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YouTube Intervention Series | Kill Your Content | Bad Dancer Intervention

[upbeat music] Yeah, so I’ve been doing this since I was a … Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on. Okay, I’m sorry. Um … Where? Where was I? [dance music] We’re meeting up with a guy named Dereq today. Dereq Spice 213. [dance music] His girlfriend, Kayleen, reached out to us. She’s worried that his incessant uploading is going to destroy their relationship. Forty videos a week. That’s his absolute thing that he has to do. And he will do it. I just need help because we can’t continue this way. Forty videos a week is too many. It should be one or less a week. There’s this one guy. He said … it was, like, this book. I don’t remember the name of the book. I didn’t read it. I just, you know, heard the facts. He says you got to get to ten thousand hours to become a master at something. So, I just … freaking do dance videos like, uh … I’d say it’s like twelve hours a day. And with all those videos, you know, I’m … Things got really bad when he got a GoPro. [intensifying dance music] He doesn’t really possess any real dancing skills. And no one has ever told him that he should be a dancer but he believes in his heart that he’s the best in the world. He’s not good. And he’s not doing anything to get better. He’s not going to dance classes. He took one dance class and then he complained because he doesn’t like math and I was like, “There’s no math.” They just started saying, “One, two, three, four.” I’m like, “What is that?” I’m never going to have a coach. I am my own coach. We’re going to walk through a different dimension into Dereq’s living room into his home where he thinks he’s a superstar. Like I said, I’m real close to the ten thousand, and … the comments I’m getting, you know, I’m getting like one or two more every day. “You’re one of the worst white people I’ve seen. Kill yourself.” And, you know, I think … you know, that’s a really good thing to say, ’cause like “kill yourself” … he really means just like get … get going better. It’s just … a little … like … Well, it’s sad. It’s really sad. It’s really just a matter of time before Gaga, Beyonce and Fergie come and me and then I’ll be going. We’re at this point where, you know, it’s either me and our life together or it’s the dancing. And, honestly, I’m afraid of what the answer is going to be. I just think he need the right guidance to guide him in my direction. I’m going to be honest with you. We’re about to park and I don’t want to leave my car here. [electronic music] I can’t let this stuff go on anymore. I have to shut it down. These little bonehead knucklehead butthead punks. Some of them, I’m not saying they’re kids. Some of them are old as heck. Some of them are grandmas. And they shouldn’t be making content on the Internet. I ain’t trying to be a bully but your fifteen minutes all of your fifteen minutes is over. [electronic music] Hey, guys. We’re here in disgusting Hollywood, California. Dereq spends all of his free time doing choreography, recording, uploading, and then commenting on his videos. You know, sometimes, just for fun, I like going through the videos and just, uh, counting all of the likes. Oh, you missed that one. That had zero. Oh, well, this one has one so that’s good. And that was posted … That was a like from you. You liked it. I do another YouTube name sometimes just to, like, get the comments going. Beyonce, Christina Aguilera? They don’t care about him. They don’t even know who he is. No one does. The only person who really cares about him is his girlfriend, who he ignores, to make these stupid dancing videos. You know, it’s been six years … and it feels like all he has is his moves. I’m actually doing a lot of these dances for her, to express my love for her. And I think you guys can help me with this, so she … will be able to really understand that this is … There’s more to it. [dance music] We need to save Dereq’s life today. And, to do that, we have to kill his content. I just freaking do dance videos. I’d say it’s like twelve hours a day. He’s not good. And he’s not doing anything to get better. This isn’t math! You know, right now she may be really lazy and she’s not really moving but, you know, you see how graceful they move. Like her especially. Like, when she’s on the floor, she’s just like so nimble and she’s just paw to paw. And, I just think I’m kind of a cat. You know, like a cat soul or something. [ominous blues music] [knocking] Hey, are you Dereq? Yeah. Jason Sereno