Your Law Firm Constitution #growyourfirm
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Your Law Firm Constitution #growyourfirm

hi this is Billie Tarascio with Modern
Law Practice and today I want to talk to you about something that is extremely
important but perhaps a little less concrete than the things that we’ve been
talking about in the past so far we’ve been talking a lot about
intake and about key performance indicators and today I wanted to talk
about something that is probably more important but also more difficult to get
your head around perhaps or something that most law firms don’t necessarily
take into account so I want to talk for a moment about our Constitution the
Constitution of the United States now all of us lawyers know how important the
Constitution is the Constitution lines out our values what we value as a
country and it also is the supreme of thorium everything no matter what laws
people want to create they must fit under the Constitution of the United
States or they’re out right in our Constitution the Constitution the United
States really does define who we are and because of that because of our
Constitution and our values who we are to the core as Americans that has
attracted certain people to the United States much preparers entrepreneurs and
people who are who who have a higher risk tolerance than maybe some other
countries and we value things like freedom freedom of speech freedom of
religion freedom to conduct ourselves as we see fit freedom to prosper
right so we we are not a socialist country we don’t value necessarily that
everyone should be taking care of our equality we don’t value equality as much
as we value opportunity this is just my personal observation about our culture
as Americans and our Constitution and how that might be different from some
other countries and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that
I think our Constitution is amazing and beautiful and maybe because my
grandparents were immigrants and and sort of came here for the American dream
that still alive and well in me but how does
this have anything to do with your law firm your law firm should have a
constitution and their Constitution those are your values it’s your vision
it’s your mission at your culture and when you treat your vision and mission
culture like a constitution things change
now it’s not just oh you know we sort of try to figure out what what our values
might be and we we know that we’re supposed to live by our values and hire
and fire by our values by our values it becomes a little different so there’s a
lot of talk about culture and culture is a difficult thing to get our head around
and to try to figure out who we are and what we value it’s a hard thing think
about how long it took people to to write the Constitution of the United
States and what an exercise that might have been and this is a similar exercise
to what you should go through when writing your law firm Constitution and
your values the reason I call them the Constitution is because all policies
every person every policy every decision must be constitutional and it also
becomes a huge hack you can’t be a country that values you know equality
and this socialist or communist or you know whatnot and also be the United
States like you can’t have all cultures in your culture you must pick or you
must figure out who you are you must go through the exercise of figuring out who
you are and what you value so that you can communicate it to clients to
employees you can use it to figure out your direction I will talk more about
this and the process of how we did that in my firm this is just something to get
you thinking about your law firm values what are they today what do they say are
they treated like a constitution does everyone know what they are do they know
why they’re so important and why we can’t have clients that don’t meet our
values we cannot just unconstitutional and we cannot have people work for us
who do not agree with their values they don’t
there they have to go sooner the better and this is not that they’re bad people
it’s not that they’re bad attorneys or or bad employees they simply don’t
eliminate your firm this is a powerful powerful exercise and one that I would
hope that you do as quickly as you can Thanks

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