plane is be taken
down south carolina Aki give a shit less cuz I don’t live in South Carolina when
I’m mad about is a you go up when you run your big
fuckin dick licker and thank the jurors some kinda hard shit when you’re not you’re a douche bag that had the fucking
internet show like I do you think a bigger than everybody which you probably
are you are pretty pet buck and then basically go on have as
damage n/a going on trying to act like a fucking douchebag let you know
everything we don’t know she hit are you serious dude are you seriously
gonna go toe to toe and Rotella southern gather he’s you know that they pretty witty grants
and also done should the jury trying to push analyze people on Twitter will try as
they will lose the lil the bid linking you sleepy yet no it
wasn’t completely about their toes but state right so that slavery was part a
bit birthday I southern people do not where
they got their Google I don’t wear anything competitor anyway cuz I’m not into a
chasm or for heavy metal personal a country person I don’t like country
music I don’t like any other country culture
at all burned as saying that I live here sono with the southern people are
thinking when they wear the shirts and the flags they aren’t thinking about killing
all the black folks they don’t give a sh yet some amor any it’s like than the
ones that are racist we look am aka fuckin retarded cuz they are what
Isabelle is just like any other sample just like
any like the Nike swoosh that’s what it is is just at fucking
logo for the cell it they don’t know what the fuck it
means in even if they did some kinda skewed version ever because I’m pretty
sure none of Max or read about the Shi’ite even pleaded read about them don’t give
a fuck to the their heritage or whatever you know in the pier in the rocky go along with
the republicans around here that are the booking genius people that just need
to just go on somewhere to put the whole thing is the point the southern flag is not racism the point a
bit is that is basically just assemble it is
on logo it is a pretty picture the people put on
the truck struck basically saying I’m from the south and
I’m proud it had nothing to do with anything else just for god sake if those that if their
war is not like the wearing a shirt that
says kill all in words are not sayin that shit if they did there would be a good fuckin
Rai it but it’s not that’s not why they wear it it’s not has nothing to do with that it never has there is as though left
wing right wing over the fuckin Senate bullshit just you know political move
that makes no sense and if you came down here as any by the
where the damn thing it has nothing to do with that and the reason I’m so pissed off and the
reason I’m saying this because I know that I’m going off-track transit discuss
about the play been taking their because I don’t
give a fuck about the flag being taken I really don’t the reason a male Necedah before skills
that asshole from the Young Turks went off and was looking at pictures
this dude is shut up that thing which is horrible and I was deplorable one that got the
piece a shit but the thing is he literally
automatically took it to he’s sittin on a call or has a
confederate flag on the front he must be a racist piece a shit you just insulted a lot on my family a
lot of my friends a lot of people and the southern states that where this yet because it’s a fucking logo it has nothing to do with what you think
it does an airbed at the people where for that reason
there fucking retarded and don’t need to wear for that reason
is just a logo get over it alright the Johnnie Paxson offers the
measure progress because I’m not gonna blow the hell up unknown as going to cause a scene so anyway giant
Pfizer not that’s all I’m sayin air by have a good day a good weekend the


  • Kim Solem

    A fact everyone is ignoring in this issue is ‘who owns the Confederate Flag.’  Title and trademark make the stars & Bars the legal property of the owner.  And in America the rightful owner should be able to do with that flag whatever they so choose.  Historical documentation can be found on the following link.

  • SunBunz

    LOL Looks like his mention of eating of grits touched a nerve. (Southern Drawl) Hyuck, hyuck. Dass rot, Peckerwoods! ALL Southerners be eatin' grits, corn pone, collared greens n' PIG feet too! And the Confederate Flag is automatically a label for us hicks, as a-bein' in da slave trade, don'tcha know. Only narrow-minded assholes see it that way. My mom's from the South, so I understand your frustration. xD

  • Polar Blue

    If No Confederated States Of America Flag ..Then No Afrika flags. No UNCF , No NAACP No Black Entertainment Television, No Black Spring Break, No African Americans.. Only Americans Ya' All can not live by the "rules" Yourselves That Ya'All are trying to impose on everyone else!!.. Polar Bear Hunting etc, Rodney King riots, Ferguson, Baltimore, , Black Mob Violence are premium examples of THE TRUEST FORM OF RACISM .. Ya All Can't let Whites Have anything that is primarily for us Whiteys only, but want everything to be all what you want.. move back to black South Afrika!! Where 4 Black Men with FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS AND GRENADES WERE PLANNING ON KILLING NEARLY 1000 Whites, while they were in church Worshiping.. So No Afrika Flags here in USA

  • Artsartisan

    The vast number of Caucasians in the Southern States was yeoman farmers owning NO SLAVES.  After examining the official Census of 1850 and 1860; one finds the valid truth of my statement.