from, man. Nice to meet you. Whoa! How’s it going? It’s good. It’s good. Kayleen? Yes, hi. Hi, Kayleen. Can we come inside? Or are we going to be out here like weirdos? Can we go in there and talk to you? Yeah. Yes, you can. Yeah? All right. Chaz, camera man. How’s it going? What’s your goal with the YouTube? Where do you kind of see yourself at? Well, it’s more of just like a platform to really get Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and all of them. And I’m getting a little bit … I’m moving up a little bit. How many views would you say each video is getting? Like forty. It’s just to get them to see me and understand that I can help them. So you’re idea is that you’re going to be discovered by a pop star who is watching YouTube videos and then you’re going to become a professional dancer … from that. Or are you already a professional dancer? Oh, yeah. I’m professional already. Okay, what’s your income? Like, how much does dancing provide for you guys? Yeah, what’s your income? Well … [stammering] I made … Um, believe it or not, I got my first professional gig when I was in high school. We’re at the dance, you know, and I’m at the punch bowl, you know, because I was studying everyone. The prom king, Andrew Whalen, he comes up and he’s just like, “Look, Dereq, I’m not a good dancer.” And I’m like, “I know, man, it’s cool.” “I’ve been watching.” And so he’s like, “Hey, will you dance with Elizabeth?” And I was like, “I was going to dance with her anyway, but …” I didn’t tell him that. And so he’s like, “I’ll give you twenty bucks.” We go into the center and people surround us and whatnot. And then we start grooving and this and that. And, you know, people just start like abrupt … It’s an abruption of laughter, you know? And that’s when I knew, like … Man, … I’m good. This is where I go when I want to kind of get like the pagan vibe, you know, going. Because it’s got the fire and you just kind of … What’s pagan about it? Um, well, you know, it’s like There’s spirits. and smoke and spirits. Yeah, he’s just high when he’s out here mostly. Are you hybrid? Are you sativa? Are you trying to get high or are you trying to get stoned? No, no. I just want that body feeling. Yeah, yeah. It adds to the beauty of the dance. You know, you can feel it even more in your body. A very wise woman once told me that Mary Jane is not for creation but for celebration. So, when you get all high and you’re dancing, that creative process might lend itself to you just dancing stoned and not worrying about what the audience thinks. No, no. That’s wrong. That’s wrong. [dance music] Here’s how you remember. “Sativa!” “In da couch.” So “Sativa” gets you high. It’s like a little do you’re telling at. A little dog. “Sativa, get over here. Sativa!” And then indica, when you smoke it, you go “in da couch.” “In da couch.” So that’s how you remember. If you switch to sativa, it might focus your energy a little more. Whereas indica kind of makes you sleepy and dumb. Well, I just kind of thought of like, you know, catepillars. They get into a cocoon and then they become a butterfly. So, you know, you kind of get in here. Be careful, Kayleen. Oh, thank you. And then you kind of roll yourself around. And then, you know, you come out. [thud] I can do that. I can do that better. I think some caterpillars go into cocoons and they come back out caterpillars. Do you ever feel like maybe that’s what happened? Mmm. I do. That doesn’t happen. No? Or they’re like really ugly looking moths sometimes. They’re big, brown … like grey moths. [blues music swells] Okay. This is where it all happens. And, um … I wanted to really point out the black swan ’cause I really just wanted to get the energy of that story in this house. [light electronic music] Okay, so this is how I keep my body going ’cause, you know, with all that dancing you really need to repair and continue. So who’s your doctor again? Who prescribed all of these things for you? What medical … Who’s your Doctor Feelgood, dawg? Yeah. Where are you getting this information? Easy iron. What’s the difference between easy iron and just iron? Well, easy iron it’s better to digest ’cause real iron you can’t really digest. How many different? I mean, essential enzymes. All of this stuff makes you poop, man. Like, are you just taking stuff that just clears you out? You can just eat fiber if you want to dookie. You don’t have to … Fiber. It just takes too much time. Pronounce this for me. Um … “Beast …” It’s “best.” That’s “best.” What’s that word? You’re eating a bunch of pills and potato