Your Sellers Bill of Rights:  You have the right to ask
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Your Sellers Bill of Rights: You have the right to ask

♪ Oh say can you see, by
the dawns early light. ♪ ♪ What so proudly we hailed, as
the twilight’s last gleaming. ♪ – Hi, Marcus Cauchi,
from Sandler Training. You have the right to ask. You can expect rejection. It’s normal, and frankly
it helps you to grow. Make sure you ignore unsolicited advice. It’s generally worth the
paper it’s written on. And ask, but never ever beg. And keep asking. Keep asking great questions. Insightful questions. Questions that help your prospect and you see the problem more clearly. Help them understand their
business more effectively. Help you differentiate in how you sell. The best way to get
better answers, is to ask better questions. Don’t waste your time asking
the bland anodyne questions that all your competitors are, just simply to try and gather information. Gathering information is
important, don’t get me wrong. But asking questions for
insight, is even more important. You will be able to stand
out from the crowd by asking great questions. In fact, that’s exactly
how you differentiate. By the questions you ask, not
the information that you give. In terms of how you move
your business forward your career forward, your
life forward, is through asking better questions. What can I do better? What can I do differently? What could I have done
that would have moved the dial to the right,
instead of kept me there treading water? What can I do to make my
life, or someone else’s life simpler or easier today? What can I do to eliminate
this repetitive roadblock? What am I doing that is
repetitive unproductive behaviour that’s holding me back? What are the questions I
should be asking myself to get myself in a stronger
psychological position? Am I really my prospect’s equal? Even on my worst day? Or do I give away my power? These are great questions to ask. So make sure you ask yourself
better questions everyday. That’s Marcus Cauchi, Sandler Training. Reminding you to subscribe, here.

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