    Over 65% of Southerners did not own slaves. Only 7% of the population owned slaves. Of the 7% of Caucasians who owned slaves; there were only 11 slaving holding families that owned 500 or more slaves.

    The largest slaving holding plantations were in Mississippi and Alabama. If one owned 50 or more slaves; one was exempt from military service.

    The ugly secret is that there were FREE black men of color who owned slaves!

    According to the 1830 census; there were more than 10,000 owned by FREE men of color [black men]! In Sumter, South Carolina, in 1860, William Ellison was a free man of color who owned 70 slaves working on his plantation.

    In Louisiana, St Landry Parish, August Donatto, a FREE black man of color had 70 slaves working on his 500 acre plantation.

    In 1830, in New York City, eight FREE black men owned seventeen slaves.

    Larry Koger – in his book "Black Slaveholders" – shows that 83% of black slave masters were of mixed ancestry! Koger's study indicates "the local documents could not demonstrate the dominance of the benevolent or kinship aspect of black slave-owning." Furthermore, he indicates "free Negro masters were similar to white slave-owners. Both exploited the labor of slaves with the desire for profit."

    Peter Faneuil was a man of great wealth and gave the city of Boston Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall became known as the “cradle of liberty” This building became a local and national shrine to liberty. Among the many patriotic meetings that occurred at Faneuil Hall was one which resulted in the Boston Tea Party.

    If Peter Faneuil had been a Southerner; he would be written off as a racist. Faneuil was a major backer of the slaving venture.

    The liberal media cries for the removal of the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia from public display. Yet, the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia NEVER flew over a slave ship although the American flag did.

    So which is the “flag of slavery”?

  • Artsartisan

    Question: Under what flag did New England slave ships bring captive black Africans to America in chains?

    NOT ONE ship which flew the "Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia" imported African slaves to America. New England ship builders and shipping brought African slaves to America.

    Furthermore, I don't see an uproar about the racist history of New England shipping that flew the "Grand Old Flag."

    Consequently, one should be ashamed and angry that the Grand Old Flag – the Stars and Stripes –  was the flag under which the slave trade was conducted in America!

  • Artsartisan

    Woopie you are an IGNORANT woman!

    If the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is a racist flag WHY do you continue to support the Democratic party. Logically following your irrational point of view; the Democratic party – the party of the CONFEDERACY is racist!

    Hence, if we are reasonably following your logic; one should BAN the Democratic party.

    Woopie – BAN the DEMOCRATIC party – after all THEY are the ones who chose to secede from the Union.

    Woopie – Consequently, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is racist.

  • Scott

    Oh my god the young turks got me so mad in that video. I wanted to drop a comment to point out where i disagreed but there was too much for me to point out everything

  • vanillamasterblaster

    Check out this video about the Unions leader "honest Abe". The Civil War began in 1861 but the Emancipation Proclamation was not until 1863. The Emancipation Proclamation did NOT set slaves free in the northern states(HMMM!!) but only in the states in rebellion in the south(double HMMM). The slaves in the north were not freed until after the war and Lincoln was asked what if the slaves try to escape? In which Lincoln replied "if they try to escape beat them". The Emancipation Proclamation was a war tactic to win the war(at the time the Union was not fairing to well) or keep the Union in intact. The Civil War was actually the second revolutionary war. The Union won thus the propaganda that is feed by the "winner of war". No different than when a citizen is assaulted by police and everyone only believes the police version. Slaves were expensive in those days and only RICH plantation owners and the wealthy could afford to own slaves. Do you think POOR(almost all were) Confederate soldiers died for wealthy slave owners(20% of the men in the south died)? A single slave was worth more than most Confederates new worth. The same Union army during that era invaded Mexico for no good reason other than to steal vast amounts of land and increase US territory and power. The same Union army than decimated the American Indians(stole their land,killed their Buffalo to starve them,contaminated their blankets with small pox and massacred their women& children). The stars & stripes flew for 70 years over slavery compared to four years for the Confederacy. If you look to Washington for light you could only be blinded.

  • OasisofSpirit

    There is a BLACK POLITICAL RACIST RADICAL MILITANT highly organised Power Structure whose sole aim is to eventually dominate America. THEY Created this Flag Controversy along with the Communist News Media! The Confederate Flag has a LONG CHRISTIAN HISTORY and NEVER WAS RACIST, EVER! This was CREATED By this Black Racists Radical Militant Political Party as a means to DESTROY more of the White Power Structure! IT IS AN ATTACK ON AMERICANS FREEDOMS! Those who Acquiesce ARE TRAITORS to AMERICA!

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