chips. That’s your whole diet? It’s just potato chips? It’s quick. It’s quick to eat. That is the only thing he eats actually. Kayleen, with just your hands, show me the size of his balls. Just … the size. Yeah, so it’s like … Show the camera. That is not … that’s not important. That is not important! Why are you doing this? I’m just trying to do … We’re trying to get an idea of what size your balls are. That’s the only thing. Why does that change anything? Babe. Let’s go to the next room. Okay, well, um … Hey, uh. You can stay here. You know, people ask me this a lot. Like, “You know, you dance …” “Like if you dance for like twelve hours a day, like how do you survive? Um, you just need to have some good … good … uh, wire cutters. I steal a lot of bikes and I just sell ’em. But, I mean, they sit there for days. You know? You know, so it’s not like they are needing them. I mean, look at these. These aren’t expensive. They’re like … You know. How would you feel if you found out that one of these bikes belonged to a guy that was a YouTuber and he made bike videos ever day and you just took away the only love he had in his life. Well, that’s his fault. Not mine. Can I also give you a tip? I mean, I’m not a larcenist but I’ve known a few. You want to make sure all the seats are the same level. That way, if the cops were to show up, you can say “These are all my bikes, officer.” Obviously, you got that seat there that’s for a small child. I, I think … You can’t really debate this. I’m telling you, if you want to keep stolen bikes in your house, I’m just saying be smarter about it. You know? But there’s different way to ride a bike. Yeah. Well, honestly, the best way to keep your stolen bike thing a secret is, like, not to tell people on camera. Every profession has a bad boy to ’em so I just see myself as the bad boy of dance. So you think that people knowing that you steal bikes is going to help your career and not hurt it? You know, 50 Cent admitted to selling drugs So … What’s the difference? Stealing versus selling, I guess, is the difference. [dance music] Let’s continue. Let’s go on. Is this a TV? Is this a TV in here? Yeah. Yeah. I uh … I have that there … because … You stole it from someone The door was wide open and It was right on the wall, so I thought it was a gallery. And, you know, in galleries you can usually take the paintings off the walls. Actually, you can’t, because literally no one has ever gone to a gallery show and just taken art off the walls. You would be tackled before you got out the door. Are you sure? Yeah. I’m pretty … Do you have art in here too that you’ve taken from places? Jesus Crud, man. I came here to like, you know, talk about your dancing. You’re a cleptomaniac. [thoughtful music] And, if things work out, that’s great for you guys. And, if they don’t, then I’m sure you’ll find someone else to, you know, take care of you. Hopefully that guy will, you know, not dance all the time. That’s a dream that I have. I know guys that don’t dance, you know. I don’t dance. You don’t dance? No, I’ve never danced. The closest I get to dancing is probably having sex. Really? Uh huh. You’re very easy to fall in love with, I think. [laughs] Oh, my gosh. Thank you. That’s so sweet. Dereq Spice 213. Why did you pick that name for your YouTube channel? Well, you know, it’s ’cause, uh … You know, I’m … I’m not really a Spice Girls fan but I respect them. Well, everyone does. Yeah. Yeah. So I decided, you know, that it’d be kind of like a funny joke for me to just be, you know, be “Dereq” with a Q and then, you know, “Spice.” You know. So everyone on YouTube could see and be like, “Oh, that’s cool, man. You’re representing the Spice Girls.” Even though I’m not a girl. You know. Yeah, no. Um, here’s the problem though. That’s not really what a joke is. The Spice Girls put adjectives in front of “Spice,” right? Like Scary Spice and Baby Spice. Yeah. You just put Dereq in front of Spice. You just used your real name. But I used a Q. Then what is Dereq Spice? What would Dereq Spice be? It’s … Dereq. You thought we came today to celebrate your content, right? Yeah, of course. Actually, the opposite is true. [loud bang] Why … Why do you have to bring them here to tell me this? You could have just told me yourself. She has told you. I have been trying to tell you for six years. Get it out. Get it all out. Six years? Five and a half. How? How? ‘Cause it was cute for a half a year but, after that, it’s not cute anymore. How have you told me? You haven’t told me anything. I’ve stopped watching your videos. I’ve stopped liking your videos. I’ve stopped liking you, honestly. Let me ask you this, Dereq. Who are you making these videos for? Tell us the truth. What kind of question … I make it for for people. Who are the people? Is there more than one? It’s not for Kayleen. It’s definitely not for me. I’ve asked you to stop. Its’ not for me. We just met. The cat? Don’t look at the cat. The cat’s not a person. The cat is a cat. Tell me the truth. Who do you really make these videos for? I make ’em for me! Okay? I make the videos for me. I feel like this is a good time to share the letter we talked about. Bring out the letter. She worked really hard on this, Dereq. So, if you would listen to what she has to say, I think it would mean a lot to her. When my dad died, when we talked about it, you just started dancing in the middle of the conversation, when I was really trying to get some emotional support from my boyfriend. And, um … Dereq, are you sleeping? Dereq! What is wrong with you? That was actually my last line. Dereq, we’ll say it together. Dereq, what is wrong with you? You’re not good at dancing. You’re not trying to get better at dancing. You waste all of your time making these stupid music videos that no one watches. And the people, who do watch them, hate them. This dancing comes from a pain inside of your heart. You tell the story about dancing with the prom queen, right? Oh my gosh. And that everyone was laughing at you. Yeah. It that where this all comes from? Laughing is good. They don’t … they like me. When people say, “Hey, white boy, you suck,” they’re not trying to help you get better. They’re trying to let you know that you’re not good. Yeah. And that’s why I’m here. Are you willing to right now pick between the woman who has feelings for you … woman that lives with you. Are you ready to pick her or your dancing? Which one is it? Dereq. Dereq. C’mon, Dereq. [door slams] I said, “PS, you always run away.” He always runs. That’s his thing, huh? This side of the couch wants you to stop making videos. It’s … Dereq. Is this him right here? Uh, no those are women. Those are two women. Yeah. All right. There’s someone up here. There’s someone. Not him. Nope, that’s also a woman. What color shirt is he wearing? Is that him right there? No, that’s somebody with a yoga mat or something. Another woman. Another woman. He does look like a … he does have like a woman’s physique so I get why you keep doing that. Yeah. Uh, this is so frustrating. That’s him, isn’t it? This is so embarrassing. How embarrassing for everyone. Let’s stop. What the hell? I’ve been calling your phone and you’re recording a video on your phone. Me or dancing? What is it? [dramatic music] Stop! Okay, so are you saying you pick dancing? No! Are you saying you pick dancing? Because that’s what you’re doing. No, I’m not. You’re picking … you’re dancing right now. I do this when I get stressed. You know that. Okay, well I need you to focus up and I need you to pick me or I need you to pick dancing but you can’t have both anymore. So what is it? We’re freaking worried about you over here, all right? We’ve been worried sick. Yeah. We’re trying to figure out what’s going wrong with you. Now, pick! She just gave you an ultimatum. Yeah, I did. Yeah, I did. I gave you an ultimatum! [dramatic music] You, I guess. He said, “You, I guess.” Come on. He said, “You, I guess!” [Sereno clapping] Yeah, he did. Well, there you have it. [dance music] Congratulations, Dereq Spice 213. We just killed your content. [music builds] I decided to, you know, call it quits for now, so you know, Beyonce and Christina. They’re going to have to find somebody else … No, they’ll be okay … without you.. [stammering] … They might. They might have some trouble, but … No. They’re fine. We’ve been together a long time. Yeah. And, uh, it’s really comfortable. Really. So we’re just going to stay in it. Yeah. Should of … hmm. I could not thank you enough, so thank you. They just kind of … they didn’t do that … And, Jason, I got your email. And, um, that does sound like a lot of fun, so I’ll get back to you soon. Um … He did have one question for me that actually was slightly thought-provoking. And now that I’ve stopped, you know, the dancing, I’ve come to realize … You say a lot of words. Just say what it was. I … Please … Okay, well … Okay. I’ve realized What Dereq spice is. With a Q. Dereq Spice is strong. He is brave. He is courageous. He is … exquisite. He is … pragmatic. And he just loves to dance. [electronic music]


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